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Tuesday 19th September 2023 Edition

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More big drug farms found in the area.

One found in Witton Lodge Rd B23 - August 16 -

Gang convicted of running one in Chester Rd in Erdington - August 18 -

2 teenagers stabbed and injured on the Topcroft Estate

Around 7pm on Sunday 16/7/2023 -

Witton Lodge Rd - dealer who disguised drugs as sweets and chocolate is jailed -

Stabbing - Short Heath Road
From police;

"We're investigating after a man was found with stab injuries in Short Heath Road, Erdington, at around 5pm (Tues 4/7/2023). Officers attended and the 20-year-old was being treated by paramedics for injuries to his chest and arm.

He was taken to hospital and is understood to be in a serious but not life-threatening condition. Neighbourhood teams are patrolling in the area to offer reassurance to residents.

Anyone with information can contact investigators via Live Chat on our website or call 101, quoting crime reference number 20/576105/23.

More -

Domestic Incident
There was some domestic incident on Gosemoor Lane around midnight (Sunday 25 June) but details are vague - from their voices it seemed like an Asian couple but that is only judged from their voices.

It seems that a woman came out of Sycamore Rd on foot onto Goosemoor Lane, chased on foot by a man (who she clearly knew) - they were walking towards the Kirkwood Avenue junction (shouting at each other) but didn't get that far - and doubled back for whatever reason right up to the Bowling Green Close junction - and it seems there was more shouting and confrontation by there.

After a time a police van with its blue lights flashing and siren wailing came racing up Court Lane (from the Sutton side) and turned into Goosemoor Lane - stopping by the Bowling Green Close junction and it stopped in the middle of road on Goosemoor Lane and turned off its siren and blue lights (including the headlights) and some officers got out - with the darkness and all the lights now off it is unclear what occurred - I don't know who summoned the police.

Woman alleges rape in Goosemoor Lane by convicted killer John Canaan - in February 1981

The scene she describes must have been at the Gravelly Lane junction end (the church and alley are still there but I remember Stone's Laundry being the Domec Discount Centre at the time - though the building always seemed deserted and derelict then whatever it was).

Probably impossible to prove now, but to jog your memory;

February 1981 pop charts;

This Ole House (Shakin Stevens)
Jealous Guy (Brian Ferry)
Its A Mystery (Toyah Wilcox)
Once In A Lifetime ("and you may ask yourself") by the Talking Heads.


(The following month Liverpool beat West Ham Utd 2-1 in a League Cup final replay at Villa Park)

More -

Online report 30/3/2023 - "My daughters hire car this morning. This is the hire car to replace the one cannabilsed in November that has not been repaired by the insurers yet. Gravelly Lane."

Report online - Easter Sunday - "Warning about car cannibals. 2 cars have been cannibalised in Somerset Rd in a week. One is a Vauxhall one a Clio."

Birmingham dealers (one from Baldmoor Lake Road) ran County lines drug operations -

Attempted van theft - Goosemoor Lane

Report place online Sat 18/3/2023 - "Around 12:55am, somebody was trying to break into a white van parked on pavement on Goosemoor Lane at the top by Court Lane - police have been informed."

Car jacking on Jerrys Lane (outside the shop) on Saturday March 11 around 7pm.

More -

Goosemoor Lane bend (a notorious accident blackspot) - Monday 13/3/2023 at around 4pm.

Witnesses says the driver (a young Asian man) got out and ran off - he was the only one inside.

Street robbery attempts - Marsh Lane (the alley that comes out by Hailsham Close on Short Heath Rd).

A couple of males who target people who are alone and force the people using knives to come with them to the alleyway nearby and take their possessions.

More -

(Lots of muggings are going on there and in the adjacent Bleak Hill Park)

From an online forum on Christmas Eve - "My neighbour’s little cat was killed with an air gun last night, on chipstead road. It wasn’t witnessed. The vet X-rayed but the internal damage was too extensive, and she couldn’t be saved. Just wanted to warn cat owners in B23 area."

Man seriously injured in Erdington stabbing
Police and paramedics were called to Stanwell Grove (off Regan Crescent) at around 3.30pm on Thursday (19/8/2022) where they found a man with potentially serious injuries.

More -

Urgent police appeal to trace missing person last seen 'walking down alley with two men'

(The one that leads to Court Lane Allotments - that alleyway comes out in lots of different places - in fact offhand I couldn't say how many)

More -

A memorial bench to the murdered James Teer is now in Short Heath Park - by the path which leads from Goosemoor Lane to the Topcroft Estate.

A close up of the inscription

Goosemoor Lane Neighbourhood Watch message;

"I am currently the Lead Coordinator for the Goosemoor Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Unfortunately, due to my workload, I have taken the decision to step away from this position with immediate effect. I live on Goosemoor Lane, but work for a business in Cheltenham and spend a lot of my work time travelling around the country, so I just don't have enough time to dedicate to the scheme in order to make it a success. Engagement from the residents on Goosemoor Lane has been very minimal but I feel that, with the right person who has more time to dedicate to the scheme, this could be turned around. If any of you would like to take over as the Scheme Coordinator please can you let me know?"

Thank you

Claire Dutton -

Neighbourhood Watch Week : 30th May - 5th June

More -

Erdington (Court Lane) ex-cop who assaulted his wife then hounded police officer who handled case is jailed.

More -

'Jealous' Erdington (Norfolk Road) thug battered ex-girlfriend in hotel after night out in revenge attack

Breaking her ribs, splitting her lip, and giving her black eyes.

More -

Video - dramatic moment teen car theft suspect found hiding in Witton Lodge Rd garden after high-speed pursuit

Here -

Manslaughter conviction in killing of Erdington moped boy Liam Mooney

(He lived on the Topcroft estate)

Phantom paper recycling pod nicker in Erdington?

On a recent Thursday morning as normal the recyclers came on Goosemoor Lane - however some of the full paper pods were later then found to be gone too not just the paper inside (taken by the recycler workers or stolen?) They were already damaged (so taken to be replaced later?) But other damaged ones were not taken. The actual big wheely containers for the cans etc were left (they were emptied).

It is seems a bit silly for the Council to remove damaged paper pods just before they'd be needed for all the Christmas paper wrappings, and it makes more sense that a thief nicked some emptied paper pods at this time of year for that reason.

Order a replacement bin if yours is damaged or missing -

Men with machetes wandering around Littlecote Drive
(I am trying to get the CCTV)

A load of (black) men with machetes or swords etc were wandering around Littlecote Drive B23 (off Kirkwood Avenue) on foot at night recently - might've been Saturday 20/11/2021 - they seemed to be hunting someone in that maze type area.

The CCTV etc is online (it has no date etc) - I am trying to download it for the website etc.

Police were called and arrived very quickly - but the men fled on motorbikes or scooters etc.

(There has been an allegation that they were "merely" trying to steal catalytic converters from underneath cars by using the machetes).

Erdington man (Tedbury Crescent) jailed for Handsworth meat cleaver attack

More -

The Tasking Hub - Safer Streets Stockland Green



Highcroft community centre

More -

Picture of suspect wanted over Erdington church burglary

The break-in took place at the Genuine Orthodox Christian Church in Station Road, Erdington, next to Osborne Nursery School, on Sunday, May 23 at around 7.45pm.

Here (report dated 24th July) -

Somerset Rd woman stole £650,000 from work -

Video - vandal scratching cars at night on Court Lane - Tues 29/6/2021

(It seems to be at the Jarvis Rd junction)

More -

Dea-John Reid: Man and boy in court over stab murder on College Rd
Dea-John was confirmed dead at the scene after the attack at about 7:30pm BST on Monday 31st May 2021. A 14-year-old boy and a 38-year-old man have appeared in court charged with the murder of a teenager who was stabbed to death in a street. Dea-John Reid, 14, was killed in College Road (between the McDonalds and the British Legion).George Khan, of Newstead Road, and the boy who cannot be named for legal reasons, were remanded in custody. A second man, 35-year-old Michael Shields of Alvis Walk in Castle Bromwich, is also charged with Dea-John's murder.

Burglary - Goosemoor Lane

From police;

There has been a burglary which occurred on Goosemoor Lane on the 9th May 2021 at approximately 11:00 hours. Offenders had gained entry into the property rear garden and had forced entry into the conservatory, once inside the property they conducted a search stealing money, jewellery and car keys. Offenders had then made off in the vehicle making a good escape.

Clarification from police - These are the dates and times reported not necessarily the time committed.

Police find drugs and fake gun during raids at Perry Common homes (Lydget Grove and Cossington Rd) -

Erdington man tried to groom 14-year-old girl online - Glendon Rd -

Urban Angels Birmingham - online community that promotes women's safety.

It is a space to:

Share safety tips
Share experiences
Post alerts of anything unsafe or suspicious in the area
Generate ideas of ways to make Birmingham safer for women
Look out for each other whether that be providing someone to call when walking alone, arrange to walk with another woman etc.

More -

Police probe after ‘young lad’ in Erdington ‘chased by man with machete’ on Jarvis Rd
A young man claimed he was being chased by a machete-wielding attacker in Birmingham with emergency services called to the scene. The incident took place in Erdington with emergency services called to the junction of Jarvis Road and Gravelly Lane at around 5.30pm on Sunday (March 28).

More -

Suspected Gunfire - Baldmoor Lake Rd
Police are investigating an incident in Erdington after locals claim they heard gunfire during a late night attack. Officers were at a scene in Baldmoor Lake Rd, for several hours the next morning (April 6).

More -

Goosemoor Lane Neighbourhood Watch report
Anti-social behaviour - Due to the recent death of a 16 year old boy from the Topcroft Estate, there seems to have been an increase in anti-social behaviour on the Topcroft Estate, in Short Heath Park and the surrounding area.

Last night (27 March) around 11pm, a Range Rover/Land Rover was being driven at full speed in the park. There was also some kind of gathering, as there was a load of rubbish (food, wrappers, bottles etc.) in the park this morning. A friend who lives on The Topcroft also sent me this message today.

'Hiya. There was yet another gathering on Topcroft from early afternoon onwards yesterday l (that's every day now since the death of the 16yr old boy) probably a hundred or so teenagers!! Drinking, smoking, loud music from cars, fireworks and smoke bombs going off, joyriding and doing wheelies on mopeds, motorbikes and a quad bike around the estate plus cars speeding around! Absolute chaos ... and not a Bobby in sight!!

Then the police came just before 10pm to clear the unsociable gathering ... which didn't go down too well with the crowd.15 or so Police managed to disperse everyone eventually after much abuse from the crowd of mostly non-residents, which would explain why there was a large crowd in the park (plus that Land Rover). Unfortunately a few minutes after the old Bill had left, some of the crowds returned to the estate ... maybe 20/30 ... and stayed for an hour or so'

So, If everyone can just remain vigilant and report anything they are to the Police (and let your neighbours know) that would be really helpful, as it may continue for a few days.

Short Heath Park - A few of us have also been tacking the litter in Short Heath Park ..... there is A LOT!!! See the picture the attached from just one mornings work! Much of it has been there for years, so we're just trying to get on top of it to make the park better for everyone to use over the Summer. If any of you have a litter picker and can spare an hour or so on a Saturday morning, let me know. Many hands make light work and all that !!!

Website -

(Info from me Gary O'Brien - the death that caused the big gathering on Topcroft was this incident over in Perry Barr - - he may have been murdered actually - police are investigating - so they may have showed a little leeway over the grieving - see what happens in the coming days - it might get quieter).

Sarah Everard - list of useful websites re crimes against Women
The alleged abduction and murder of Sarah Everard down in London has prompted widespread discussion about women and their personal safety etc. I do routinely collect the websites concerning crimes against women, and the list is below.

The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted both the existing community crime initiatives in the area (public meetings etc) and the planned initiatives (Streetwatch patrols etc) - I'm expecting things to pick up after the end of lockdown in June.

Let me know any of the weblinks that don't work - thanks.

Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid (domestic violence),
Birmingham Crisis Centre (refuge for domestic violence victims),
Birmingham Rape and Sexual Violence Project,
Birmingham Violence Against Women Board,
Black Women's Rape Action Project/Women Against Rape,
Circles of Support and Accountability (working to reduce sex-offending),
Doli Project (stopping forced-marriages),
Domestic Violence Intervention Project,
End Violence Against Women,
FGM Awareness (anti female genital mutilation) -
Freedom Programme (domestic violence),
In Memory Of Sophie (Sophie Lancaster website - murdered for being a Goth),
Justice For Women (women who murder violent partners),
Karma Nirvana (stopping forced-marriages),
Mothers Against Guns,
Mothers Against Knives,
Mothers Against Murder and Aggression (MAMAA),
Mothers Against Violence,
Mothers In Pain (supporting victims and families of gun, knife and gang crimes),
National Centre for Domestic Violence,
National Stalking Advocacy Service (Paladin),
Network for Surviving Stalking,
Penny Beale Memorial Fund (domestic violence),
Police Spies Out Of Lives (group for women tricked into bed by undercover police),
Protection Against Stalking,
Rape Crisis,
Refuge (domestic violence),
Respect (domestic violence),
Roofie Foundation (date-rape drug cases),
Roshni (for Asian women who have suffered from domestic violence),
Standing Together Against Domestic Violence,
Survive UK (rape),
Suzy Lamplugh Trust,
Taxi Wise (women getting into illegal taxis and being attacked),
White Ribbon Campaign (domestic violence),
Witness Confident (acts against a 'walk on by' culture which fuels violence and feeds fear etc),
Women In Law (women who work in the Justice System),
Women "Reclaim The Night" - Sandwell,

Police hunt gang who held teen at knifepoint for his bike on Station Road
4.35pm on Saturday Feb 13.

More -

(February 2021) The catalytic converters have been nicked from underneath 2 separate parked cars on Goosemoor Lane B23 in recent days - the thieves were believed to be operating at night.

Prowler on Kirkwood Avenue

from police;

There had been interference with motor vehicles which occurred on Kirkwood Avenue on the 18th January 2021 at approximately 20:00 hours. Offenders approached secure unattended vehicles attempted to gain entry.

Burglary on Kirkwood Avenue

from police - a delay for some reason;

There has been a burglary which occurred on Kirkwood Avenue at approximately 04:00 hours on the 11th October. Offenders has gained entry into the property via smashing the front door and stealing keys for a vehicle and made off with the vehicle.

Burglary on Somerset Road

from police;

There has been a burglary on Somerset Road which occurred on the 1st December. Offenders has enter a porch of the property and and stole items from within.

more -

Vandalism on Goosemoor Lane

this came in;

"My parents have lived on the street for 33 years. Over the last few days their house has been targeted by vandals. A total of three windows have now been smashed and they are incredibly scared as to what they’ll do next. The first incident occurred on Sunday 20 Dec - 4 black youths, around 13 - 15 yrs of age ran past the house at approx 8.25pm and threw two bricks (which smashed two windows) before running into the park. He didn’t get a clear look at their faces.

The second incident occurred this evening (23/12/2020) at approx. 6.15pm. A youth (ethnicity unknown) arrived on a moped and parked outside a neighbours house and proceeded to throw a sizeable rock through the front room window where my dad was sitting. The rock shattered the pane of glass completely. My dad ran to the front door only to see the youth jumping on his moped and driving down Goosemoor Lane (towards Travis Perkins).

The police have said they are unable to help. We’ve approached houses on the street and the corner shop to ask if anyone has any CCTV footage, people have provided their names and details and we’ll give this to the police in the hope that a reg. plate can be obtained."

The local Neighbourhood Watch website -

Court Lane resident convicted over Solihull gang murder -

Burglary - Court Lane

From police;

There has been a burglary which occurred on the 4th December at around 00:00 hours on Court Lane. Offenders had somehow entered the rear garden and snapped the lock off of the shed stealing several items and making a good escape.

Prowler - Littlecote Drive - Nov 27

from a neighbour;

Person with face on bedroom window peering in last night. Hi everyone. First time posting and we’re still a little shook up so please mind my spelling/grammar. Last night in littlecote drive a white male was seen up against the window trying to peer into our bedroom at 10pm. We have film over the windows to block sight and had forgotten to close one of the curtains. This is however the second time he’s been caught only we saw him ourselves this time briefly. The police have been made aware and immediate neighbours and were installing security systems. We wanted to make everyone else aware of there being a 20+ white male, possibly average height, lurking around people’s homes late at night. We don’t know his agenda, he may be a harmless pervert or casing homes to steal from. Make sure windows and doors are locked and curtains closed! If there is a neighbourhood watch we’d greatly appreciate being given contact information. Stay safe everyone, thanks for reading.

Person 1. Hair: Unknown. Top: Unknown. Bottom: Unknown. Shoes: Unknown. Age: 25. Sex: Male. Ethnicity: White. Build: Slim/medium. Other: No facial hair

(I have told them about Sycamore Rd Neighbourhood Watch)

Burglary in Short Heath.

From an online forum - "A neighbour of ours (just off Turfpits) was burgled yesterday (8/12/2020) while she was out at work. They removed the kitchen window to gain access, have trashed her house and stolen a large flat screen TV."

From an online forum - "Milk thief has stuck again on Norfolk Road in the early hours of Friday morning (20/11/2020) at about 04:15. Anyone else having this problem? This is about the 5th time it has happened to us. I have reported this information to the police."

Cannabis farm found on Witton Lodge Rd -

2 Recent (Attempted) Burglaries

From a neighbour;
A Goosemoor resident sent me some CCTV footage of a person entering their porch at 3.47am on the 9th October and looking to see if they could get into the house.

From police;
There has been a residential burglary which took place on Goosemoor Lane on the 18th October at approximately 03:00 hours. Offenders had forced entry into the front of the property and were interrupted by the occupants of the home and they made a good escape stealing the vehicle from the address.

Police break up lock-in at Greyhound pub (Court Lane) 2 hours after curfew

2 separate burglaries in  Anstey Fields. From police;
There has been two separate burglary incidents which occurred on Anstey Fields. These burglaries occurred on the 6th October at approximately 23:00 hours. These incidents were very similar as they were car key burglaries. Offenders had gained entry into the properties and stole the keys of several cars and made a good escape taking two vehicles from the driveways of the properties

A gang member from Coventry jailed over a fight between rival gangs at a shopping centre has been told he will not be able to enter Erdington or Birmingham city centre when he is released from jail.
23 Drillas gang member Samba Faal, 21, was put behind bars along with four others. (I can't find in the article when he actually will be released)

More -

September Update from Inspector Haroon Chughtai
Good afternoon, I hope you are all keeping well. I have to be honest when I wrote my last message and spoke about covid, a part of me hoped that it would be the last time I would need to go into as much detail however unfortunately in light of the changes to restrictions, both nationally and locally we will have to continue having conversations about it.

Crime Update: Like previous months I will use the same period each time for comparison, which is the year to date (YTD) figures, so for this month it will be April 1st 2020 to today (15/09/20).

Erdington is unfortunately showing a near 8% increase in overall crime, and that is an extra 421 victims of crime. Domestic Abuse sadly contributes a large part ti this increase with roughly over one quarter of the overall crime being domestic abuse offences. Robbery and burglary continue to show good reductions, with robbery showing a 19% reduction with 33 less victims of robbery, house burglaries show a 9% reduction with 28 less victims of burglary. Domestic abuse continues to show increases with a 38% rise, which is 345 extra victims. Under 25 violence shows a 15% reduction, with 23 less victims so far this year.

October Update from Inspector Haroon Chughtai
Erdington is showing a 10% increase in overall crime, that is around 600 extra victims of crime, like I said last month domestic abuse plays a large part in this increase with 450 extra victims of domestic abuse so far this year compared to the same period last year. Robbery and burglary continue to show good reductions, with robbery showing a 16% reduction with 33 less victims of robbery, house burglaries show a 5% reduction with18 less victims of burglary, like Sutton we have seen an increase in burglary offences recently which is taking away the good reductions made earlier in the year. Domestic abuse continues to show increases with a 40% rise, which is 450 extra victims – this remains my biggest concern and the one of the main priorities of my teams. Under 25 violence shows a 6% reduction, which has increased compared to last month – largely down to an increase is low level fights between school children and some robbery offences with young people being both victims and offenders. We are working very closely with the schools around this.

