Court Lane, 1933(Birmingham Central Library)

So we've got the Greyhound on the left. See how the houses on the right stop? That seems like a hut further up towards us. Perhaps to do with that stone-mason who used to be there (see "Erdington - From Village To City Suburb"). What is there is a the boundary post. On the left the terraced houses seem to have run along further than they do today (where Guthrum Close etc now is). The Court Lane name plaque on the first one is still there today. (A 1948 Court Lane picture, at the Jerrys Lane juncton looking towards Chester Road, is also on the History page).

Greyhound Pub Border Anomaly
In the 1950's Sutton and Erdington had different licencing laws but the border ran through that pub on Court Lane! If "time" was called in one part people could still drink in another so just moved rooms! Not only was the Greyhound licensed by two authorites but it's water came from two companies too!

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