Survey from police - tell us what matters to you about policing in Erdington -

2 cars stolen from Burton upon Trent - with 1 car dumped in Erdington and the other sighted here.

At approx. 02:30 on Friday 11th September 2 cars (Grey VW T-Roc reg num ET19 FHU and Grey Mercedes AMG A-Class Saloon reg num GD69 TDV) were stolen off a driveway.

The VW Troc was found in Dean Road, Erdington by police yesterday afternoon (Saturday 12th September), but the Mercedes A-Class Saloon is still missing, although was last sighted in Erdington at approx 2pm on Friday 11 September.

West Mids crime no. is 33021109 in case anyone can contact the police directly with information.


Lots of daily anti social behaviour by the youth pod in short heath park;

A growing number of empty alcohol bottles

Lots of racing motorbikes (balaclavas and no number plates)


Probably caused by covid closing down everywhere that local kids could gather.

It has already been reported here by someone -

Bike stolen from garden - Goosemoor Lane overnight - 15-16/8/2020
I don't know if this is to do with the recent spate of back garden burglaries in Goosemoor Lane, or it is to do with the back alley from about number 100 to 168 being busted open (I've asked someone at the Council to sort it out). Unknown identity and an unknown number of intruders got into a back garden on Goosemoor Lane - on the even side near the Kirkwood Avenue junction. They don't seem to have got in via the front but via the back - and via an adjacent garden too (so they may have intruded into a few back gardens last night). They stole a bike - a 15 Gear Free Spirit Hustler Mountain Bike apparently - they do seem to have had some knowledge of how it was secured (they would've been working in the dark), or maybe they worked it out or just came prepared with tools etc to nick stuff - they did seem to know what they were looking for though - or maybe they scoured several gardens. It doesn't seem like they left at the front - so presumably went over the back fences to get out.

August 2020 - Shed Burglaries - This is on another forum but i don't know where the original reports are from;

"Loads of shed burglaries in B23. Every day this week had alert after alert about shed burglaries in B23: Goosemoor Lane, Somerset Rd, Gravelly Lane. All stealing same stuff mountain bikes garden tools etc. Sounds like the same offenders as every one is after mountain bikes or power tools. I have reported this information to the police."

Shed Burglaries - I got sent this - on the even numbered side by the Court Lane junction;

"You may want to inform your many Goosemoor Lane followers that overnight we had a large shed and two smaller sheds broken into. Lawnmower, hedge trimmer and other items taken between 11pm and 9am (19/20 July 2020). Looks like they gained access over two fences from Short Heath Park. Locks cut with boltcutters. May be worthwhile warning your Goosemoor Lane followers."

Woman arrested with large knife - Goosemoor Lane
A woman has been detained by police after she was armed with a large knife in Erdington. Police were called to Goosemoor Lane just before 3.30pm on Monday.

(The report says June 6 in parts but it was July 6 - anyway June 6 was a Saturday)

More -

Video - drug dealer in 100mph police chase through Erdington and Sutton
He was filmed racing along Gipsy Lane and the Ridgeway, where he went the wrong side of the roundabout down College Road. He continued putting the lives of others at risk as he sped down Court Lane and Witton Lodge Road (onto Court Lane) - finally crashing on Digby Road in Sutton.

Here -

Burglaries In The Area
(There is an issue with the dates because this was sent out on the morning of 15 July and 1 listed crime hadn't occurred by then!)

from police;

Over the past few days we have had 3 burglary's around the Erdington area.

On the 13th July at 09.00hrs we had a burglary on Chester road where offenders gained access but nothing was taken.

Also on the 13th July at 16.00hrs offenders also gained access to a property on Ainsdale Gardens in Erdington. Nothing was taken on this occasion.

On the 15th July offenders gained access to a property on Sheddington Road in Erdington at 22.00hrs. The back garden shed was broken into and a moped was taken.

Stolen Bikes Found In Short Heath Park
From police on Twitter - "If you go down to the woods today .... officers didn’t find any teddy bears having a picnic but did stumble across these two stolen bikes hidden amongst the trees in Short Heath Park. They had both been stolen over the weekend (11/12 July) from #Sutton and #Tyburn and have been recovered."

Scandal Re Some Planes That Overfly The Area
This airline does overfly the area when going to and from Birmingham Airport;

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has grounded 150 pilots over claims they may not hold a valid licence. Pakistan's aviation minister told its parliament that a large number of the commercial pilots hold fake licences or cheated in exams -

Erdington man wanted over 'two assaults and controlling, coercive behaviour' -

More car crime - Erdington

from police;

(the given month is surely June not July)

Erdington has suffered four counts of vehicle crime over the past few days which I would like to bring to your attention.

Firstly on the 22nd July at 8.30am offenders gained entry to a blue BMW on Goosemoore Lane and stole tools from the boot. On the same day a black Triumph motor bike was taken from Gravelly Lane at around 3.00pm.

On the 23rd July at 1.15pm a Ford Fiesta was taken from Park Close in Erdington. On the same day at 16.00 a white Mercedes sprinter was taken from Chester Road in Erdington whereby offenders gained access with an unknown implement."

Goosemoor Lane Neighbourhood Watch report from the co-ordinator
We had a Zoom call last night (Thu 2/7/2020) with a few member to catch up and raise any issues.

A few things came up, so I just wanted to let you all know and highlight them to PCSO Daniels and Councillors Alden and Moore (copied in)

The walkway between Gravelly Lane and Goosemoor Lane. There are a couple of issues surrounding the walk way;

Recently, there has been an issue with 3/4 people on trail bikes racing down the walkway. They then race up Goosemoor towards Court Lane and do a circuit, coming back down the walk way again. It tends to happen late afternoon/early evening and has been reported to the police.

The Rose & Crown pub at the side of the walkway has recently started work at the back of the pub to develop (what looks like) a large beer garden. As a result, they have erected high fencing along the side of the walkway which was previously open.

The fencing will make the walkway very enclosed and much darker. We feel that lighting needs to be installed as it is a well used route and needs to remain safe for everyone at all times.

Making the walkway more enclosed may encourage more anti social behaviour, especially if the beer garden is busy and is being used at night.

There is also a concern that this newly developed beer garden will cause noise issues to the local residents.

Drug Dealing issues;

I've had reports from several people about drug dealing on Goosemoor Lane. If anyone sees any activity they believe to be associated with drug dealing, can I urge you to report it to the the police, so that they can gather as much intelligence as possible.

The two issues seem to be;

1. In the section of the road that runs next to Short Heath Park. Cars seem to be driving up to deal drugs to people who arrive either in cars or on foot.

2. In the driveway that runs at the back of the houses on the area of the road that reaches from Top Croft Road down towards Gravelly Lane. I think these are the houses numbered 80 - 90 ?


Burglary - Gravelly Lane

from police;

Yesterday morning (5/5/2020) at around 6am we unfortunately had a burglary at a property on Gravelly Lane in Erdington. The property was attacked from the rear garden whereby offenders gained access through the back door by smashing a glass panel. A laptop was taken from the property and offenders escaped from the location.

Man stabbed and attacked with crowbar when trying to save woman from beating by several men - Johnson Rd (May 16)

(police are aware of ongoing issues on that road but it is unknown if this is related to that)

More -

Problems in Alnwick House (Jarvis Rd)

(The 1st tower block as you turn into Jarvis Rd from Court Lane - there are 5 in a line in total so the others might have similar problems - the cuts have taken the concierges from Windsor House the block in the middle)

More -

Top Croft Rd/Goosemoor Lane corner shop was shut - but now open again.
Uunofficial reports from residents cite a machete attack on a staff member and a ram `raid' (or certainly a big van ramming into the front anyway) in recent days - check the mainstream media for more. It is unknown if the attacks are related to the current Covid 19 lockdown (raiding supplies etc) or are just lawlessness for some other reason - exact motives will emerge in coming days and probably the mainstream media will give those too.

(Apocalypse maybe not now)

Meanwhile it does mean the locals face a longer trek to a shop in the lockdown - others shops are at the Goosemoor Lane/Gravelly Lane junction, on Court Lane by the Greyhound pub (by the Fosseway Drive junction), and on Jerrys Lane just up from the Court Lane junction.

Shopworkers are one of the vital services still functioning in the country of course.

Goosemoor Lane shooting - 2 killers jailed for at least 32 years.

(victim James Teer)

Sharn Miles, 20, and Ty Blake, 19, blasted aspiring firefighter James Teer in the face with a shotgun a week after a nightclub row. Judge Mr Justice Spencer likened the "cold-blooded" shooting of the "handsome and well-loved" 20-year-old to an execution. The pair were handed life sentences at Birmingham Crown Court. A trial heard Blake and Miles drove to Goosemoor Lane, Birmingham, in a BMW stolen hours before. They found Mr Teer playing football in the street and, when he walked to the driver's side window Blake pulled the trigger.

More -

Prowlers In Back Gardens

from police;

We had an attempt break in on Top Croft Road Erdington on Sunday evening (8/3/2020) to the rear of the property. Three youths were seen in the rear garden and were scared off by the property owner. The same thing happened yesterday evening in the rear garden of a property on Goosemoor Lane which is in close proximity to the Top Croft address. There were also three youths seen in the garden between twelve and fifteen years of age which were again scared off by the house owner.

Attempted Burglary - Sycamore Road

from police;

We had an attempt burglary last night (24/2/2020) at 10.45hrs on Sycamore Road, Erdington close to the junction of Goosemoor Lane. The burglary was attempted to the rear of the property via means of a lock snap. Luckily owners had a dog that scared of the offender and nothing was taken.

Motorbike Stolen And Recovered

From police;

A black Suzuki motorcycle was stolen yesterday afternoon (21/2/2020) from the rear of a property on Gravelly Lane in Erdington. Luckily the motorcycle was found and recovered on Somerset Road in Erdington and returned to the owner.

"Gun fire" on Marsh Lane (might be a false alarm) -

Sat Nav taken from car - Jarvis Road

From police;

A Ford Fiesta was attacked outside Berkeley House on Jarvis Road yesterday morning. The vehicle was attempted to be taken but unfortunately the Sat navigation unit was left in the vehicle and was taken.

Burglary on Bonsall Rd (vague date - February 2020)

from police;

Please make sure front and rear doors are always secured when entering and leaving your premises during the winter dark evenings. Even though the dark nights are gradually becoming shorter it doesn't stop opportunist thieves from trying your front door to steal car keys from the inside key lock and possibly make of with your vehicle. This has happened last week around the Bonsall Road area of Erdington whereby keys were taken from a property.

Burglary - Goosemoor Lane
from police - 24/12/2019;

There has been a residential burglary on Goosemoor Lane within the last week where offenders had entered the address via the rear garden and forced entry into the home, the offenders had stolen the keys to a vehicle and made off with the vehicle.

If you witness any suspicious behaviour around your area do not hesitate to contact the police on 101 or our webchat facility, in case of emergency dial 999.

Kind regards

Erdington Neighbourhood Team

Message Sent By

Martin (Police, Pcso, Birmingham east Erdington)

Burglary - Goosemoor Lane
from police - 5/12/219

The Erdington Neighbourhood Team would like to alert residents to the report of a burglary on Goosemoor Lane, Erdington, in the early hours of this morning. Method of entry was a forced entry through the back door. Offenders smashed the window, and have deprived youngsters of eagerly awaited Christmas presents. Not only is this a sad time for the family, but so near to Christmas, its obviously going to be an expensive one too. Small tips, use window blinds or curtains; ensure all windows are closed whenever possible. Take all keys out of doors and put them in a safe place, out of sight. Consider using timer switches in a variety of rooms, inexpensive electronic devices on windows. Ensure ladders are either chained up or stored away out of site. Wishing residents of Erdington a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Message Sent By Susan Haskins (Police, PCSO, Erdington)

Someone Trying Car Doors - Sycamore Rd
from police;

24/11/2019 - It has come to our attention that vehicle car doors have been tried on Sycamore road Erdington over the past few days. Whilst there have been no reported thefts I would urge residents in the surrounding areas to make sure there vehicles are safely secured and any items of value are removed overnight.

With the prospect of morning frosts occurring I would also advise vehicles are not left unattended whilst the windscreen is being defrosted. We have had reports year after year of vehicles being taken whilst the keys are left in the ignition due to this.

Many thanks for your time and have a good day.

Pcso Daniels 30463

Erdington NHT - Erdington Police Station

Attempted Burglary - Bonsall Rd

from police;

(Bretby Grove is the cul-de-sac that links Bonsall Rd and Knipersley Rd via an alley by Chester Rd station)

We have had an attempt burglary break in at the location of Bretby Grove in Erdington overnight.
This took place at around 05.00hrs on the 20th January 2020. Luckily the offenders did not gain access to the property but there was some damage to the downstairs window.

Burglary - cars scratched - Beech Road

from police

We have received reports of a burglary on Beech Road Erdington over the weekend (1-2/2/2020). A shed was broken into at the rear of the premises whereby a mountain bike was stolen. A rear window was also broken and access gained whereby further items were taken.

We have had reports of a number of vehicles being scratched around the Beech Road and Sycamore Road areas of Erdington. This has happened since last Thursday 30/1/2020 (and over the weekend between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

Disorder on Short Heath Rd last week (Thu 9/1/2020) - police and ambulance staff attacked -

Intruder - 21st Oct 2020 - (by the substation on Goosemoor Lane) attempted entry of a house
A masked intruder came through the unlocked front door and into the hallway at around 9.30pm. When challenged by the owner, he turned and left the property.

(Also reports of a drunken intruder entering a house on Goosemoor Lane by the Kirkwood Avenue - is believed to have simply entered the wrong house)

Stabbing in Erdington
A 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in police custody on Tuesday morning, November 12 on suspicion of attempted murder. Another 15-year-old was stabbed at the junction of Beech Road and Sycamore Road in Erdington on Monday, November 11. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he remained in a stable condition on Tuesday morning.

Detectives appealed for information and urged anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward. Det Sgt Simon Hanlon, from force CID, said: “This is a shocking attack on a young boy who has sustained serious injuries. “We know a number of people were involved and that the attack may have taken place in a nearby park. “I am urging anyone with any information to contact us as soon as possible.”

West Midlands Ambulance Service said: "We were called to reports of a stabbing at the junction of Sycamore Road and Beech Road, Erdington, at 7.54pm last night. "An ambulance and a paramedic officer attended. One teenage boy sustained serious injuries and was receiving first aid from police colleagues when ambulance staff arrived. "The boy was given trauma care on scene before being taken on blue lights to hospital for further treatment."

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police via Live Chat at between 8am and midnight, or call 101 anytime. To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Quote crime reference number 20BE/267114U/19.

Murder verdict - happened on Church Road, the killer was from Norfolk Road -

There has been a Theft from Motor Vehicle which had occurred on Goosemoor Lane/Court Lane on the 6th November at approximately 10:00am. One suspect had distracted the victim as he was sat in his vehicle whilst the second suspect had taken the car keys from the ignition before making a good escape.

Power Cut on the estate between Jarvis Rd and Topcroft (this was vandalism to a substation) -

Attempted car jacking - Goosemoor Lane
Male victim was attempting to enter a house via the front door using house keys (with car keys attached), when approached by 2 unknown males who attempted to steal the keys by force.

Goosemoor Lane - near the Kirkwood Avenue junction - around 11.15pm - Sunday 29/9/2019

He managed to fight them off and they both fled on foot (without the keys) in the direction of Court Lane. They are believed to have been after the hatchback car parked on the driveway of the house at the time.

There is CCTV but as ever it is probably difficult to distribute (legal reasons) - police have seen it and say it is vague anyway - both of the would be thieves had hoodies on (and 11.15pm at night) - i will try to circulate the CCTV in places where it is allowed.

vague descriptions but here they are;

male 1 - mixed race

male 2 - Asian

Knife Search - Short Heath Park - Nothing Found
Due to local concerns in and around Short Heath Park, Erdington Neighbourhood PCSO's had recently conducted a knife sweep in the park. we had searched many areas of the park and i can say that the search can be seen as a success as we did not find any knives or other items which can be used as offensive weapons.

Kind regards

Erdington Neighbourhood Team

Message Sent By Maninder Taggar

Boy Attacked In Perry Common
A 14-year-old was set upon by knife-wielding thugs at the junction of College Road and Witton Lodge Rd in Erdington. He was knocked to the ground and kicked at around 6.15pm on July 13 -

2017 Fatal Accident - Goosemoor Lane - Update

(Sorry for the delay with this one)

A nurse who killed a father of eight when she ploughed into him after falling asleep at the wheel has walked free from court. Gaynor Thomas was driving home from her 50th birthday party when she nodded off and smashed into Dahir Yasin Mohammed - crushing him between his parked car and a tree outside his own house.. The crash happened on July 9 in 2017 

The court was told that he and his childhood sweetheart wife had moved to Birmingham from their native Somalia more than 15 years ago for a “better life” in the UK.

Thomas, 51, of Court Lane, Erdington, pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving. Judge Philip Parker QC said he would not be sending Thomas to prison immediately, but gave her an eight month jail term suspended for a year. She was also banned from driving for three years.

More -

Burglary in the Gravelly Lane area - 13th August 2019. A bike was stolen -

Police Are Appealing For Dashcam Footage etc - re all the local reckless cyclists
An email sent to the Birmingham Live by a police officer on behalf of the Tyburn Neighbourhood Team said: "These 'ride outs' are dangerous and anti-social especially on the busy roads around the Tyburn area. We understand road users today were extremely frustrated. "We are asking for our communities' help. "If you have dash cam footage of these youths, please make the Tyburn team aware. "We are eager to identify these youths and deal with any offences committed or at the very least make their parents aware of their dangerous behaviour on our roads."

To send any footage, email with the ref Ride Out Tyburn Area 279837

Recent car crime - from police July 2019;

Over the last four days we have received 8 counts of vehicle crime around the Erdington area. These have consisted of 2 theft from motor vehicles and 6 theft of motor vehicles. Areas that have been effected are listed below.

Church Road Erdington-Theft of motor vehicle

Bonsall Road Erdington-Theft of motor vehicle

Harrison Road Erdington-Theft of motor vehicle

Springthorpe Green Erdington-Theft from motor vehicle

Short Heath Road Erdington-Theft of motor vehicle

Osborne Road Erdington-Theft of motor vehicle

Jarvis Road Erdington-Theft of motor vehicle

Shipley Fields Erdington-Theft of motor vehicle

I would ask if you could be vigilant in and around these areas as there is currently a spate of vehicle crime activity. Remember to park vehicles, if possible, in a secure location with plenty of street lighting.

Please remember to remove all items of value from vehicles when parked overnight and make sure the vehicle is secured.

There are various crime prevention items on the market such as disclocks for the steering wheels and handbrake locks which are a good deterrent for thieves. Please report any suspicious activity to the police on 101 or 999 if its an emergency. Alternatively the web chat facility is another way of reporting any incident, fear or concern. Just log onto the west midlands police website to access this facility.

Have a good day.

Kind regards

Pcso Daniels 30463

Erdington NHT

(This was by The Beggar's Bush) - A middle-aged woman has been caught scratching 10 cars, including a Range Rover, a BMW and a Mini Cooper. The woman was seen walking down a road leaving a trail of damage in her wake.

Read more:

(It has been occurring lots on Court Lane recently)

Robbery With Knives In Short Heath Park
A pair of vicious masked thugs armed with a KNIFE threatened to kill a terrified autistic schoolboy unless he handed over his £60 iPhone 5S. The armed yobs ordered the frightened 15-year-old to hand over his phone, as they held the blade to his throat. The teen was set upon by the thieves as he made his way through Short Heath Park, on his way home from school on Wednesday 13 March.

More -

Re those big bike rampages that were going on in the area - a load of them have been jailed - some with Erdington and Castle Vale etc addresses -

A luxury £87,000 4 x 4 was set alight in Short Heath Park
The Range Rover Overfinch was found in flames in the park in Erdington. Firefighters were called at 10pm on Thursday March 14.

(This reports states `Thursday March 15' but that is wrong) -

Residents meeting - Stockland Green
Re all the havoc on Frances Rd (off Slade Rd) -

Meeting to map progress in Stockland Green. The next meeting is at Erdington Police Station on Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 1800hrs.

Woman sexually assaulted on train - Erdington
Police officers released CCTV images after a man sexually assaulted a woman on a train in Birmingham. The incident happened between 9.05am and 9.25am on Thursday 28 February as the train travelled from Birmingham New Street to Erdington. The man is reported to have inappropriately touched himself then sat next to the woman and touched her leg. He also made inappropriate comments. Officers believe the man in the images may have information that can help their investigation.

Anyone who knows the identity of the man, or who witnessed the incident, is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016 or by calling 0800 40 50 40 and quoting reference 107 of 28/02/19. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

More -

Erdington (and Sutton) carjackers jailed -

Knifepoint robbery in Perry Common on Monday morning (Feb 18) around 8.30pm -

Police hunt four as car overturns and careers into garden. It happened in Jarvis Road, Erdington, just after 9am on Monday February 18 -

Attempted car-jacking, Jerrys Lane. A woman suffered a gashed hand after fighting off a knife-wielding gang in an attempted robbery. A group of four people stormed into the woman's home in Jerry's Lane, Erdington on Thursday February 21 -

Wrecking Spree - Court Lane - night of Feb 19/20 - several cars attacked

Caught an incident on your dashcam or another device? Send the footage directly to your local police force -

Speedwatch Scheme Planned
If anyone wants a good reason to wave a gun around in the street for a change;

"As briefly discussed at the PACT meeting on Jarvis Road there are a couple of new initiatives in the pipeline in the coming few weeks that a few active citizens can get involved with. I have yet to have the new speed watch training but I believe this is something yourselves can get involved with in regards to using the speed gun and collating information resulting in fines being issued.

We have a lot of speeding activity around Goosemoor Lane, Short Heath Road and Somerset Road / Court Lane. These are all areas you have some sort of involvement with.
Once I have had the training from the road harm reduction team I can then train yourselves as to what happens with this initiative. Don't worry there will be no confrontation with regards to your selves and motorists. Until I have received the training I can not really comment on what it fully entails as yet.

The street watch scheme is something your all doing at the moment but there may be scope for funding opportunities once Georgina Stone speaks to you all about how the scheme works.
If any of you would be interested in the above then please email me and I can sort out meetings, locations and dates etc. I will be present for the meetings as and when they take place.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and thanks for the continued support."


PCSO Daniels 30463
Erdington NHT
Erdington Police Station
Tel 101 Ext 842 6010

Noise from loud bikes - Abbeyfield Road -

Shooting (man injured) - Tedbury Crescent - Saturday night (5/1/2019) -

Car-jacking on Highfield Drive - Monday December 3 at around 6.50pm
(Highfield Drive is a cul-de-sac off Chester Rd between the Gravelly Lane and Beech Rd junctions and opposite Firsholme Close) -


"Speeding operation Gravelly Lane results on 12/11/18 - 4 speeders, 1 arrest and 1 seized vehicle."

"Erdington Neighbourhood Team had carried out a knife operation at Erdington Train station this afternoon through to the evening, this was done to prevent any knife related crimes in the community. This was a great success as we had not recovered any knives or made any arrests suggesting people who are commuting into Erdington via trains are not entering the community with knives or sharply bladed articles. We will continue working towards making Erdington a safer place for all."

Machete Attack - Chester Road
Police are hunting a machete-wielding thug who attacked a man at around 9.15am on Friday morning October 19th (2018). The balaclava-wearing yob left the victim - aged in his 50s - needing hospital treatment after the suspected attempted mugging in Chester Road, Boldmere. close to the baptist church -

Police Taser Man - Short Heath Road
Video - several officers surround the man and point the taser with the dot aimed at his chest. A police dog can be heard barking away. Flashing blue lights can be seen reflected off the cars and fences. An officer can be seen behind him and he was said to have been taken away. The shocking scenes were filmed on Short Heath Road around 8.30pm on Saturday 28 OCT 2018 -

Attempted Murder - Abbeyfield Road
A man has been convicted in court of trying to kill his neighbour with a knife at a flat. Adrian Byrne, 54, was arrested in from his home in Abbeyfield Road in Erdington, at 9.30am on Friday (4/5/2018) after a man had presented at hospital with stab wounds to his neck -

Police Officers were called to reports of a carjacking in Gravelly Lane at 8pm on Wednesday October 3 - and it led them to a crooked garage in Nechells -

Masked attacker brandishes knife in daylight Chester Road 'car-jacking attempt'
A petrified young woman was left shaking behind her wheel - after claiming she was threatened at knifepoint during a violent car-jacking attempt. The 21-year-old reported how she was confronted in broad daylight while stuck in traffic along Chester Road, on the Sutton Coldfield/Erdington border.

Her balaclava-clad attacker was described as wearing a grey tracksuit and brandished a knife. It happened at a set of traffic lights on the box junction near Chester Road Baptist Church.

It happened between 5pm and 6pm on Wednesday August 22.

More -

Havoc on Hillaries Rd (which joins Slade Rd with Gravelly Hill North) - reported nationally - Friday 17/8/2018.

"Gang warfare explodes on quiet residential street as hit-and-run driver mows down balaclava-clad thug carrying MACHETE ... then his masked accomplices just leave him for dead."

Video -

(The police have made arrests and charges over that incident)

Big Road Accident - Court Lane/Witton Lodge Rd junction. Saturday late night (21/7/2018) around 2am

(where the from city 7 and 65 buses stop at the terminus of course - the driver got out and ran off - that isn't him in the pic)

More -

Kids Besieging Jarvis Rd Church And The Adjacent Rowangarth Centre - in what are often like scenes from the movie Assault On Precinct 13

(Sorry to go overboard a bit with this one - but the staff at the Rowangarth Centre are at their wits end and it may be forced to close - also the ongoing issue of anti-social behaviour has been a main raison d'etre of The Goosemoor Lane Website since it started in 2001)

Kids (some even in MASKS) of both Primary and Secondary school age have been constantly besieging the Jarvis Rd church and the adjacent Rowangarth Centre;

Robbing and stalking churchgoers

Burgling and vandalised the church

Barging their way into the Brownies meetings there in a completely unauthorised way (which are attended by young girls of course) and having to be forcibly ejected back outside by church staff.

And get this - INDECENTLY EXPOSING themselves to the service users at the adjacent Rowangarth Centre (and intimidating them in other ways too). That centre is for vulnerable adults with learning difficulties -

And throwing bricks at the gardeners in the nearby Court Lane Allotments about 200yds away,

And apparently causing havoc outside the shops at the nearby Gravelly Lane/Oliver Rd junction - who will probably have CCTV of stuff too.

The kids behaviour is of course an unfortunate consequence of The Human Rights Act, in that they act with deliberate impunity and openly assert that adults can do little or nothing to control them.

They also threaten any dissenters by saying they will get The Burger Bar Boys and The Johnson Crew (notorious gangsters in the city) to come to the church and Rowangarth Centre and cause even bigger trouble there if attempts are made to stop them.

(Now that of course would sound like a complete idle threat to most streetwise people - for a start The Burger Bar Boys and The Johnson Crew are far too busy shooting each other in Lozells etc - but remember that it is being said to church-goers and vulnerable adults with learning difficulties by a large band of thuggish kids - kids who are then robbing and stalking them).

The police are aware of ALL of it - but very little is being done though - they certainly aren't stopping it anyway.

In fact at the PACT meeting at the church (on Tuesday evening 10/7/2018 - for residents to report issues in the area) and so held ITSELF to deliberately hear of those issues, became the subject of such mass besieging intimidation by the kids - and had to be abandoned! And a marked police car had to stay parked outside the church to ensure residents could leave safely.

And even then being filmed by official West Midland Police equipment FAILED to force their dispersal! (And anyway masks had been deliberately brought along by some so obviously they were expecting to wear them in attempts to thwart the police from identifying them even when filmed and thereby furthering their impunity over their behaviour).

So obviously the police have that evidence on film for themselves now, along with CCTV from the church and Rowangarth Garth etc concerning the very many other incidents.

Unfortunately whereas the city councillors are usually at the PACT meetings, they weren't there on Tuesday to be more witnesses from officialdom - all the various films made by the police and the church (and the Rowangarth Centre) should speak for themselves though.

Burglary - Goosemoor Lane
(Received on 27/5/2018)
. Please be vigilant around the location of Goosemoore Lane Erdington. We have had an attempt and confirmed break in at the location last night. Please make sure garden sheds are secured overnight as well as your property doors and windows.

Kind Regards

Pcso Daniels 30463

Erdington NHT

(I think the only people in the city who spell Goosemoor Lane correctly are those of us who live there - and sometimes I'm not even sure about that!)

Attempt Burglary Johnson Road Erdington
(received 25/05/2018
). Please be vigilant around the Johnson Road area of Erdington. There was an attempt break in over night. Please ensure doors and windows are locked and lights left on in your properties overnight if possible. Many thanks

Message Sent By Paul Daniels (Police, Pcso, Birmingham East Erdington Neighbourhood Team)

Erdington burglar (literally) caught with his trousers down
Look at a short video of this burglar in the Hunton Rd area of Erdington caught by an infra red camera on Monday 26th March - in the dark he gets his trousers caught on the wooden garden fence as he climbs over - and it pulls them down!

If you don't recognise his face maybe somebody recognises that backside? (though I'm not that way inclined myself) - putting up some wanted posters around the gay village might yield a name.

Man shot and wounded in Brookvale Park Road, Erdington - 21/3/2018 -

St Edmund Campion School - 3 pupils wounded in stabbings - 23/3/2018 -

Stolen Van Hits House - Gravelly Lane

A resident luckily escaped injury after the driver of a stolen van allegedly rammed a police vehicle before crashing into a house. The van was driven into the front of a house on Gravelly Lane in Erdington at around 10pm on Thursday (18/1/2018).

More -

Erdington Paedophile Jailed
A former dance teacher who sexually abused his pupils over two decades has been jailed for five years. Neil Harris, 72, taught at a dance school in Erdington for more than 50 years -

Goosemoor Lane Community Speedwatch - Friday 26/1/2018 at 2.30pm. By the speed sign by Travis Perkins again.

Community Speedwatch - Thursday 21/12/2017 at 2pm. By the speed sign by Travis Perkins again.

Shed Break Ins - Goosemoor Lane - November 2017 - a couple of back garden sheds on the odd numbered side opposite Travis Perkins were burgled recently. It is believed the offenders entered the gardens from the back (adjacent to the Topcroft estate) - police and Council are aware and are looking at security measures.

2 men from Dovedale Road jailed for torturing a man in a `Nazi sex dungeon' in Cornwall (yes really - and no Max Mosley jokes please) -

Appeal for witnesses after police car is damaged during Remembrance parade in Brookvale Park
Police are appealing for witnesses after two police cars were damaged as officers took part in Remembrance parades (Sunday 12 November 2017).

More -

Sunnybank Road chancer back again

The pics are of the date and time indicated and in the Boldmere area (Sunnybank Road at 3.56am on 10.11.2017). A regular visitor - the perp makes his way from house to house trying car doors.

Speedwatch meeting - Saturday November 11th at 4pm - see below poster

Trouble At Witton Lodge Circle (The Ring)
Police sealed off Witton Lodge Road after officers were called to reports of a disorder outside a restaurant just after 9.15pm on Thursday night (2/5/2017). West Midlands Police said a group of youths "armed with weapons" launched a targeted attack as local residents reported seeing up to '30 men with machetes'. A West Midlands Police cordon was put in place near the shops on Witton Lodge Road, near the junction of Kingfisher Road in Perry Common.

More -

Double Stabbing On Edgeware Road
Two men were injured in a double stabbing in Erdington on Tuesday (7/11/2017). Police sealed off Edgware Road in Stockland Green following the incident at around 8pm. The incident is understood to have happened close to the junction with Streetly Road.

More -

Huts Burnt Down On Playing Fields
This occurred on Bonfire Night 2017 - an arson fire in one of those kids huts on the playing fields on College Rd by Perry Common British Legion -

Attempted Car Theft On Sunnybank Road in Boldmere - Suspect
Old incident from 2016 which might be connect to theft of a VW Golf on Goosemoor Lane on 26/9/2016 (see further down)

The above CCTV images were taken at the date shown (7/10/2016) in nearby Sunnybank Rd, Boldmere. The offender was observed trying a car door and looking through a door into a porch. He was also carrying mole grips, which are often used to snap Euro cylinder locks. And only about 2 weeks after the VW Golf robbery!

(Not proof I know, but what odds would you give?)

(Also there’s a woman just off Court Lane who every night for the past 2 months someone has tried to steal a motorcycle from outside her house.)

Erdington former Playboy model and accomplice faked kidnap and demanded £8k ransom 'for a joke'
This is a different incident from the Chloe Ayling case in Italy - some people have been mistaking them) -

"Paedophile" caught - Erdington railway station
Some online vigilante group (who from their accents don't seem local) tracked down some `groomer' they had alleged (they pose as kids online to see who gets in touch etc) - anyway they caught up with him at Erdington railway station I think on Wednesday (13/9/2017) - he doesn't work there etc - was just on the to-city ramp. I think he has been charged now, he has been remanded in custody anyway - lives in Stockland Green it seems 

Story -

Video -

Update - police admit they may have to work with "paedophile hunters" after figures revealed a rise in their evidence being used in court. The vigilantes pose online as children then film the people they meet. Police have admitted that persuading them to stop is proving difficult -

Stabbing - Royal Oak Pub
A man was stabbed during a late-night mass brawl outside an Erdington pub. The 31-year-old man was knifed in the back after trouble flared outside the Royal Oak pub on Marsh Lane. A large police cordon was in place following the incident at around 11pm on Saturday (16/9/2017) which also left a 30-year-old woman with a laceration to her arm -

Man shot in leg in Dovedale Road
A POLICE investigation is underway after a man was shot in Perry Common. The 27-year-old victim was shot in the leg in Dovedale Road just after 7pm on Thursday (August 31st 2017).

Read more at -

Fireworks In The Area
A big set of loud fireworks (I think about 4 or 5 at once or maybe just one very big firework) was set off on Goosemoor Lane at the Topcroft Road junction (blocking the junction for about a minute with massive smoke and a small fire which burnt the road surface) - Tuesday night 5/9/2017 at around 10.15pm

We'll probably have to put up with more of them in the area until November 5th (and beyond) - but try to keep me updated anyway.

Police appeal for help after bicycle gang causes mayhem in Erdington
POLICE are appealing for help in their "battle" to put the brakes on problem gangs of young cyclists following a spate of incidents in Erdington.

More -

2 videos;

A MAN convicted for his part in a fight at an Erdington pub is wanted by police for a ‘recall to prison’.
Lemahl Innis-Thomas from Erdington has been wanted after he breached his licensing conditions following a conviction for affray last September following an incident at the Cross Keys pub in High Street.

Read more at -

Warning after schoolgirl approached by man by North Birmingham Academy
A 13-year-old schoolgirl was heading away from North Birmingham Academy in College Road on Tuesday (July 18) at around 3.15pm when she was approached by a man who beckoned her to get in his car (she didn't). The man is described as Asian, mid 20s, with short black hair and facial stubble and was wearing a black and white tracksuit. He was driving a brown car with a distinctive 'H' logo on the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle was parked in Perry Common Road, between Dovedale Road and Wilson Stuart School, before moving down to the corner of Dovedale Road at Perry Common Road.

Read more at -

Anecdotal reports of a wrecking spree against parked cars on Gravelly Lane - nothing certain received though

Public Meeting to discuss traffic issues on Goosemoor Lane after recent pedestrian death and ongoing issues.
The cllrs have agreed an action plan to approach the police and council with - the plan is to meet again in about3 months to discuss progress - the little church has kindly agreed to  that. I'll send out the date a couple of week before, and let me know if you are willing to leaflet the area for me.

From Erdington Conservatives;

Fatal Road Accident - Goosemoor Lane - 3 Arrested

Police statement;

"Our officers are appealing for witnesses following a fatal road traffic collision in Erdington in the early hours of this morning (Sunday 9/7/2017). A red Mercedes B 220 Sport car was in collision with a stationary mini bus taxi parked in Goosemore Lane at the junction with Kirkwood Avenue. The car was also in collision with a male pedestrian, who was believed to be behind the mini bus at the time of the collision.

The man, aged in his forties, sadly died at the scene. We are investigating the circumstances of what happened and would like to appeal for anyone who saw the red Mercedes in Goosemore Road immediately before the collision took place to contact us. Specialist officers are currently supporting the man’s family.

Three people who were in the Mercedes car have been arrested in connection with the collision and are helping with enquiries."

(I have mentioned speeding cars on Goosemoor Lane before - a real problem)

Gravelly Lane - gunman opens fire from BMW car in terrifying drive-by shooting
Police cordoned off the area after the attack at 8.40pm (Wed 5/7/2017) when a number of shots were fired at two men. Witnesses said a BMW had driven down the street past shops with a man hanging out of the window shooting. Then the car turned around, came back, and the gunman opened fire again. No-one is believe to have been injured - but a car received bullet holes -

Pub raiders jailed for stealing £30k from fruit machines in massive crime spree
Richard Palmer and Matthew Sadler caused £20,000-worth of damage and netted around £33,000 as they broke in to 56 premises across the Midlands.

The pubs and businesses targeted in this area and the dates they took place were:

October 2016

15 – The Village Green PH, Marsh Hill, Erdington

17 – Lad in the Lane PH, Bromford Lane, Erdington and Digby PH, Chester Road, Erdington

19 – Charlie Hall PH, Barnabus Road, Erdington and Armada, Slade Road, Erdington

20 – The Village Green, Marsh Hill, Erdington

22 – The Digby PH, Chester Road, Erdington

23 – The Charlie Hall PH, Barnabus Road, Erdington

29 – The New Inns, Summer Road, Erdington

November 2016

4 – The Cross Keys PH, High Street, Erdington

9 – The Village Green, Marsh Hill, Erdington

15 – The Armada, Slade Road, Erdington

17 – The Cross Keys PH, High Street, Erdington

20 – The Lad in the Lane PH, Bromford Lane, Erdington

December 2016

1 – Village Green, Marsh Hill, Erdington and Bagot Arms, Chester Road, Erdington

Read more at -

Boy racers doing timed laps in the area on Sundays?
It seems that on Sunday evenings that a car will speed along Gravelly Lane, onto Goosemoor Lane and go from one end to the other, then onto Witton Lodge Rd and down the hill - then about 10 minutes later another one does it - then another one 10 minutes later etc - again at high speed and in the same direction and following the same path

(So it isn't like that is just part of the overall normal traffic for the area on a Sunday evening)

Does that fit what others have seen - they are racing against the clock and are following some sort of wider timed route in the Erdington area on Sunday evenings?

Other comments on this topic;

"It happens on Moor End Lane and surrounding roads in the small hours often as well."

"It's not new, foot down after Six Ways!"

Burnt Out Car In Park
There was a Fiat car in the park that had been burnt out - the thieves took out the iron bollard in the small carpark to get it in there.

Vandalised phone box
Junction of Court Lane and Madehurst Road - reported.

Gang attacked 86-year-old man in wheelchair at New Oscott Village in Erdington
Police are appealing for information after an 86-year-old man in a wheelchair was attacked by a gang at an Erdington retirement village. The grandfather was out smoking his pipe at New Oscott Village, on the Chester Road side of the home, at around 10.30pm on Tuesday March 21, when four “lads” pulled up in a vehicle, got out and unsuccessfully tried to open the automated gates.

When the pensioner – who uses a wheelchair due to poor mobility – was asked by the crooks to open the gates but refused, the gang climbed over the railings. Three of the attackers then “pinned him down” while the fourth rifled through his pockets, stealing money and his wallet before escaping -

OAP John Place jailed for killing Poppy-Arabella Clarke in Chester Road collision, Sutton Coldfield

(This case has been reported nationally)

A PENSIONER with failing vision from Sutton Coldfield has been jailed after hitting a three-year-old as she was walking on a pedestrian crossing with her mum. John Place, 72, has been sentenced to four years in prison after knocking down and killing Poppy-Arabella Clarke as she walked over the light-controlled crossing in Chester Road in Boldmere last summer. The toddler was killed on Wednesday July 6th 2016.

Read more at -

Erdington Man Jailed For Domestic Violence

(This case has been reported nationally)

Shocking CCTV has been released showing the moment a drunken thug crippled his girlfriend by repeatedly throwing her down the stairs at his Birmingham home in Frances Road (off Slade Road). The footage has been released by police on the request of the victim - who wants people to she what she endured. She hopes that it might encourage other victims of domestic violence to break the cycle of abuse.Mark Power, 37, also kicked, punched and dragged the stricken victim by her hair during 10 minutes of sickening violence, which was caught on camera.

The thug threw his girlfriend down the stairs THREE times in a horror attack carried out just weeks after he was released from a prison sentence, for attacking the same victim. Power has now been jailed for 10 and a half years after he previously admitted a charge of wounding with intent.

More -

Erdington Child Abduction Warning
Police are investigating reports a child was approached by a man in a car outside a Birmingham primary school. The alleged incident happened close to Marsh Hill Primary School in Erdington on Friday morning. It’s claimed a Year Six pupil was offered a lift by a man in a black Nissan Juke car -

Erdington Man convicted of child sex charges
A 101-year-old paedophile has been jailed for 13 years. Ralph Clarke from Erdington committed a string of sex offences against three victims in the 1970's and early 1980's.

More -

Theft From Playing Fields In Erdington - 19/11/2016
Bearwood Athletic, who play in Division One of the Birmingham AFA, were targeted during an away match against Parkfield. The gang waited until kick-off at Hollyfield Sports and Conference Centre in Woodacre Road, Erdington, and then pounced during the match -

A man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of a 19-year-old who died from head and chest injuries in Birmingham
Kaydel Williams, from Tipton, was discovered in Hunton Road, Erdington, at around 8.55pm on October 7. The 19 year-old was pronounced dead at the scene and an investigation was launched into the circumstances after reports he had been bundled into a car at The Gardens, also in Erdington.

More -

Erdington woman Claire McKenzie killed in hit-run crash
Man arrested following suspected hit and run in Erdington. Claire McKenzie, 35, suffered fatal injuries after being hit by a vehicle on Sutton New Road during the early hours of Friday November 11. Following examination of CCTV, police arrested a 28-year-old man and recovered a vehicle.

More -

Anyone with information should call Sgt Alan Wood at West Midlands Police’s collision investigation unit on 101, or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.

2008 Unsolved Hare And Hounds Murder - Marsh Hill - Another Appeal
The police have made a fresh appeal over this local unsolved murder.

`THE family of a "loving and wonderful" man beaten to death outside a Birmingham pub renewed their appeal for help to finally bring his killers to justice.

An inquest jury ruled on 20/4/2011 that David Weaver was unlawfully killed following a function in memory of murder victim Lee Wellard, held at the Hare and Hounds pub in Marsh Hill, Stockland Green, on November 22, 2008.

The 45-year-old dad, from Erdington, was found with severe head injuries opposite the pub following a mass brawl. He underwent emergency brain surgery that night but never recovered and died in hospital five months later.

No-one has been brought to justice over the death of Mr Weaver. Police are still treating it as a potential murder investigation.

Det Chief Insp Nicholas Walton, from West Midlands Police, said:

"This was the right verdict, it is just unfortunate it was in the coroner’s court and not the crown court. There are people who know who is responsible and we again appeal for them to come forward."'

More -

West Midlands Police -

Crime Stoppers -

Fly-tipping on Goosemoor Lane

I got this from a resident;

"Someone keeps fly-tipping mattresses on the pavement outside on the corner of Amber Court and Goosemoor Lane - I feel that it is someone that recently moved to the area/street as it has occurred at least 3 times in the last 3 months ..... I almost caught the individual red-handed on Friday 11 November 2016 - At a distance whilst walking home I saw a white male that appeared to be wearing a black cap throw something beside the tree. I was too far away to see whether the man went into a nearby house or awaiting vehicle. Can all occupants of Goosemoor Lane please keep their eyes open for these fly-tippers."

Stabbing - Station Road
POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a man was stabbed in an altercation in Erdington (Friday October 7). Officers were alerted at 4.30pm to the assault in Station Road. An altercation took place between two men. One of them ran into a nearby shop, armed himself with a knife, and struck out at the victim.

Read more at -

Stabbing - Chester Road
A man was stabbed in a McDonalds restaurant. The victim was knifed in the fast food giant’s Chester Road branch, near the Yenton pub, at the Wylde Green/Erdington border, at around 8.15pm on Saturday (22/10/2016). The 20-year-old was rushed to hospital but his injuries were not said to be life-threatening.

More -

Please be aware that car thieves are entering homes to take car keys.

I got this- "My father-in-law's VW Golf was stolen from our driveway in Goosemoor Lane at 6.30am this morning (Mon 26/9/2016). Our front door was closed but unlocked - I was outside with our dog, my father-in-law was in the bathroom, my husband upstairs in the bedroom - when the car keys were taken from the dining room. The theft took literally seconds. Nothing else was taken (handbags, wallets, my car keys), they had targeted us specifically for his car."

That was down by Cookes and on that side of the road

Man stabbed in Orphanage Road, Erdington and ‘left for dead’ by teenage biker
A GOOD Samaritan was stabbed in Erdington and 'left for dead' by a member of a 'teenage' bike gang. The victim, aged 25, intervened after a teenage girl was slapped in the face before being stabbed in the leg and arm in Orphanage Road shortly after 5pm on Sunday (September 18).

Read more at -

Girl, 14, is dragged to the ground by her hair and STAMPED on - Short Heath Park, Erdington
Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2016

Video -

Cross Keys pub stabbing: Station Road - Man convicted of attempted murder
A THUG who slashed a drinker's throat at an Erdington pub during a brawl leaving him fighting for his life has been jailed for 10 years. James Lee lashed out with a craft knife at The Cross Keys pub in High Street on June 3 severing his 41-year-old victim's carotid artery and leading to "catastrophic" blood loss.

More -

Erdington drug addict jailed for trying to 'hang' former lover
AN evil Erdington thug has been jailed for one of the 'worst cases of domestic violence' police have ever seen – after he subjected his partner to a horrific THREE DAY attack. Twisted David Cookson, 47, poured boiling water over his 65-year-old lover and beat her with a hammer.

Read more at -

‘Terrified’ Goosemoor Lane homeowner fears Erdington ‘shooting’ incident is part of spree
A 'TERRIFIED' homeowner in Erdington who believes her house was shot at has demanded more police action as she fears other homes are being targeted. The woman who lives in Goosemoor Lane believes her lounge window was shot at on Friday (July 29) at around 10.15pm by a hoodlum using a pellet gun.

Read more at -

(I don't know which part of the road that occurred on)

Illegal Erdington ‘pet shop’ owner banned from selling animals
AN ERDINGTON woman has been disqualified from trading for two years after admitting to selling dogs from her home at Birmingham Magistrates Court (July 6). Jadwiga Ewa Grum, 37, of Johnson Road, Erdington, pleaded guilty to one offence under the Pet Animals Act 1951, keeping the premises as a pet shop without a licence.

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Thomas Gill from Erdington who sent his ex 184 abusive messages loses appeal
A THUG from Erdington who left his Sutton Coldfield ex "scared of her own shadow" after leaving bizarre objects at her home loses his breach appeal but has his jail sentence cut. Thomas Gill of Baldmoor Lake Road had been hounding his ex-partner relentlessly since they split in 2008, London's Civil Appeal Court heard. The fixated 28-year-old was hit with an anti-social behaviour injunction (ASBI) after Birmingham City Council took him to court in 2012.

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Arundel House tower block blaze in Jarvis Road was ‘started deliberately’

(Arundel House is the second block down from the Court Lane end of Jarvis Road)

A SEVERE fire at an Erdington tower block is being investigated as an arson incident. The blaze occurred at Arundel House in Jarvis Road in the early hours with fire crews receiving a 999 call at 3.18am (Monday morning June 13).

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Erdington paedophiles Robert Bailey and Kevan Tudor convicted of multiple child sex offences
Bailey, 27, of Watt Road and Tudor, 55, of Springthorpe Road have been convicted of historical sexual offences against two young men who were exploited in their teens. One of the victims was aged 15 at the time of the offences in 2002 and 2003, the second was between 14 and 15 at the time of the offences in 2009 and 2010.

Read more:

The Elizabeth Filkin report;

I've stuck this on since it hasn't been given wide publicity


Electricity Substation Broken Into Again - Goosemoor Lane
The inner door was ajar,
Thursday 27/3/16 - was reported. That door is shut now.

Erdington Resident Convicted Over Murder Melee
Tobijah Thompson, of no fixed address, but previously of Blakesley Way, Bordesley Green killed teenager Daniel Kirkwood who was celebrating a pal’s birthday at Society nightclub, Tower Street, Coventry, on March 15th 2015

Three other men, Hasham Ali, of Amberley Green, Birmingham; Ezra Scott, of Hawkesyard Road, Erdington, and Ramez Murtaza, of Bordesley Green East, Bordesley Green, all pleaded guilty to being involved in the violent disorder that resulted in Daniel’s death.

Ezra Scott pleaded guilty to being involved in the violent disorder that resulted in Daniel Kirkwoods death

More -

Loutish behaviour in Erdington to be tackled as police granted new powers
NEW powers for police to crackdown on groups persistently causing anti-social behaviour in the busy Erdington High Street area have come in to force.

Read more:

Electricity Substation Broken Into Again - Goosemoor Lane
inner door was ajar, Thursday 18/2/16 - was reported. That door is shut now.

CCTV appeal following assault on Erdington-bound bus

POLICE are appealing for help to trace this man following an assault on an Erdington-bound bus.

A 29-year-old woman was travelling on the number 905 bus on Wednesday, December 16 when an unknown man sat next to her and punched her arm at around 6.50pm.The man caught the bus from Corporation Street in Birmingham city centre and got off at Gravelly Lane in Erdington. Anyone with information is urged to contact PC Jennifer Groves at Bournville police

More -

Puppy beaten in Witton Lakes - 31 December 2015
A puppy has been badly injured after being beaten by a gang of youths in Witton Lakes, in what the RSPCA has described as a "horrific" attack. The five-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier was rescued by a member of the public, who heard it yelping -

Polish Shop On Station Road Selling Dodgy Cigarettes
A SHOP in Erdington has been banned from selling alcohol after a hoard of illicit cigarettes was found on its premises. A total of 238 packets of illegal cigarettes were found behind a concealed drawer, following a police raid on the Alisha Polski Sklep shop, in Station Road, Erdington.

Read more:

Street Life is reporting a local burglary - Ashley Road B23. Friday 18th December around 9pm

THE DOPEY POLICE (yet again) - Bijan Ebrahimi: PC and PCSO guilty of misconduct -
And if you THINK these types of cases are rare they are NOT - I know of HUNDREDS of such cases nationwide EVERY year (where police are summoned to deal with low-life and SIDE with the low-life and AGAINST the person who summoned them!!!!!!)

I may start a separate webpage listing the nationwide cases actually - there are HUNDREDS of them

At LEAST the balloon seems to have FINALLY gone up with many other agencies (Home Office/Crown Prosecution Service etc) re just HOW dopey the police sometimes are.

The jury is still out re where The Tories are on the issue - ISIS attacking a European capital city shouldn't shove them about on this separate policing issue - but clearly it does

(The last straw with many agencies being due to Phone Hacking I think - the police sent their CHIEF officer to The Guardian telling them it WASN'T occurring and so that newspaper should STOP investigating - when of course it WAS occurring AND on an industrial scale too. I think that really WAS it for police to a LOT of different agencies across the country. It was either him being UTTERLY stupid or UTTERLY crooked - one or the other)

Can Jeremy Kyle please ring the police to sort out his guests - so that the police then arrest HIM

Erdington Rapist Jailed
A sex fiend from Erdington, who remained at large for more than 28 years, has been jailed for the ‘opportunist’ rape of a teenager after advances in DNA evidence helped to convict him. Steven Hearl, 63, of Hunters Walk (behind Oscott College), was sentenced to six years and four months in prison after admitting the rape of the 16-year-old girl in Alvechurch in 1987.

More -

Shootings - Pype Hayes
THREE people have been injured in what is believed to be a targeted shooting in Birmingham. A man and a woman suffered gun shot wounds to their legs following the incident in Erdington in the early hours of Sunday (1/11/2015). A second man was left injured after being hit over the head during the “disorder” in Windfall Court (off Paget Road) at around 1.45am.

More -

Another unconfirmed report from Street Life - I think for Friday 30/10/2015 - Garage Break ins - Chester Rd

Be aware
a Ford Fiesta. Burgundy in colour ,1 Male, 1 possibly female & a CHILD (10 ish)

Broke into 2 garages on Chester Road backing onto Kirkwood at 0810 in the morning.

AGAIN caught on CCTV - But at this stage Police not bothered.

Attempted Burglary - Kirkwood Avenue
This unconfirmed report was on Street Life about the alley on Chester Road at the back of Kirkwood Avenue;

Chester Road backing onto Kirkwood Avenue. Tuesday night 13th October at 21:20 hrs, a van drove down behind
the houses on Chester Road, removed some step-ladders from the vehicle and it was highly likely that he was going to attempt to get over into the Kirkwood Avenue back gardens there, luckily parts of this were on CCTV and monitored as it happened - hence police and a police dog came and a police helicopter was hovering overhead, police recovered the van & steps but unfortunately not him, so please all be aware now it's dark and Christmas is coming.

Increased Burglaries - Dwellings/Sheds
This has been reported in the area both on Street Life, and by the police themselves. Regan Crescent is one place cited.


More than 100 weapons handed in at Erdington knife bin
Knife bins were dotted around Birmingham, including at New Testament Church of God in Erdington, in February 2014, and to date more than 400 weapons have been handed in and taken off the street, including fire arms. More than one quarter of the 406 weapons handed in were deposited in the Goosemoor Lane church in Erdington, which had 105 knives, and weapons including knuckledusters.

The bin can be found at the New Testament Church of God, Goosemoor Lane, Erdington.

It is easy to drop any weapons into it through the gap in the gate even when the church and its gates are closed.

Read more:

Erdington New Testament Church Of God, Goosemoor Lane,

Warning issued to bikers after Erdington teen caught riding illegally
Officers from Birmingham North Police are now working to remind residents about the laws surrounding the use of off-road bikes.

The 16-year-old was spotted riding his off-road bike through Erdington's Topcroft Estate and then across Short Heath Park back in March 2015

Read more:

St Barnabas school head teacher suspended
A head teacher has been suspended as part of an inquiry into allegations of financial irregularities at a school. Heather Powell was suspended as head of St Barnabas Church of England (CofE) primary school in Erdington

More -

"Husband From Hell" Anthony Foley

(This story has been reported nationally - you may know him better as Tony Foley - he was rather a prominent Erdington figure for many years. Stones Green is off Jarvis Road)

Tony Foley pudding and pie
Dumped his wife for one from Russi-a
When the police then made him pay
Tony Foley was taken away

Drug dealing suspects in Erdington rammed police - Oliver Road
A SUSPECTED drugs deal in Erdington resulted in an unmarked police vehicle being rammed as its occupiers attempted to evade arrest. Officers were on patrol in Oliver Road when they spotted a suspected drug deal involving the occupants of a green Toyota Avensis just before midday on July 30.

The Toyota vehicle began to reverse and was driven in an ‘erratic manner’ and then accelerated forwards and collided with the front of the unmarked police vehicle. The front seat passenger made off on foot but was later detained. The remaining three occupants were also later brought to custody. All four males, were arrested on suspicion for drugs supply offences.

Read more:

Cars `keyed' (scratched) - Orphanage Road
An unconfirmed report on the Street Life website say that cars are often being damaged on Orphanage Road;

"I saw another car had been keyed down the one side. This is just another car added to a long list of cars keyed on Orphanage Road between Chester Road and Penns Lane."

A CON ARTIST from Erdington who burgled a woman in her 90's on New Year’s Day and another in Great Barr - has been jailed for more than six years
Kelly Ford, aged 33 of Gravelly Lane, pretended to be a policewoman in order to get into the 95-year-old woman’s house in Castle Vale on January 1 this year. Nothing was stolen but Ford searched the rooms in the house – much to the pensioner’s distress

Read more:

Erdington murder - Fentham Road - Conviction
A boyfriend has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his student girlfriend – whose body was found in a burning pink Audi in Erdington. Unemployed Damien Dinobewei, 34, had denied the murder of mum-of-one Tia Kounota, 27, and had been due to stand trial.

But he admitted the manslaughter of the social work university student before the trial could begin, a plea accepted by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Dinobewei, of Pershore Road, Stirchley, will now be sentenced later this month at Birmingham Crown Court after further psychiatric reports.

Tragic Tia, of Rubery, was found in a burning pink Audi on Fentham Road, Erdington, on July 22 last year. Following her death Dinobewei was arrested and remanded into the care of The Spinney, a psychiatric hospital -

Erdington thug threatens terrified woman driver with gun in road rage attack
A gun-wielding thug threatened a terrified motorist in a shocking early-morning road rage attack. The 43-year-old woman was making her way to work along Jaffray Crescent, Erdington, at around 8.30am Friday 22/5/2015, when she was involved in a confrontation with the driver of an oncoming dark blue Astra over the right of way.

He refused to allow her through and gestured for the woman to let him to pass but she was blocked by cars behind her. The angry thug continued to shout abuse at the petrified woman and suddenly produced a black handgun from inside his car when she gesticulated that she could not move.

Fearing for her safety she quickly placed her car in reverse and pulled away as stunned drivers behind her also fled the scene.

The offender is described as a black man, around 6ft tall, of medium build, in his 20's, wearing a dark top.

People with information to assist the police investigation should call the violent crime team at Chelmsley Wood police station by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

More -

Jimmy Savile malarkey - I think this needs a wider audience, so I've stuck it on the Crime Page
Nudge and wink jokes about Jimmy Savile by people on TV and radio (made between 1978 - 2007) - see all the famous people who seemed to know, but didn't do anything about it;

"Jokes and references to Jimmy Savile's crimes and abuses on TV and radio prior to his death. It's interesting, I think, that the majority of people speaking publicly about what he was doing were comedians."

(Remember that former BBC employee Philip Schofield famously tried to take the moral high ground against PM David Cameron on this issue - and unfortunately our slow-witted Prime Minister never thought to immediately ask Schofield on-air what HE therefore knew or had heard about Savile whilst working at the BBC with Gordon the Gopher etc)

Watch the "great" Ian Hislop here too on the topic, whose astonishing response is to attack The Daily Mail over a completely different issue -

Jimmy Saville debate - Question Time 2012 -

(See a potential cultural problem there which might explain why So-Vile got away with it for ages - Hislop from the media attacks The Daily Mail from the media in response, and Janet Street-Porter from the media openly states that it only ever occurred to her to report So-Vile to the BBC media. So the media culture seems to be to keep everything "in house" within the media itself - rather than running off to the police or social services etc like you or I probably would)

Logically, Hislop should've reported The Daily Mail to The PCC and So-Vile to the police - but he did neither of those
things - which is telling I think.

Meanwhile has Diane Abbot been questioned about it re Jimmy So-vile? She is in the above HIGNFY clip
if you notice.

(Obviously if taken straight, So-Vile is merely joking about being a weak wrestler - and being charitable Abbott might have seen the
joke merely in that context at the time in the studio - but NO-ONE then explained the `in' joke to her later which even So-vile himself seemed to be making deliberate? That show gets about 6 million viewers and NO-ONE explained it to her afterwards? She needs to be asked).

As far as the police and what they knew about rumours etc, as a former officer I can only say that there were NO rumours at all widely circulating in the West Midlands Police about him when I served in the 1980's, I do know that. It seemed common knowledge in broadcasting at the time, but not within the police - and there were sometimes social sessions with Metropolitan Police officers from London before or after their regular business in the city (collecting prisoners to transfer to the capital etc) and they never said anything in conversations either. So the police denial of knowledge seems genuine to me.

Did rumours constantly circulate within the police about known childrens' homes and orphanages etc and how it was frustratingly difficult to prove or disprove on a case by case basis what was clearly going on in such places with some of the adults who worked there? Yes - that sort of talk WAS constant in the job when I served (such cases were called "a bag of rats" by police - meaning interminable - like watching ferrets in sack - you know something is going on inside but how to prove what?) There was nothing said about Jimmy Savile though - he was something of a hero of mine so I would have remembered - it was a shock when I found out when everyone else did.

Electricity Substation Broken Into Again - Goosemoor Lane
The door
was ajar, reported.

Armed robbery at Aldi - College Road: Full story of the siege in which customers feared for their lives from raiders armed with a shot-gun and pistols -

BRAVE is the Birmingham Residents Anti-Social Behaviour Victim Empowerment project. It is specifically funded by the Lottery to support people living in Birmingham who experience persistent anti-social behaviour. The service is independent, free and confidential -

Council refuses Gravelly Hill bedsit block extension after police reveal appalling levels of violence

The converted detached homes in Gravelly Hill, Erdington

The converted detached homes in Gravelly Hill, Erdington

A bedsit block with an appalling record of violence has been refused permission to expand. A planning application to add four rooms to a pair of converted detached homes in Gravelly Hill, Erdington, was refused following police objections. In a report to the planning committee, police said they had been called to the property 20 times in the last five years - half of them to deal with assaults or fighting between residents.

More -

Erdington Bus Fire: 15-year-old Boy Charged With Arson

CCTV image of the Erdington bus blaze arson suspect







(At the junction of Sutton Road and Station Road etc that is)

A teenager from Birmingham has been charged with arson in connection with a fire that gutted the top deck of a bus in the city -

Serious Assault (?) - Beech Road
The police were out knocking doors on Beech Road, Sycamore Road and Goosemoor Lane etc trying to find out more about a serious assault in Beech Road on Tuesday morning (10/2/2015) at 1.15am. The assailant's car apparently drove off into Sycamore Rd, and then onto Goosemoor Lane heading towards Gravelly Lane

There has been nothing in the local or on the police website about it though

Drugs Found - Johnson Road
POLICE officers discovered a cannabis set up and a quantity of dried cannabis bud at a property in Erdington (on Tuesday February 10). The drugs were found in two bedrooms in Johnson Road

Read more:

Erdington Burglaries
POLICE have issued a warning after two burglaries took place in Erdington in the last two weeks. On both occasions offenders gained entry through open windows. The burglaries took place at Jerrys Lane on January 18, and Court Farm Road on 31 January

Read more:

The following local people were among 50 convicted over rioting at an EDL rally in the city centre on July 20th 2013;

Josh Norrey, aged 23, of Priors Way, Erdington - 25 months
Adam Beebee, aged 28, of Boundary Road, Erdington - 13 months
Rob Pay, aged 35, of Gypsy Lane, Erdington - 22 months
Joshua Wall, aged 21, of The Ridgeway, Erdington - 46 months

More -

Blind Erdington man traumatised after guide dog he relies on gets attacked - Station Road


The lady is believed to be the owner of the dog involved in the attack

A BLIND man from Erdington has said he is ‘shocked and angry’ after his guide dog was attacked and left with puncture wounds to her leg. Ricky Brennan, 32, was left saddened after his five-year-old German Shepherd Carla, who he relies on to help him carry out his daily daily routines, was attacked by what is believed to be a Staffie Cross in Station Road

There is CCTV coverage of the attack on Carla, which happened on Monday November 10 between 11am and 12 noon. Anyone who can help police with their enquirers are asked to contact WPC 1072 Nicola Williams at Sutton Coldfield Police Station Volume Crime Team on 0345 113 5000.

Read more:

Facebook page for the campaign, led by cllr Robert Alden, to save the public front desks at Castle Vale, Erdington and Kingstanding Police Stations from closure -

Local Drug Dealers Jailed
Twenty nine people have been handed jail sentences totalling nearly 100 years following a major operation earlier this year to target drug dealing in Birmingham.

Local residents;

Faheem Ul-Islam, aged 36 and from Wheelwright Road, Erdington - three years and eight months.
Ryan Phipps, aged 25 from Fentham Road, Erdington − three years.
Orville Vendryes, aged 47 and from Orchard Road, Erdington - 18 months.
Shaquille Brown, aged 29 and from Station Road, Erdington - 18 months.
Anthony Harris, aged 54 and from Wood End Road, Erdington - 18 months.
Mark Phipps, aged 29 and from Kings Road, Erdington - 18 months.
Lee Puffett, aged 35 and from Faukners Farm Drive, Erdington - 16 months.
Craig Collins, aged 39 and from Avenue Road, Erdington - 18 months sentence suspended for 21 months.

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Erdington Dispersal Order
TROUBLEMAKERS in Erdington are being targeted after police were granted new powers to clamp down on anti-social behaviour. Officers in the area (just the other side of the railway line) will be able to act after a dispersal order was granted and came in force this month covering the area bordered by Chester Road, Sutton New Road, Wood End Road, Kingsbury Road and Holly Lane.

Police will now be able to move groups of two or more people from the area if they are suspected of causing anti-social behaviour, and the power to return under 16s to their home between 9pm and 6am.

Disruptive groups in Erdington (in the area covered by this map) are being targeted by new dispersal order powers for police which came into force this month.

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Burglaries on Kingsbury Road - "Within a space of 15 months 3 houses in a row including mine have been burgled we need cameras put up and more police presence the burglaries have taken place in broad daylight."

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Erdington getaway driver jailed for possessing stun-gun disguised as mobile-phone
Police found the weapon in the foot well of a VW Golf belonging to Marvin Forbes when they stopped the vehicle on Queens Road, Aston, in March after it was suspected of being involved in the burglary a day before in Solihull.

They seized the Golf and found what they thought was a mobile phone as part of a routine search of the vehicle following his arrest. But on closer inspection they soon realised it was actually a stun gun - which Forbes, 25, of Streetly Road, Erdington, admitting buying for £20 off the Internet -

AN Erdington man on Mason Road has been arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs with intent to supply - The man was also arrested on suspicion of disqualified driving (Wednesday July 30th 2014).

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Youngster Killed In Road Accident - Court Lane. Conviction For Causing Death By Dangerous Driving
A driver who killed a five-year-old boy when he hit him with his car in Birmingham has been jailed for five years. Cameron Marshall Ward was struck by a blue Vauxhall Vectra on Court Lane in Erdington shortly after 21:10 BST on Easter Monday, 1 April 2013.

Wayne Payne was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving. The 31-year-old, of Somerset Road, Erdington, was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court.

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Update - Wayne Payne who fatally injured five-year-old Cameron Ward in a Court Lane accident receives fresh three-year prison sentence for possessing cocaine with intent to supply -

Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones CBE dies suddenly
Bob Jones was elected the first West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner on 15 November 2012, after a long and distinguished career in public service -

Pype Hayes Murder
A mum found dead at her Birmingham home died as a result of strangulation-type injuries, a post mortem has confirmed. Police were called to a house in Woodlands Farm Road, Pype Hayes, at 7.25am on Sunday (29/6/2014) by the ambulance service where Luan Leigh, 42, was pronounced dead. Police have been granted more time to question her estranged husband Andrew Leigh, 42, on suspicion of murder.

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Burglary warning after spate of Erdington break-ins
A WARNING has been issued to householders in Erdington after a number of burglaries in recent weeks. Police confirmed that in total there have been five house break-ins in Erdington, one on the Pitts Farm site which is undergoing development, another on a similar plot on the Lyndhurst Estate, two in the Holly Lane/Moor End Lane area and a final incident in Gravelly Lane.

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Motorbike Havoc On Jarvis Road/Court Lane
Got this from a resident - "I saw three moped type motorbikes doing wheelies up Jarvis Road today (Sunday 15 June) between 6.30pm and 6.50pm, a lot of noise over the past two days of bikes speeding about on Jarvis Road and Court Lane so I presume it was the same, unable to catch reg plates as yet, but all have L plates. One of them had ginger hair."



LOLA - Grey Blue Colour - Mainly With A White Patch Underneath. Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Age: Young Adult). Missing from Slade Road, Erdington on Sunday 18th May 2014

Stolen by 3 men in a Ford Fiesta. She was wearing a black collar (no details on the collar).

CONTACT: 07743 692 868

Man Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries Following Stabbing In Slade Road - Erdington - Charges

CRIME SCENE: A police cordon is still in place on Slade Road, Erdington following last night's horrific stabbing which has left a 24-year-old man fighting for his life is in hospital.

Slade Road stab victim Kurt Homer fights for life as teenager is charged with GBH.

AN investigation has been launched following a stabbing in Erdington last night (Monday April 14) which has left a man critically ill in hospital. Emergency services were called to a report of a disturbance in Slade Road, near the junction with St Thomas' Road, at around 10.50pm


Drunken Vandal Jailed For Smashing Up Goosemoor Lane Cars
A ‘MINDLESS’ vandal from Erdington who went on a one-man drunken car-wrecking spree has been jailed. Ben O’Neill from Slade Road was charged with three attempted thefts from cars, vandalising nine cars with hammer and a vehicle interference offence, in relation to cars parked in Goosemoor Lane, Erdington.

The 24-year-old was arrested by officers shortly after 4am on Monday (March 31) as residents dialled 999 to report a man smashing the windows of parked cars. He appeared at court on Tuesday (April 1) and was sentenced to 16 weeks in custody, with a previous suspended sentence of six weeks to also be served consecutively.

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Attempted Child Abduction - Short Heath Road - Man Arrested
Wednesday afternoon 5/3/2014. There was an attempt to grab a child from a local nursery as they were walking home with mum. Detectives investigating suspicious activity near to a nursery in Erdington have arrested a man on suspicion of abduction, immigration offences and assault. Officers have been investigating reports of suspicious activity near to Osbourne Nursery School since March 5.

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Short Heath School website has more about it since they too were alerted -

Police Raids In The Area
Police in Birmingham have arrested 36 people following three days of dawn raids targeting suspected drug dealers following raids at 10 homes in Newtown, Erdington, Stockland Green, Witton and Handsworth -

Erdington Burglars Jailed
Two burglars who were snared after a 13-year-old girl rang 999 while cowering under her bed have been jailed. Marcus Speirs and Richard Ansah, 29, broke into the youngster's house in Erdington last May (2013).

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Bus Set On Fire - Perry Common Road
(A from-city Number 7 bus by the Witton Lodge Road junction)

Firefighters have extinguished a fire on a bus in Erdington. Firefighters from Perry Barr fire station were called to Perry Common Road at around 1:30PM to reports of a fire on the top deck of the number 7 bus. Police officers assisted with traffic as the fire was extinguished.No injuries reported. Watch Commander Ade Caulwell, said: “The incident was started deliberately”. Did you witness the incident? Please call WMP on 101 if you have ANY information.

Firefighters have extinguished a fire on a bus in Erdington. Firefighters from Perry Barr fire station were called to Perry Common Road at around 1:30pm (Saturday 7/12/2013) to reports of a fire on the top deck of the Number 7 bus. Police officers assisted with traffic as the fire was extinguished. No injuries reported. Watch Commander Ade Caulwell, said: “The incident was started deliberately”.

Call West Midlands Police on 101 if you have ANY information.

AN illegal weapons dealer from Erdington caught attempting to import firearms and offensive weapons has been jailed. Daruisz Jedrzjczyk from Edwards Road pleaded guilty to importing prohibited weapons, possessing a disguised firearm and two counts of fraudulent evasion of a restriction.

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'Most Wanted' Criminal Who Stole Car With Two Children Jailed
A man who dragged a mother out of her car and drove off with her two children still inside the vehicle, has been jailed for five years. Cedric Brown, 46, threatened the woman with a knife and stole her Ford Focus while fleeing police in Birmingham on 3 April 2012.

After dumping his own getaway car, he pulled the 26-year-old mother out of her vehicle on Somerset Road in Erdington and threatened her with a knife. He sped off with the two toddlers strapped into their seats in the back, police said. He was cornered behind a block of flats off Short Heath Road a short time later and wrestled to the ground by officers.

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Online Groomer Convicted - 12 Months - Wylde Green
A PERVERTED pensioner from Harman Road (Wylde Green) Sutton Coldfield turned up at a park expecting to meet a 15-year-old girl to take part in a sex act with him – only to be confronted by two men with a video camera, a court has heard. Maurice Ingram fled from the scene in his car, but was traced by the police and pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted sexual grooming -

(Obviously that story was already widely carried both on that website and in hard-copy form in the Birmingham Mail newspaper)

In Case You Wonder Why "Don't Get Involved" Has Become A National Mantra
Some toe-rag Under Class rubbish were vandalising a man's plants, he called the (dopey) police - who arrested HIM. The toe-rag Under Class rubbish then murdered him!

(No doubt the police detectives who `solved' the murder then got promoted - so were rewarded directly on the back of failures by the Uniform branch . I'd have a rule with the police - if Uniform screws up, the CID don't get promoted on the backs of any murders which directly result. Promoting CID officers in such circumstances risks heightening Uniform indifference to initial crime)

And the "great" Shadow Police Minister (our own Jack Dromey MP) on the topic? Tumble-weed.

Child Abuser Jailed - Turfpits Lane
A former Birmingham church deacon has been jailed for a second time for child abuse. Alfred Woodhall was sentenced to 12 years after a court was told he assaulted his victim, a young girl, in a van after choir practice. At Birmingham Crown Court, the 71-year-old, of Turfpits Lane in Erdington, admitted four charges of indecent assault and four of attempted rape.

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Attempted murder charge after Stockland Green double stabbing
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Arson - a Birmingham military veterans group's former home has been destroyed in a blaze. The Sons of Rest building, in Brookvale Park, off George Road, Erdington, was engulfed by fire in the early hours of Wednesday October 30th -

(I assume that somewhere it has been shown that arson increases during school-holidays?)

Missing/Stolen Dog BEBE - Black/White Female Jack Russell Cross (Age: Adult)
Missing from Erdington, Birmingham, B23 area, on Sunday 29th September 2013. Bebe was taken from outside the house. She was taken by 2 men driving a scrap van. It was a white cab, open backed but caged. It stopped outside the property, the passenger got out picked up Bebe and it drove off. She is 3 years old and was wearing a red leather collar and a tag.

PLEASE contact the owner with any info/sightings. Thank you.
CONTACT: 07874 688 141

(There have already been reports of such scrap-vans being a noise nuisance and taking stuff from front gardens - but nicking dogs now - where will it end?)

From Erdington Conservatives - Tackling dumped cars on Short Heath Park -

Arson Attack On Car - Jarvis Road
There was an explosion at midnight on Wednesday night 16/10/2013, a car on fire on Jarvis Road, fire brigade were called - no reports of any injuries.

I think it may have been connected to a domestic disturbance at one of the nearby tower blocks as there did seem to be some sort of commotion after.

Nuisance Kids Whilst Playing Truant, During School Strikes - And Now With Half-Term Looming
We've a small number of children being a general nuisance whilst playing truant, during school strikes - and we've half-term looming too. For what it is worth I'll keep adding stuff to the Games Page.
I've asked local schools how often they raise the matter with police - maybe that doesn't happen enough.

One (idiot) local head teacher has been categoric with me in the past - kids from schools DON'T cause trouble outside of the catchment area of the school they attend! When challenged to then put that absurd assertion in writing for me to stick on here etc, obviously he didn't - we are sometimes up against that logic though it seems.

(As a bargaining chip with Teaching Unions in negotiations I'd threaten that Ofsted will now ask security guards in local shopping malls and local bus drivers what the kids are like - no amount of deliberately sending troublesome kids on holidays during the inspection etc would sort that one out)

"Neo Conservatives are just Liberals who got mugged" - US political proverb.

Actually though, 65 million years ago, giant reptiles - dinosaurs - DID roam this planet.

Our MP Jack Dromey becomes Shadow Police Minister in Ed Miliband reshuffle -

Burglar Carl Anderson jailed for crushing PC Peter McGinn in Erdington
burglar who crushed a police officer as he tried to stop him driving off after a break-in has been jailed. PC Peter McGinn, 44, suffered leg and hip injuries and needed surgery after hitting a lamppost in Birmingham at about 35mph.

Carl Anderson, 50, of Aston, admitted wounding with intent and was jailed for 12 years at Birmingham Crown Court. Anderson also admitted 12 burglaries, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and without insurance. West Midlands Police said PC McGinn had been called to a shed break-in in Compton Road in Erdington in June 2013.

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Alleged speeding on Jarvis Road. From a resident;

"On the 9th of September I had my car parked at Jarvis Rd, sometime in the evening a car crashed into my front wing and caused a lot of damage and drove off, I did not realise until the following day. I reported it to the Police but they did not really seem interested and did not take any information from me.

I have noticed cars speeding up and down Jarvis Rd a lot and I guess there must be others who have damaged cars on a regular basis. Only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt I guess."

Allegations Of Identity Theft Attempts In The Area Via Going Through Bin Bags
An allegation has come in of people going through pavement bin-bags on Sundays looking for Bank Statements and Gas Bills etc in order to commit Identity Theft. Put your bags out as late as possible and shred or pulp finance documents etc -

ARMED police sent to Edwards Road in Erdington following a fracas - Sunday August 4th -

Gravelly Lane Arsonist Jailed
A woman who set fire to her home in Gravelly Lane and threatened to slit her ex-partner’s throat has been jailed for four and half years. Judge William Davis QC told Chanel Allen: “You are certainly somebody who presents a danger to the public for some time to come.” -

Burnt Out Car In Short Heath Park - Gone
Turned upside down and left more or less in the centre of the park. Has now gone.

Murder In Gravelly Hill - Guilty Verdict -

Anthony Brown murder: Erdington man jailed for life -

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership Victims Commission Consultation -

Police Release CCTV To Trace Marsh Lane Gun Attack Suspects

CCTV image

Monday 17/6/2013 -

Man Charged In Gravelly Hill Crash Remanded In Custody
Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen the incident between the Fiat Brava car and a transit van at around 1.30am to call the collision investigations unit on 101 -

Gravelly Hill residents told the Sutton Observer that there had been plans in the past to widen the A5127, where the incident occurred. A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council confirmed that in 2010, residents had been consulted with over whether or not to widen a junction on the road. But the scheme was "withdrawn following the introduction of the current government's austerity measures", they claimed -

(I myself have raised that issue before - and have suggested closing right-turns into Kingsbury Road to from-city traffic and opening up right-turns into Wheelwright Road instead which then leads to Kingsbury Road. That way drivers wouldn't be confused nor held up)

Thug Who Threw Cat Into Bleak Hill Recreation Ground Stream Hunted By RSPCA
A Good Samaritan rescued the cat after watching in horror as a man got out of his car and hurled it into the water in Bleak Hill Road, Erdington. The incident happened at about 9pm on June 19, and the RSPCA is appealing for help to trace the man who was driving a black Vauxhall Astra -

Newman Road sealed off by cops after dad staged rooftop protest over housing row (Thu 13/6/2013) -

Thugs smashed the back window of a Honda Civic parked on Wood End Road at 12.30am (morning of Thu 13/6/2013) and set it alight -

Man Charged With Attempted Murder Of Police Officer Hit By Car In Erdington
The 44-year-old police officer injured in the incident is in a serious but stable condition in hospital after suffering multiple fractures in the collision in Oval Road, Erdington, on Friday (7/6/2013). Officers were originally called to Compton Road in Erdington at about 3pm on Friday, following a report of a shed break-in.

Cayton Grove Chase (Topcroft Estate)
Police with a dog were chasing suspects on foot into Short Heath Park, the Court Lane Allotments and nearby front and back gardens in a chase spotted going on in the cul-de-sac Cayton Grove around 2am on Tuesday morning 4/6/2013. Where the chase started from or if they caught them I've no idea, nor what it was about either I'm afraid.

Guthrum Close (Off Court Lane) Now Gated
I don't know of any current crime or anti-social behaviour etc there (the cul-de-sac by The Greyhound pub) but it is now gated.

65 Bus Attacked - Slade Road
A to-city 65 bus was parked by the railway bridge on Slade Road with 2 smashed windows - Saturday 18/5/2013 around 6.20pm. Looked like it had been vandalised rather than it had been involved in an accident. The passengers had all got off and were waiting for the next one. So if you were waiting somewhere along the route expecting that damaged one to arrive, that was the story.

Appeal For Witnesses After Pensioner Robbed - Wylde Green
The 73-year-old woman was targeted on Little Green Lanes in Wylde Green at around 10am on Monday 15 April. A man snatched her bag as she got into her car next to the Spar and Post Office car park, pulling so hard that the strap broke. He then ran off to a waiting car parked on Little Green Lanes, before driving off on to Birmingham Road, mounting the pavement to get away.

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Letzgo Hunting - Paedophile Trackers
Letzgo Hunting is a new dedicated group of individuals who make it their business to flush out devious and unscrupulous individuals like paedophiles and child molesters, or anyone who may be a threat to children. They insist they work within the constraints of the law to expose and publicise such people and bring them to justice using the power of the Internet and video cameras.

Website -

I was deliberating about whether to place them here and on the Links etc, but Sky News and The Sutton Observer newspaper then prominently mentioned them anyway - making inclusion a moot point.

(Remember - actively creating temptation WILL be cited by the Defence barrister in Mitigation of any crime then committed - i.e. capturing them using THAT method will automatically result in a LESSER sentence in Court).

And stating arguments about forcing Westminster to do stuff to counter that situation in Court etc ignores the reality of wider power-machinations at Westminster which govern all sorts of things.

(e.g. David Blunkett saying that he'd categorically sort Date Rape knowing that saying that WOULD be widely reported when his subsequent inevitable failure would NOT be reported at all - and Jack Straw also saying he'd sort Death By Dangerous Driving again knowing that saying that WOULD again be widely reported when his subsequent inevitable failure would NOT be reported too - etc etc etc. Each reckoning that once Labour were dumped out you'll have forgotten those failed pledges after 5 years of Tory Cameron anyway - Cameron figuring the same the other way around when HE now makes pledges too of course)

Cannabis Raid - Baldmoor Lane Road
Cops sniff out cannabis plants during operation. Click the link for the details.

Man Found Guilty Of Murdering A Woman In Erdington In Frenzied Knife Attack
The mum-of-four died after being stabbed 37 times by crazed Brian Mason. Her body then lay undiscovered for four days at his home in Croydon Road, Erdington. Mason was charged with murder but the case was delayed due to mental health examinations. Psychiatrists concluded he was suffering from a disorder called schizotypal and that he was fit to stand trial.

More -

Two Arrested Following Drugs Raids In Erdington
THOUSANDS of pounds worth of cannabis has been seized after two warrants were executed in Erdington (Tuesday 19 March). Acting on information from the public, Birmingham Police’s Priorities Team raided the first house at just after 6am in Short Heath Road where 39 mature plants were discovered, along with a large quantity of cannabis in the process of drying out and almost ready for distribution.

A second warrant was executed by the team later in the afternoon in Welland Grove where eight plants were found.

More -

Man Fought Off Cash Machine Attackers - Stockland Green
CCTV images of two men suspected of attacking a man in Erdington have been released by police. The 56-year-old man fought off two robbers as they attacked him after he had used a cash machine outside the post office in Slade Road on Monday, January 14.

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The Ladbrokes betting shop on the corner of Johnson Road and Station Road in Erdington.

TWO members of staff were assaulted and threatened with a "hand gun" during a terrifying armed robbery in Erdington on Sunday evening (January 13th 2013).

If you have any information about the incident which you think could help the police, they want to hear from you. Officers are appealing for witnesses to contact them using the non-emergency 101 number.

More -

Erdington Resident Seriously Attacked In Wales "For Being English"

Two Members Of Gun And Machete Gang Jailed For 15 Years
Four men burst into an address in Tyburn Road in Erdington, brandishing the weapons at adults and children before making off with a car worth £15,000 -

Thieves Steal BMX Bike Christmas Present On Christmas Day - Trident Close - Update
Heartless thieves have been branded ‘scumbags’ after stealing a seven-year-old boy’s new bike on Christmas Day. Ryan Rose had only ridden the BMX once before it was snatched from a communal area at his Trident Close home in Erdington (off Gravelly Lane).

More -

Update - After reading about the theft in the Birmingham Mail, several people came forward offering to pay for a new one -

St Edmund Campion School Teacher Sent Home For Brandishing A Knife In Class
Details -

Teenager Stabbed - Wood End Lane (By Six Ways) - Tuesday 4th December
POLICE have launched an investigation after a teenager was stabbed in the stomach in Erdington. A 14-year-old boy was stabbed just before 4pm on Wood End Lane, he was rushed to hospital and received treatment for the wound.

His condition is described as stable and he is expected to make a full recovery. Police are now appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or saw the argument before to come forward -

Unsolved Hare And Hounds 2008 Murder - Marsh Hill - Yet Another Appeal
The police and relatives have made a fresh appeal over this local unsolved murder. From the Birmingham Mail website at

More Than 4,000 Homes Without A Phone-Line After Metal Thieves Strike In Erdington
BT engineers working flat out as vandals strip copper off four telephone cables at BT’s Erdington exchange -

Park Incident - Man Hands Himself In To Police
From West Midlands Police;

"A MAN whose photo was issued by detectives investigating a suspicious incident in an Erdington park, has handed himself into police. The 42-year-old local man saw his photo in a local newspaper after officers appealed to the public for help identifying the man.

The appeal followed an allegation made by two 12-year-olds that a man had approached them while playing on Bleakhill Recreation Ground on Streetly Road and asked them inappropriate questions. Concerned by the nature of the conversation, one of the pair discreetly took the man’s photograph on his mobile phone.

Following the incident, patrols in the area were increased and significant work was undertaken to trace the man captured on camera. The suspicious incident is alleged to have happened at around 7.30pm on Monday 6 August.

The man, who was arrested on Tuesday 16 October, has since been released on police bail - with strict conditions attached - while enquiries continue."

Unconfirmed Report - We Had A Burglary On Goosemoor Lane Recently
At a house between the Kirkwood Avenue junction and the Bend and on that side. Burglars got in the back and out the same way.

Recent Spate Of Burglaries - Beech Road/Sycamore Road
I got this from a resident;

"I live on Beech Road and was burgled last Thursday (4/10/2012), 3pm-ish. Since then others from down Beech Road have told me how they and another person on Sycamore Rd have been burgled within last week or two. I don't know if you could warn anyone Goosemoor Lane way or in general on your website but with Sunday's chase I am assuming there may well be more in the near future.

They got into to my garden despite having a large German shepherd dog who is not entirely friendly with strangers! Being at that time when there are people on their way to pick up/bring children home it seems extremely blatant. Luckily for me due to a kindly neighbour seeing the burglar enter my property called the police, who were there very quickly but sadly not quick enough."

(If you live by Beech Road etc check any CCTV you have for that date and time - Sunday's chase refers to the below storryy).

Police Were All Over Hardintone Court - Sunday 7/10/2012
A police helicopter was hovering over the area and lots of police cars were in Hardintone Court (the half-built housing development on The Bend). Sunday 7/10/2012 around 5.20pm. I don't know if the place was being burgled or if a police chase ended there etc.

Bus Mugger Gouged Teenager's Eye In Erdington Attack

CCTV of the mugging suspect

DETECTIVES are hunting a teenage bus mugger who gouged a 15-year-old’s eye when he refused to hand over his phone. The suspect is wanted for the vicious robbery, which happened on the 905 bus as it travelled from the city centre through Gravelly Hill in Erdington between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on September 9.

Read More -

Goosemoor Lane Substation Burgled Yet Again
Once again the substation opposite Bowling Green Close has been raided for metal etc, I don't know if anything was taken from inside though.

As of last week (September 2012) the door was open again - is closed now though.

This is part of a national epidemic of course, demand in India and China rocketing the price.

Erdington Man Praised By Police
AN Erdington man who tracked down a violent robber has been hailed as "extremely brave and courageous" by a police superintendent.

Yasser Hussain, aged 30, witnessed a man violently grab a woman from behind, wrenching a handbag from her grip.

And when the crook ran away, brave Yasser took it upon himself to pursue him, which led to the robber dropping the bag and running away;

More -

Erdington Man In Appeal For Stolen Mini - Short Heath Road/Norfolk Road
DRIVER Mark Appleby’s Mini love affair turned into a major trauma – when thieves made off with his beloved car. The 22-year-old spent £2,000 transforming his 1989 motor into his dream set of wheels – only for crooks to steal it from outside his home in Short Heath Road, Erdington

More -

Violent Pype Hayes Burglar Jailed
A FORMER Walsall footballer has been jailed for a violent burglary in which a mother and her two young children were threatened with a hammer.

Shylo Thomas was among three men who kicked their way into an Erdington home before smashing down a bedroom door behind which the young mum was hiding with her children, aged just four and six.

Read More -

Stolen From New Oscott Cemetery - Sunday 19th August 2012
From a notice placed locally;

"Beige leather handbag. Containing HTC phone and items of sentimental value including engraved Rosary beads. If any items are found please call 07947 045 639 - no questions asked. We just want their safe return - thank you."

Court Farm Day Centre Burgled
The small hall on Tedbury Crescent next to the school, between Sunday afternoon 8/7/2012 and Monday morning 9/7/2012 the secure enclosed compound was entered and one of the wooden outer sheds had its wooden door broken down. Only odds and ends etc were in there, so little if anything was taken from inside. Police have been informed.

Goosemoor Lane Substation Burgled Again
Once again the substation opposite Bowling Green Close has been raided for metal etc, I don't know if anything was taken from inside though.

As of today (Thursday) the door is still open.

This is part of a national epidemic of course, demand in India and China rocketing the price.

(Sorry to sound like Chairman Mao - but if everyone in the country and Europe etc dug, turned, and raked our back gardens and recycled all the found metal would it dip the metal prices at least for a few months/years to deter thieves nicking it from elsewhere whilst any new measures were then brought in? I find enough old metal in my garden doing that and put it out for recycling. I believe the global price of copper dipped in early 2003 when all the copper phone-lines in Baghdad were looted!)

Two In Custody For Attempted Burglary - Witton Lodge Road
Red more -

Tributes Paid To Erdington Mum-Of-Two Lynda Jackson Who Was Found Strangled At Her Home - Court Lane
From the Birmingham Mail at;

A BIRMINGHAM head teacher has paid tribute to a member of staff who was strangled at her home in Erdington. Lynda Jackson, aged 56, was found at her house in Court Lane on Tuesday morning (8/5/2012) after police were called in by the ambulance service. The mum-of-two was pronounced dead at the scene and a 60-year-old man, who was found with injuries at the address, remains in a critical condition in hospital. A murder investigation has been launched, although police said they were not looking for anyone else at this stage.

A post mortem examination revealed that Mrs Jackson, who worked as a teaching assistant at Hodge Hill Sports and Enterprise College, died as a result of strangulation. Marie McMahon, head teacher at Hodge Hill Sports and Enterprise College, said: “Lynda was a talented and well respected colleague. She was loved by staff and pupils alike and she will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with her family at this time.”

Police forced down the door of the family home but nothing could be done to save Mrs Jackson. A friend, who did not want to be named, said: “Lynda was a lovely kind lady, whose eyes sparkled when she chatted to you.

“She always enjoyed a laugh and a joke. She was full of fun and very kind to others. She was adored by pupils at Hodge Hill School.”

A former neighbour, calling himself Stuart, posted a message to the Birmingham Mail website. He said:

“Shocking news. Stephen and Lynda were our next door neighbours for more 20 years before we moved to Devon. It’s very hard to believe what has happened. They were an ideal family with a son and daughter. Total shock.”

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “I didn’t know her, but I did see her about. As a family they kept themselves to themselves.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said officers will remain in the vicinity for the foreseeable future and will be on hand to offer reassurance to any residents affected by the incident.

Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder After Erdington House Fire - Church Road (Off The High Street)
Read More -

Dead Body Found In Burned-Out Car In Scrapyard - Gravelly Lane - Foul Play Ruled Out
(This has been found to be a suicide - more details to come - see the News Page)

Another Of The Barnett Clan Erstwhile Of Goosemoor Lane Jailed
This time for armed-robbery -

Convicted Erdington Killer Released Early Is Back Behind Bars After Biting Face Of Baby
Read More -

Man Sentenced To Six Years Following Goosemoor Lane Robbery
From West Midlands Police at

`A 32 year-old man has been sentenced to six years imprisonment after pleading guilty to robbery at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday 24 January). Wayne Weir, of no fixed abode, was arrested by officers investigating a street robbery which occurred in Erdington last year. On Tuesday 25 October 2011 an elderly man was attacked and had cash stolen from him on Goosemoor Lane shortly after 7pm.

The victim was repeatedly kicked to the head, face and chest, before having £300 in cash stolen, savings that he had withdrawn earlier that day. This unprovoked attack was committed with such ferocity that the victim was hospitalised for several days as a result of his injuries.

Investigating officers were able to secure CCTV footage that showed Weir leaving a pub behind the victim, and a short time later witnesses to the attack on Goosemoor Lane provided descriptions of a man fitting his appearance. Weir was arrested soon after and charged with robbery. On Tuesday 24 January 2012 he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court where he was sentenced to six years.

Detective Constable Emma Howes from the CID at Sutton Coldfield police station said:

"Thankfully the man has since made a full recovery and the six years handed to his attacker will hopefully come as some comfort to him. We'd like to thank the witnesses whose evidence helped us bring the offender for this crime to justice."'

Birmingham Man's Eight-Year Sentence For Hammer Attack On Friend - Johnson Road

`A DRUG addict who carried out a “horrific” hammer attack against a friend at his Birmingham home has been sent to detention for eight years. Jake Bird repeatedly struck Terrance Dale with the weapon, leaving the victim with multiple injuries including a fractured skull. Judge Michael Cullum said the victim, who was hit 15 to 20 times, spent 12 days in hospital as a result of his injuries.

Bird, 20, of Johnson Road, Erdington, had previously admitted wounding with intent, possessing an offensive weapon, taking a vehicle without consent and two charges of burglary. He asked for six other burglaries to be taken into consideration.

Claire Harris, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said Mr Dale was attacked last August outside his home in Station Road, Erdington. While he was speaking with a neighbour three men including the defendant, who Mr Dale knew, “charged” towards him. One of the group demanded money and when Mr Dale refused Bird came at him with the hammer. The attack lasted for about two minutes. As well as the skull fracture the victim suffered fractures to his nose, eye socket and finger.

Jessica Clarke, defending, said of the attack on Mr Dale, that it was a toxic mixture of a slight personality disorder and use of drugs that had created a ‘perfect storm’.

Driver Jailed After Fatal Ridgeway Crash
A DISQUALIFIED driver who was behind the wheel in a fatal Erdington crash has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail. Levi Joseph Melbourne, aged 23 of Caversham Road, Kingstanding, was driving a white Subaru Impreza on The Ridgeway in February last year when he lost control and the vehicle overturned.

His passenger, Leon Williams, 27, from Kingstanding, was declared dead at the scene. Melbourne was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday (January 23) after being charged with causing death by dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving with no insurance.

"Following his arrest Melbourne denied that he was the driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident," Sergeant David Lawrence, from Force Traffic said. "But with forensic evidence proving that he was driving he eventually pleaded guilty. We hope today's result comes as some comfort to the friends and family of Leon Williams who was killed in such tragic circumstances."

More Prowlers/Burglars At Night - Goosemoor Lane
We had this last January too in the same place (see further down the Crime Page). This time only attempts.
Operating very late at night from the alleyway at the back of the houses on the even-side which stretch from the Top Croft junction up to about number 160 Goosemoor Lane. That rear alley is gated but is not absolutely secure.

Murder - Croydon Road
We've had a murder in Croydon Road in Erdington (by Wheelwright Road) with a charged suspect now remanded in custody;

5 Days In August - The Riots In 2011
"Our remit was to listen to views of communities and victims about the riots. We launched a call for evidence on 16 September 2011. Since then, we have visited 21 areas and spoken with thousands of people who were affected by the riots and some who were not.

We have sought views via radio phone-ins, Twitter, newspaper articles, our website and blog and in public meetings in some of the worst affected areas."

Four Erdington Men Jailed For Life - Murder Of Kingstanding Shopkeeper
Read More -

Recent Goosemoor Lane Resident Guilty Of Armed Robberies - Long Sentences
From the West Midlands Police at

`Three men have today (Friday 2/12/2011) been sentenced to a total of 41 years following a series of robberies in Sutton Coldfield and Pheasey.

Larry Barnett, aged 25, of Goosemoor Lane; Ashley Atkins, aged 25, from Hastings Road; and 19-year-old Luke Dawes, of Blyth Grove; were convicted of conspiracy to commit armed robberies, possession of a shotgun, possession of a firearm, possession of a prohibited article, namely a Taser gun, and possession of a firearm with the intention of causing fear or alarm.

The decision followed a nine-day trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court which ended on October 7.

Atkins and Barnett were sentenced to 15 years and five years to run concurrently for possession of a firearm. Dawes was sentenced to 11 years and five years to run concurrently for possession of a firearm.

On 21 February the three had broken into a house in College Road, Sutton Coldfield, threatened the occupant with a Taser and made off with the car.

Half an hour later they committed a similar robbery at an address in Doe Bank Lane, Pheasey, this time stealing a BMW.

The following morning, officers traced one of the cars to where the group had left it in Kingstanding Road.

When the offenders returned around lunchtime on 22 February in a taxi, police pounced to stop them, following an operation involving firearm officers.

Dawes was immediately arrested in the vehicle whilst the other two fled. After a foot chase Barnett was arrested. Atkins was arrested later that week after being identified and having DNA linked to him.

The three had a sawn-off shotgun and were all wearing bullet-proof vests.

Acting Det Insp Steve Walters who has been investigating said:

"The three were clearly about to commit a crime of some description, but some really fast detective work allowed us not only stop them but arrest them and bring them to justice."'

(Note - various members of the Barnett family were forever mentioned on the Crime Page but the family is no longer resident in Goosemoor Lane).

Robbery - Hairy Lemon Pub - Erdington High Street
Detectives in north Birmingham have released CCTV images of a man they would like to trace as part of an investigation into a robbery.

On Monday 24 October 2011 a man had property stolen from him in the Hairy Lemon Public House on Erdington High Street -

More Details Re A Recent Local Assault
A man and his partner were attacked by a group of youths in Short Heath Park - Wednesday 5/10/2011 around 7pm. Police were alerted.

(An unconfirmed report says police made several arrests).

The victims have preferred to remain anonymous but one has sent this in;

"I and my wife were criminally assaulted by a gang of youths on the park as we walked our two Staffordshire Bull terriers. My wife was punched in the face prompting me to approach the gang anxious for the safety of my partner. They then leapt on me, punching and kicking me about the body and face.

So badly was I hurt that I spend several hours until the early morning, at Good Hope Hospital having my face scanned. Both I and the duty doctor believed my jaw had been broken. Thankfully, it wasn't, just very severely bruised.

Both the police officers who attended the incident - whom I cannot praise enough for their quick response, true professionalism and empathy - and my friends have described the attack as totally unprovoked and an example of sheer mindless thuggery.

I apologise for not passing on my personal name and details but I feel publicizing such would increase pressure on both of us and make us more nervous about the repercussions.

With every best wish,

An anonymous reader."

Gravelly Lane Chef Jailed For Robbery
From the Birmingham Mail;

"AN OUT of work chef who robbed a woman of her handbag on the campus of Birmingham University has been jailed for three years.

Angus Knight, who had worked in three and four star hotels, lost his last job after falling out with his employer.

The 34-year-old attacked the woman on September 1 as his victim made her way across a car park in the middle of the day.

Knight, of Gravelly Lane, Erdington, admitted a charge of robbery.

Shenaz Muzaffer, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said Jill Gallivan had parked at the rear of the student's union, when she was pushed from behind.

She fell to her hands and knees and her bag was ripped from her.

She and a witness then chased after Knight but lost sight of him.

She reported the incident to security staff and one of them found Knight, who tried to escape by climbing over a wall, dropping a plastic bag containing the victim's purse.

Knight was later detained and Miss Gallivan's handbag was discovered in men's toilets."

Robbery - Tyburn Road
DETECTIVES are appealing for information after a robbery at a betting shop in Erdington last month. Two offenders entered Ladbrokes on Tyburn Road at around 8:50pm on Saturday 10 September -

Recent But Unconfirmed Account Of A Local Assault
"Just to let you know a member of the public was assaulted at 4pm today (Friday 7 October 2011) on a northbound cross-city line train. The assailant ran off the train and turned right onto Station Road. The police are aware of the incident."

Two Quizzed Over Assault - Six Ways
From the Birmingham Mail;

`POLICE in Birmingham are continuing to investigate how a man suffered life-threatening head injuries at an address in Erdington yesterday morning (Sunday 2/10/2011).

Officers were called to Summer Road at 10.40am after the man was discovered on the pavement in a pool of blood.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of assault and continue to be questioned by police.

The casualty, who has not been named, was still critically ill in hospital last night after he was taken by paramedics to hospital with serious head injuries.

Officers placed a cordon around several homes in Summer Road, near to the junction with Sutton New Road, while they investigated and conducted door-to-door inquiries.

Inspector Jason Bonser said:

"We were called to an address in Summer Road where a man was found with a serious head injury described as life-threatening. Investigations are ongoing."

Witnesses are asked to call police on 0345 113 5000, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.'

Grass Burnt Between The Top Croft And Jarvis Road Estates
An annual problem, a patch of the tall dry grass covering that area has been set on fire again.

Rioting - Statement From Cllr Robert Alden (Erdington) - Deputy Leader Of Birmingham Conservative Group
"The trouble that started in London at the weekend and has spiralled out in copy-cat cases across the country is completely and utterly unacceptable. We must be clear that the people responsible for this have carried out quite deliberate and serious crimes against society and there must be brought to justice. The Police have now appealed for information and I strongly urge any resident of Birmingham who knows anything about the people involved to come forward to the Police on the details they have provided on their Website:-"

Anyone who recognises any of the individuals in the images is urged to ring free phone number 0800 096 0095 or local rate 0207 158 0125 alternatively, e-mail


"We owe a debt of gratitude to every single Police officer who is out on our streets working to protect residents and Businesses while this trouble occurs. They are putting their safety on the line to protect us and we should never forget that. We should also be very thankful for the quick work done by the City Council staff through the night and this morning to get the city cleaned up and open for business.

It was and is vital that Birmingham stays open for business to protect residents jobs and livelihoods and to show these mindless thugs that this kind of behaviour cannot and will not win or bring this great city to its knees. Thanks should also go to the vast majority of Birmingham's residents who not only condemn the actions taken by this small minority, but also for all the work they have done helping clean up the mess left on Birmingham's Streets.

I have spoken with the Council Leader Mike Whitby and the Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Tilsley earlier today and they have agreed to arrange a meeting of all Councillors with the Police to ensure that the Council and the Police continue to do all that they can do to protect local residents and show that Birmingham is open for Business.

I urge all Councillors to be out in their Communities reassuring residents. I know many have I like I was today on Erdington High Street, been out talking to residents, Constituency Engineers and shop-keepers as well as Local Police ensuring that there is no panic.

Finally let me be clear the behaviour of these thugs in Birmingham and the Country as a whole is totally and utter unacceptable. When the dust settles I fully expect them to be caught and punished for their mindless acts of violence and theft".

email -

Perry Common Community Watch -

Local Streetwatch schemes (Calthorpe, Cannon Hill, Highgate, Wake Green),

Street Pastors -

Relevant TV shows;

Tonight Special: Taking Back the Streets, ITV 1, 7.30pm, Wednesday -

Why Are They Rioting? - Sky News, 8pm, Thursday -

Question Time - BBC 1, 10.35pm, Thursday, -

Two Sentenced For Attempted Shop Robbery - Gravelly Lane
From West Midlands Police;

"TWO MEN were jailed for nine years at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday following a failed armed robbery in Erdington.

Fabian Edwards, 18 year-old and from Erdington, was sentenced to five and a half years for attempt robbery and possession of an imitation firearm.

Daniel Broderick, 17 years-old and also from Erdington, was handed a three and a half year sentence for his involvement in the attempted robbery.

Shortly after 1.30pm on Friday 1 April, the pair entered a shop on Gravelly Lane, Erdington with the intention of stealing money. Both had disguised their identity with scarves and hooded tops, and Edwards was carrying an imitation handgun.

While inside the shop Edwards threatened a female customer and hit the shopkeeper around the head with the handgun as he demanded cash from him. However the shopkeeper bravely fought back and the struggle spilled out onto the street.

At the same time PC Alan Reeves and PC Len Kelly from Sutton Coldfield police station were driving by the shop in an unmarked police car. On seeing the struggle the officers jumped out of the car and after a struggle PC Reeves arrested Broderick.

Edwards fled the scene in possession of the handgun. Despite knowing he was armed PC Kelly gave chase through nearby gardens as colleagues rushed to the scene to secure the area. Edwards was soon arrested.

Officers were able to recover the firearm and items of clothing he had tried to discard.

Both men pleaded guilty their involvement in the offence at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday 27 June.

Detective Constable Phil Caldwell from the force's CID department, who led the investigation, said: "The sentences handed out by the court today reflect the serious nature of this incident.

"These two men tried to use fear, violence and intimidation for financial gain. However what they had not taken into account that day was the bravery shown by the shopkeeper and the arresting officers."

Commenting on the sentences Acting Superintendent Richard Youds from Birmingham North local policing unit said:

"Putting the safety of a member of public before their own, PC Kelly and PC Reeves showed great bravery and determination to catch two violent individuals. Officers nearby assisted by containing a large area which not only led to an arrest but the recovery of vital evidence. Detectives were then able to use this evidence to secure today's result, concluding some great work by a number of police departments. I would also like to pay tribute to the actions of the shop keeper. His bravery matched that of our officers and I hope today's result comes as some comfort to him. The message following this result is simple. Officers and those living in or working in the area we police will not tolerate those individuals who try to engage in criminal activity. Those ignoring this message will be caught and can expect similar sentences."

Sex Attack - Erdington - Police Appeal For Witnesses
Police investigating a sexual-assault are appealing for a passer-by to come forward and help with the investigation. Whilst cycling along a canal towpath somewhere between Wood Lane and Holly Lane in Erdington at around 6.30pm on Tuesday 21 June, a 36 year-old woman was approached by a male cyclist.

The man pushed the woman over into some nettles and assaulted her.

When the woman shouted that there was somebody else coming, the offender stopped and made his escape.

The passer-by stopped and helped the woman up before carrying on along the canal.

Officers from the Public Protection Unit at Sutton Coldfield are keen to trace both the helpful passer-by, as well as the offender.

Det Sgt Paul Edge from the Public Protection Unit said:

"The man who helped the victim is very likely to have seen the attacker, and so we would like to talk to him to see if there is any information that he has that might help us identify the offender. There were also some men fishing nearby who may have seen the attacker. I would ask them, and anybody else who may have seen the offender on the canal to get in touch with us."

The offender is described as:

An Asian or mixed race male, aged 17 to 19, five feet seven inches tall, slim build, short brown hair, which is curly on the top, facial spots and a pointy chin, riding a silver bike.

Anybody with information is asked to contact the Public Protection Unit at Sutton Coldfield Police Station on 0345 113 5000.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

(That area is by the Tyburn Oil Depot and that big Chinese restaurant on Bromford Lane - around about there. That stretch of canal).

Woman Jailed For Biting Hole In Victim's Cheek During Violent Attack - Cross Keys Pub - Station Road
From the Birmingham Mail at

`A WOMAN has been jailed for five years after she bit a hole in another female’s cheek when she attacked her at a Birmingham pub. Kerry Wickson, aged 32, attacked the woman outside the Cross Keys Pub, in High Street, Erdington, in the early hours of November 26 last year.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that a dispute took place outside the venue between several pub-goers. The victim of the attack went outside to see what was going on and was confronted by Wickson who began arguing with her,

Madhu Rai, Crown Advocate for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"She was then punched in the face and arms which made her fall to the ground. At this stage, Ms Wickson climbed on top of the victim and deliberately lent forward and bit off a piece of her cheek."

She added: "This was an extremely violent and unprovoked assault on a woman who was simply enjoying a night out with her friends. The attack has left the victim extremely traumatised, and due to the extent of her injuries, a skin graft was needed on her cheek, but she is still left with a permanent scar."

Wickson was arrested at the scene of the attack and was later charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. She pleaded guilty to the offence on May 18 and was sentenced to five-years’ imprisonment.

Madhu Rai added:

"We hope that the five year sentence imposed on Ms Wickson acts as a deterrent to others from committing such vicious and mindless acts. In this case, alcohol clearly played a part in the attack and has had devastating consequences for both the victim and the defendant."

Edmund Campion School Rape Allegation - Erdington - Not Guilty Verdict
Erdington teacher Matthew Fludgate says life has been destroyed by rape claims. A BIRMINGHAM PE teacher cleared of raping a girl following a party has spoken of how the allegations have destroyed his life;

Read More

Anstey Brick Wall Hit AGAIN - The 5th Time Now I Reckon (June 2011)
Another day, another car-crash on The Bend. This time it hit a tree on the pavement actually. It looks from skid-marks etc like the car came down from the Kirkwood Avenue direction and lost control on The Bend and hit the 1st tree on the Odd-side grass verge once just around the corner. Lots of headlight broken glass etc there.

More Nicked Manhole Covers - Bowling Green Close
A national crime problem this of course, large iron man-hole covers etc being stolen for their scrap value (India and China gobbling it all up). 2 more large man-hole covers are missing in Bowling Green Close, near the Goosemoor Lane junction (to go with the two other nicked from the same location on the other side of that road recently). The Council will replaced them - with ones not made of metal!

Teen Found Guilty Of Murder Of Student Yajay Sudra - Marsh Lane
From the Birmingham Mail;

`A TEENAGE killer will be locked up for life for leaving a "gentle" shop worker to die in his mother’s arms after stabbing him through the heart. Lamah Prince went out to buy some chips but ended up knifing 21-year-old Yajay Sudra as he tried to grab the victim’s bag, which contained a laptop computer.

Mr Sudra staggered the short distance to his home but collapsed and died on the doorstep in his mother Varsha’s arms.

Judge Mr Justice Flaux lifted a ban on naming 16-year-old Prince after a Birmingham Crown Court jury found him guilty of murder following more than six hours of deliberations.

Adjourning sentence, he described Mr Sudra’s death as a "completely mindless killing". He said Prince would be locked up for life but he had yet to decide how long he would serve before being considered for parole.

After the verdict, Mr Sudra’s mother said: "I will never see my baby Jay again but now I know he will rest in peace."

And his sister, Sonya Sudra-Abbotts, spoke of her heartbreak at losing her brother, who also had another older sister. She said:

"He was just a beautiful person, a free soul, such a gentle guy, happy-go-lucky, just the best. We were just overjoyed at the jury’s verdict. We could not have got a better result. Since his death it has been tough on us all. Every day has been a struggle. We have no answers as to why this happened to somebody as innocent as Jay. It’s not going to bring him back but we can move on with our lives knowing we have got justice, which is what we wanted."

The court heard Mr Sudra, a Wolverhampton University graphic design student, was fatally wounded near his home in Marsh Lane, Erdington, on July 9 last year.

He had just finished a late shift at WH Smith’s Birmingham Airport branch, where he had recently started working.

James Curtis QC, prosecuting, said Prince, of Crowther Road, Erdington, "crossed the road, fell in step with the victim, closed in on him from behind and pounced, knife in hand".

Det Insp Paul Joyce said: "The family have been through a terrible ordeal. The murder was horrific, although these kind of cases are extremely rare. It was an extremely challenging case because we did not have any eyewitnesses. What it does demonstrate is that, through working with the community, offenders will be brought to justice. The response we had from the community and the wider public was really positive and I would like to thank everyone for their efforts.Our thoughts are now with the family during this difficult time."

Baroness Newlove's Report: Our Vision for Safe and Active Communities
The government’s Champion for Active Safer Communities, Baroness Newlove, has detailed what residents, businesses, local agencies and central government can do to begin a generational shift in the country’s approach to activism and tackling neighbourhood crime.

The report, ‘Our Vision for Safe and Active Communities’, calls for a change of culture so neighbourhoods no longer see crime, antisocial behaviour (ASB) and disorder as ‘someone else’s problem’; and for services to go beyond simply asking communities what their problems are and see them as equal partners in resolving those issues.

Recommendations - Baroness Newlove’s recommendations for local areas to take forward include:

'Community Reward' – where information provided by the community leads to a conviction the community is given a reward to spend on crime prevention work

'Bling Back' – where money made from selling local drug dealers’ assets is handed back to the neighbourhood they blighted

Letting communities set their own local speed limits

Taking crime maps to the next level so people can use them to report crime and ASB and agencies can publish details of what action was taken against offenders

Giving the public a single point of contact through the roll out of the 101 number to report ASB

Providing council tax rebates, or vouchers for local businesses and services, for people who take part in activism

Asking Police and Crime Commissioners to commit at least one per cent of their budget to grass roots community groups to use or have a say on

More -

North Block Door Broken

The security-door to this Topcroft Road maisonette block is broken - reported.

Wolverhampton Double Murder: Police Batter Down Wrong Door On The Lyndhurst Estate
In trying to solve a very serious crime, it appears that police initially raided the wrong house in Erdington;

Another arrest was then made nearby - the police themselves will already be aware that raiding the WRONG house in such circumstances risks alerting occupants of the RIGHT house if they are nearby at the time.

3 men have now been charged with murder;

Attempted Theft Of Copper Wire - Electricity Substation - Goosemoor Lane

The one opposite the Bowling Green Close junction. The interior door at the front was left ajar by intruders when it's normally locked shut of course. I don't know how they got in, the door seen open on Easter Saturday, but the padlocked-gate on the outer iron fence was still intact. Central Networks etc were made aware. Nothing was taken (apparently no copper wire is in there). Apparently not a unique case either, police may want to contact Central Networks to find out how widespread this issue is.

Back in around December 2010 the door at the back was left open too, the issue was placed on the News Page then, looks more like a crime now though.

Certainly any intruder going into there risks death as well as blacking out the area - utterly brainless.

Pensioner Set Perry Common OAP Home On Fire - Christmas 2009 - Recent Arson Conviction
(A recent fatal fire at the same housing complex on
Tuesday 5th April 2011 is being treated as an accident - see the News Page for more on that incident).

From the Birmingham Mail at

`A PENSIONER set an old people’s home ablaze when she used a lighter to burn through the cable on a fibre-optic Christmas tree to put its lights out - because she thought the plug did not work. Five residents at Sycamore Court, in Buxton Road, Erdington, had to be treated for smoke inhalation at hospital as a result of Georgina Hathaway’s actions.

Firefighters’ lives were also put in danger when they called out to rescue the residents during Christmas in 2009.

The 73-year-old, who was among those taken to hospital, caused £112,000 worth of damage to the residential home.

Hathaway admitted a charge of reckless arson at Birmingham Crown Court (in April 2011).

She was sentenced to a two-year community order with a requirement that she reside at an address in Reddicap Heath Road, in Sutton Coldfield, yesterday.

Judge Roderick Henderson told the pensioner:

"You have never been in trouble with the courts before. On the night of Boxing Day, or shortly after that, you did something very foolish in the sense that you put a lighter to some part of a Christmas tree and decorations."

He said that what she did was "immensely dangerous" because there were a number of "vulnerable" people living at the home, with both physical and mental problems, and that she had put fire-fighters’ lives at risk as well.

The judge warned the pensioner that if she ever did anything like this again she would receive a "severe sentence".

But he accepted that she had not intended to cause serious damage or anyone any harm.

Christopher Lester, prosecuting, said that Hathaway was captured on CCTV going to one of the Christmas trees in the Sycamore Court on December 27 and then returning half an hour later.

The blaze then broke out and three fire engines attended at the premises.

"A number of firemen wearing breathing apparatus went into the property to assist people and get them out. In total five people had to be taken to hospital for smoke inhalation including Mrs Hathaway. Fortunately no-one suffered anything worse than that," he said.

Hathaway was arrested and interviewed and said she had tried to turn the lights off of the fibre-optic tree by pulling out a plug.

She said she later returned and because she thought all the lights had not gone out she used a lighter to burn through the Christmas lights cable before going back to her room.

Mr Lester said that the residents had been warned about a problem with the fire-alarm system on December 23.

Mr Lester said it meant doors that were designed to shut if there was a fire could not do so properly and that those living at the home had been warned to be especially vigilant at that time.

He said Christmas decorations had been put up and there were two trees in the lobby areas of the ground and first floor.

Saleema Mahmood, defending, said Hathaway had not foreseen the consequences of her actions.'

West Midlands Fire Service,
Fire Kills,

Armed Robbery Thwarted By Police - Gravelly Lane
From the Birmingham Mail;

"UNARMED officers thwarted a gunpoint-robbery after spotting the raid happening. The bobbies were on patrol in Gravelly Lane, in Erdington, shortly before 2pm yesterday (Friday 1/4/2011) when they stumbled upon the attack.

Police said three men burst into an antiques-store and pistol-whipped a member of staff.

Despite being unarmed, the officers chased after the gang as they fled the store on foot and arrested a 17-year-old youth. Armed-officers were dispatched to the scene along with sniffer-dogs and a short while later a man was stopped by police marksmen and arrested.

A force spokesman said a weapon was recovered.

Acting Supt Richard Youds, from Birmingham North police, praised the bravery of the officers and described their actions as "outstanding work".

"Officers were passing and saw the offence happening, intervening even though they were unarmed themselves," he wrote on social-networking site Twitter.

The member of staff was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment to his injuries.

Adam Cusack Murder In Birches Green In Erdington - Trial Verdict
From the Sutton Observer newspaper -

`A TEENAGE murderer from Erdington was jailed for a minimum of 12 years this week at Birmingham Crown Court for his part in the stabbing of a 21-year-old last summer.

Declan Moore, aged 17, of Firtree Road and 18-year-old Jordan Subhan, of Eyestone Road, Tipton, were convicted of murdering Adam Cusack in Kingsbury Road, Erdington.

Adam died following a single stab wound to the heart in the early hours of Saturday, July 21 last year (2010).

Despite the best efforts of ambulance-crews, Mr Cusack was pronounced dead at the scene.

The pair were also convicted of violent disorder, with Subhan further convicted of section 18 wounding and jailed for a minimum of 14 years. They were sentenced on Monday.

Ross Hinton, aged 18, of Wincanton Croft, in Bromford, was cleared of murder but convicted of violent disorder and was sentenced to three years detention with half of the sentence to be served at a young offenders' institute and half on licence.

Inspector Buck Rogers, from Force CID, said:

"This was a tragic incident where a young man lost his life through the criminal use of a knife. Although those sentenced today will be able to reflect on their actions while serving lengthy custodial sentences for this, it must be remembered a family have lost a loved one and have to live with the consequences of this crime for the rest of their lives - in their eyes, justice will never be served. The sentences given by the court send a clear message that this type of violence will not be tolerated in the city. West Midlands Police are committed to bringing to justice the minority of individuals who mistakenly believe they can act with impunity."


Jordan Subhan was jailed for a minimum of 14 years.

Jordan Subhan was jailed for a minimum of 14 years.


Declan Moore, aged 17,  will serve a minimum of 12 years.

Declan Moore, aged 17, will serve a minimum of 12 years.


Ross Hinton, aged 18, was cleared of murder but convicted of violent disorder.

Ross Hinton, aged 18, was cleared of murder but convicted of violent disorder.

Twitter Row Erdington Councillor Gareth Compton Stands Down
From the Birmingham Mail -

`The Conservative councillor on Birmingham City Council who was suspended after calling for a Muslim-journalist be stoned to death in an ill-conceived joke on social-networking site Twitter will stand down.

The Conservative Party has confirmed that Erdington councillor Gareth Compton, a barrister who lives in Harborne, has decided not to stand in May’s local elections.

It follows the controversial comment Coun Compton made on the social-media site last November, which read:

"Can someone please stone Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to death? I shan’t tell Amnesty if you don’t. It would be a blessing, really."

Despite his swift apology and withdrawal of the comment from the website, he was arrested for the offensive remark and suspended from the Tory Party.

The Crown Prosecution Service investigated but dropped the case in January due to insufficient evidence and Coun Compton took his seat at the city council meeting on February 1, appearing to herald his comeback.

It was a move which split the Birmingham Conservative group, with a number suggesting that he should just go and others backing his return.

And it seemed that the Conservative Party was preparing to reinstate him as candidate for Erdington, when it emerged that he had withdrawn.

A senior Conservative source said:

"Gareth had high level Cabinet support. He is widely respected as one of the most talented councillors in the West Midlands. He made a foolish mistake and he paid a very heavy price for that in terms of personal publicity, and it is not surprising that he has decided to stand down. There are many people in the Conservative Party who know him well and hope he will return before too long."

A party spokesman said Coun Compton’s suspension is likely to be officially lifted and he is expected to continue helping with the party’s campaigning activities.

Coun Compton has, since his arrest, refused to talk to the press. But one senior party member said:

"A few people advised him to stand down, keep his nose clean for a couple years and maybe then consider a comeback."

It is also thought that with the Conservatives flagging in the polls they face a stiff challenge to hold on to Erdington, where Labour last won in 2004.

His replacement has been swift with local candidate Gareth Moore, who stood in Aston last year, stepping in.

Coun Compton’s frontline political career is not the only casualty of the social media revolution and highlights the pitfalls of blogging, tweeting and posting without careful thought.

Last week Tory group leader on Hull City Council John Fareham faced calls to resign after calling people protesting against cuts "retards" in a Twitter rant.

Social media expert Paul Bradshaw, visiting Professor at City University London and senior lecturer in online journalism at Birmingham City University, said politicians needed to understand that comments made using social media services were public.

He said:

"The fundamental issue is saying something stupid in public. It’s not whether it’s said on Twitter or any other public platform such as on television. I don’t think social-media changes things fundamentally in that sense. But politicians could be in danger of making unwise comments on social-media because they forget that anything they say is almost certainly recorded for posterity and can be viewed by the public. Sometimes people have the illusion of intimacy in these media, and they forget that what they are saying can be seen by thousands or millions of people. It can also be taken out of context sometimes."

Pit-Bull Dogs In The Area
I had some idiot owner playing silly beggars with me over on the land between the Jarvis Road and Top Croft Estates recently, and another such dog is a regular nuisance on Cayton Grove. Is this issue being dealt with at all, or are all the dogs somehow known to be legal anyway? There are lots of them about.

Cable-Box Was Busted Open - Goosemoor Lane - Fixed
By the alley on Goosemoor Lane which leads to The Rose And Crown, now repaired.

Guard Hit With Crowbar In Erdington High Street Armed Robbery;
Read More

Erdington Drug Racket Couple Are Put Behind Bars;
Read More

Attempted Murder - Bowling Green Close
From the Birmingham Mail at

Susan Spooner

`A MUM is today fighting for her life after her worried father found her badly battered and close to death in the bedroom of her Birmingham home.

Susan Spooner, aged 53, needed emergency brain surgery after suffering a serious head injury, broken cheekbone, facial injuries and a dislocated shoulder.

Police said she was "lucky" to have survived.

But detectives remained baffled by the attack, which is thought to have happened sometime over the weekend.

There was no sign of a violent struggle or forced entry at her Erdington home and neighbours said they did not hear or see anything suspicious.

Police are working on the assumption Mrs Spooner knew her attacker but they have not ruled out the possibility that she was battered elsewhere and collapsed when she got home.

Det Insp Paul Joyce, who is leading the investigation, said:

"We can’t say with absolute certainty quite when she suffered the injuries, but there’s a possibility she was attacked up to 12 hours before she was found. She was extremely poorly and lucky to still be alive."

Officers have spent the past two days conducting a forensic examination of the scene in Bowling Green Close in the hunt for crucial clues to the incident.

The alarm was raised on Sunday morning when Mrs Spooner failed to turn up for work at a nearby Tesco’s supermarket.

When worried relatives failed to make contact during the day, her elderly father visited the house where he made the shocking discovery at about 8pm on Sunday.

She was last night still in a critical condition in hospital.

Police are treating the incident as attempted murder.

Det Insp Joyce said very little was known about Susan or her lifestyle and urged anyone who knew her or who may have seen her over the last few days to contact police.

He added: "We’re working on the basis that she knew the attacker or was at least comfortable enough to let them into the house. However, we still can’t rule out the possibility she sustained the injuries elsewhere and then either collapsed in the house or was taken there by her attacker. No-one we’ve spoken to so far saw or heard anything suspicious and we’re not aware of any clear motive for this attack."

He added:

"We can’t say with absolute certainty quite when she suffered the injuries, but there’s a possibility she was attacked up to 12 hours before she was found. Very little is known about the victim or who she associates with. We’d like to hear from anyone who may be able to shed light on her movements over the weekend of February 5 and 6."

Website -

Police UK Website - Local Crime Information
The website provides you with helpful information about crime and policing in your area. Simply enter your postcode or street etc into the search-box, and get instant access to street-level crime maps and data, as well as details of your local policing team and beat meetings etc.

I have entered Goosemoor Lane, and this is the specific page which is returned; Ln, Birmingham B23 5, UK

(Somehow that url allows gaps between the characters and commas too etc - but that is the correct and complete url).

The various issues surrounding the website have been widely reported and debated in the mainstream-media, and I won't duplicate that here - except to make one point;

If the police keep arresting persistent-offenders in the area and putting them before Courts which DON'T then hand out deterrent sentences, how does the crime-data then make the police accountable and culpable? In those cases the blame wouldn't lie with the police and it would be unfair to try and blame the police too - they've done their job to the best of their abilities.

(An Abbeyfield Road resident jailed for robbery below)

A PERRY Barr man was among four robbers sentenced this week for grabbing gold jewellery from the necks of female passers-by.

Riyadh Farhaan, of Normandy Close, was convicted of one count of robbery at Stafford Crown Court. The 19-year-old received a 12-month suspended prison sentence and was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community work.

The group of men, all aged under 20, stole gold chains from women in August last year during a crime spree in Handsworth and Aston.

Jewellery was grabbed from the neck of each victim before the offenders made off in a nearby getaway car.

A West Midlands Police CID spokesman said:

"These men specifically targeted lone female victims and snatched a number of gold necklaces in a short period of time. Thanks to a number of detailed witness reports, CCTV footage and good investigative work, we were quickly able to identify the four men involved. We hope the sentencing of these individuals sends a clear message that crime will not be tolerated in Birmingham."

Reiss Thompson, aged 18, of Northcroft Way, Erdington, admitted three counts of robbery. He received a 20-month custodial sentence.

Lamar Solmon, aged 19, of Abbeyfield Road, Erdington, also admitted three counts of robbery and was handed an 18-month sentence.

Harvey Kowa, aged 18, from Coronation Walk, Walsall, was convicted of two counts of robbery. He also received a 12-month suspended sentence.

Prowlers/Burglars - Goosemoor Lane
It seems we've a set of regular night prowlers/burglars operating in Goosemoor Lane at the moment. Operating from the alleyway at the back of the houses on the even-side which stretch from the Top Croft junction up to about number 160 Goosemoor Lane. That rear alley is gated but not absolutely secure.

On recent nights a back-garden garage at the Kirkwood Avenue junction area on the even-side of Goosemoor Lane was a target, and then on Saturday night/Sunday morning 22-23/1/2011 it seems they were disturbed by a resident at the rear of a property whilst in the alley near the Top Croft junction around 1am, and then actually managed to enter another house via back gardens from the alley (at the Kirkwood Avenue junction area on the Goosemoor Lane even-side) around 3am.

Were eventually disturbed by a resident there too, and fled with very little. Fled into the back garden and then back into the alley at the rear from there, but unknown to where after that.

Police were called and searched the area, including with a police-dog, but no trace, although fingerprint and DNA leads etc continue.

Any CCTV which can be passed to the police would be useful.

One offender was seen well - description; Male, white, 5' 8" tall, slim build, aged 18-22, medium-length black hair, wearing a black top, no glasses, no facial hair, carried a torch.

Two Arrested Over Erdington High Street Stabbing - Saturday 22/1/2011;

CCTV On Court Lane
A CCTV camera has been placed on a lamp-post opposite the Rutherford Road junction, I'm not aware of a specific problem there though.

'Lazy' Erdington Postman (Witton Lodge Road) Kept 9000 Letters
A “LAZY” postman who failed to deliver almost 9,000 postal items which were found at his home in Birmingham has escaped jail in the run up to Christmas as millions awaited parcels and cards.

Read more -

He lives on Witton Lodge Road but it doesn't say where he supposed to be delivering to.

However he said he had failed to deliver the letters, some of which related to the General Election, “out of laziness and habit” and that he realised he had been “getting deeper and deeper into the mire”.

He also said the Election material was on behalf of the Conservative Party and that he did not really like that party!

So Jack Dromey MP explained?

Charity Box Nicked
S + D News on Goosemoor Lane had their Pakistan Flood appeal charity-box stolen - unconfirmed report.

Serious Sexual Assault - Pype Hayes Park
Detectives from West Midlands Police are appealing for the public's help after a serious sexual assault at the Bonfire Celebrations at Pype Hayes Park on Friday 5 November;

Pub Raiders Strike Four Times In Five Days In Yardley, Erdington And Sutton
From the Birmingham Mail at

`POLICE are hunting armed-raiders who left staff and customers cowering in fear at five Birmingham pubs in five days.

Hooded crooks armed with guns, knives, machetes and crowbars stripped out cash tills, demanded money from staff carrying takings and even took treasured valuables from drinkers - including a wedding ring from an elderly lady.

All five raids happened in the space of just five days and detectives are investigating whether they are linked.

Detective Chief Inspector Shaun Edwards, from Force CID, said:

"We are looking at possible links between these robberies, but are keeping an open mind at this stage about whether it is a gang or a series of individuals. There are differences, but there also obvious similarities. Thankfully, there has been no serious injuries at the moment, but we would urge anyone with information to come forward."

Six hooded robbers first targeted the Dovecote pub, in Cockshut Hill, Yardley, at 7.30pm on Saturday, October 9 (2010).

After emptying the till, they targeted customers, going round tables and stealing jewellery from about half a dozen of the 20 drinkers inside, including the woman who was made to hand over her ring.

Police also revealed there was a botched attempt to steal cash from the safe three days earlier.

The next day four robbers armed with a gun, a machete and a crowbar struck at the Farmer Johns Pub, in Aldridge Road, Streetly near Sutton Coldfield, between 11.25pm and 11.35pm.

They were all wearing dark clothing and balaclava-style helmets. They threatened two members of staff as they were locking up and stole an amount of cash from the safe before escaping.

The next day - Monday, October 11 - two men wearing hoodies approached a worker at the Yenton Pub, in Erdington, who was taking cash to the bank and was leaving the back of the Sutton Road premises. The victim was threatened with a knife between 9:05am and 9:15am and the pair made off with what police described as "a large amount of cash".

Just 40 minutes later a man wearing a motorcycle helmet threatened a member of staff from Sutton Coldfield’s Horse and Jockey pub, in Jockey Road. The victim, who was approached between 9.50am and 10am near a Post Office on Boldmere Road, was locked inside his own vehicle after he handed over the keys and a large amount of cash.

Two days later, at 11.30pm on Wednesday, October 13, staff at TGI Friday’s, in Newhall Walk/Lower Queen Street, in the centre of Sutton Coldfield, were forced back into the bar after they had closed up and started walking across the car park at Newhall Walk. A male member of staff was forced to lie on the floor with a weapon pressed against his back and a woman worker was told to open the safe. The offenders made off with more cash.

DCI Edwards added:

"We work closely with the licensed industry and have urged them to vary routines and to remain vigilant. There is a possibility that reconnaissance has taken place and we would ask people to report suspicious activity near to pubs. If something does not look right they should call the police."

Woman Sent To Secure Psychiatric Hospital After Killing Daughter - Erdington
(Be aware this case has gained National prominence in the media - worth pointing out that it's rare exact nature merits that. Milverton Road is off Reservoir Road and joins with Marsh Lane).

From the Birmingham Mail website at -

`A schizophrenic mother who stabbed her three-year-old daughter to death before dousing her body in acid in Birmingham must stay in a secure psychiatric-hospital for the public's protection, a judge has ruled.

Iman Omar Yousef, 25, was sentenced by Mr Justice Flaux after a jury ruled she unlawfully killed Alia Ahmed Jama at their home in Erdington.

Yousef, an asylum-seeker from Somalia, was initially charged with Alia's murder but after psychiatric assessment she was ruled unfit to plead to the charge and jurors at Birmingham Crown Court were instructed to consider whether she committed the act of unlawfully killing her daughter.

The panel of seven men and four women took just under two hours to reach a verdict.

The judge said: "This has not been an easy case for any of us".

During the two-day trial, conducted in the defendant's absence, the court heard that Alia's body was found partly covered with bin-liners on a bedroom floor.

Prosecutor James Burbidge, QC, said Yousef may have applied the acid to her daughter's body in a bid to "dissolve her away".

The prosecutor told the jury that two officers from West Midlands Police forced entry to Yousef's home in Milverton Road on February 13 after concerns for Alia's well-being were raised by Yousef's mother.

The court heard the child had been stabbed repeatedly and acid had corroded her skin, bones and internal organs.'

Inspectorate Of Constabulary Anti-Social Behaviour Report
In Spring 2010, HMIC carried out a review of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in England and Wales. This included an Ipsos MORI survey in which ASB victims were asked about their experiences and what happened when they called the police. HMIC also inspected the quality of the processes that forces use to tackle and respond to the problem;

Hit And Run Car Accident - Goosemoor Lane
No-one was hurt, amazingly. Up by the Bowling Green Close junction. Saturday 4/9/2010 around 12.30pm. An empty car was parked in the road next to the pavement on the even-side, when another car raced at considerable speed up towards the Court Lane junction and hit it. The parked car was rammed into a telegraph-pole (which somehow remained upright), and the other car came to rest in the middle of the road!

The speeding car was abandoned and it's occupants ran up to The Spinney and jumped on a bus (so will be on it's CCTV presumably).

Jarvis Road Nameplates Defaced - Fixed Now
Some vandalising genius had whitewashed the two Jarvis Road nameplates at the Gravelly Lane junction, repaired.

Darren Bardsley Released From Prison
Darren Bardsley has been released from jail just halfway through an 8-year sentence for the killing of schoolboy Justin Murphy in Kingstanding;

I've been asked if he's been tagged - does anyone know?

Wooden Gate Stolen On Jarvis Road!
I've heard of iron gates being nicked these days, but wooden ones being nicked now? The vanishing Brazilian rain-forest is causing a wood shortage on top of the metal one?

From a resident;

"A wooden gate was stolen from the back garden of one of the bungalows on Jarvis Road on Friday (13/8/2010), it has been reported. It must have been difficult to conceal this theft.

I wonder if anyone saw someone carrying a well weathered and worn gate up the road? The gate was not really in very good condition - so they must have been desperate to take this."

Car Chase - Summer Road/Short Heath Road
From the Sutton News newspaper -

`TWO suspects are on the run after failing to stop in a police chase in Erdington on Monday 2/8/2010.

An eye-witness said three police cars pursued a blue Vauxhall Vectra along Summer Road, before the two male occupants abandoned it in Short Heath Road.

They were last seen running towards Sutton New Road and the police helicopter was used to search for them a witness said.

The vehicle is thought to be stolen and used to supply drugs. Another car was damaged in the incident.

A police spokesman said:

"A police pursuit started around 4pm on August 2 after a blue Vauxhall Vectra failed to stop in Erdington. The two male occupants remain outstanding and inquiries are ongoing. Anyone who witnessed the incident or with information is urged to call force traffic on 0345 113 5000."'

Abandoned Van/Motorbikes In Park
From Erdington Conservatives;

"Abandoned car

Residents will recall that there has been a red ford transit van abandoned on Goosemoor Lane outside 106 for a number of weeks. We have reported this to the police who have promised to take action. We will monitor it ensure something is done.

Mini motos and motorbikes

Following concerns from residents about antisocial behaviour and mini motos on the Topcroft estate and surrounding roads we have contacted the police and asked that they increases patrols in the local area. This has led to police force traffic units patrolling the area, police scrambler bikes being sent to patrol and chase bikes and a number of operations being carried out. This has led to 5 bikes being seized and destroyed from the exercises."

Cllr Gareth Compton (Tory), C/O Council House, Birmingham B1 1BB
Cllr Robert Alden (Tory),
C/O Council House, Birmingham B1 1BB
Cllr Bob Beauchamp (Tory), c/o Council House, Birmingham B1 1BB

Local Paedophile Up Before The Beak - Jarvis Road
Once again the below court-case has already been widely reported in the area legally (e.g. in the free Sutton Coldfield Observer newspaper in it's general report of local court-cases), so I merely repeat that mainstream media report verbatim here;

"Walter Bagley, aged 64, of Jarvis Road, Erdington, was convicted of making hundreds of indecent images of children from December 2007 to September 2008. He was jailed for 12 weeks due to previous similar convictions, no empathy for the victims and due to not being rehabilitated by an offender management programme. His computer equipment was ordered to be forfeited and destroyed.

Bagley must not have in his possession:

1. Any WAP or Internet enabled multi-media device capable of accessing the Internet, taking pictures or video images or transferring images.

2. Any computer capable of using the Internet without the prior permission of the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police Force or the police force where he lives.

3 Any photograph or pseudo photograph of a child under the age of 18 unless it is with the permission of the child's parent or guardian.

He is further barred from:

4. Associating with or befriending anyone under the age of 18 without the Chief Constable's permission.

5. Engaging or seeking any form of communication with an unsupervised child or young person under the age of 18 without the Chief Constable's permission, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

6. Undertaking any activity which by it nature will bring him into contact with under-18s, without the Chief Constable's permission.

7. Staying in any private dwelling with the exception of his own children, without the Chief Constable's permission.

Aiding, abetting or inciting others to engage in any of the acts listed 1 - 7 above. He must further register with the police for seven years."

House Alarms Sounding
Two alarms were sounding at the Goosemoor Lane/Kirkwood Avenue junction area - around 8.50pm on Saturday 17/7/2010 and on Sunday night past midnight at 1am on 18/7/2010. See if we hear more on those.

Residents' Fury Over Rubbish Mountain Left By Travellers - Perry Common
From the Birmingham Mail website at

`GYPSIES who fled their camp on a pub car-park dumped a mountain of rubbish which has left residents seething.

Felled trees, piles of turf and bags of rotting household waste were piled high outside the Crossway Court pub, in Kingstanding.

Furious locals contacted the Birmingham Mail to complain that they had left the front of the empty pub looking an eyesore when they left for their latest camp near to nearby Witton Lakes.

A Mail reporter went to speak to the travelling families in the beauty spot where they have set up their new temporary home - but was threatened with violence.

"We don’t want to talk to you," said one of the men. "Either go away, or we’ll throw you in the river."

The man confirmed that he had been one of those living outside the pub, which is due to be sold at auction next week.

It is believed the group, who are staying in four caravans and have several pick-up trucks, moved to Witton Lakes earlier this week.

Retired Betty Barnhurst, aged 73, said:

"It’s a real disgrace. They’ve just left all sorts of rubbish at the pub and gone off. There’s a lot of garden rubbish including trees that they had obviously taken down and been paid to get rid of. Instead they’ve just dumped it at the pub leaving it looking a real mess. We’ve been having so many problems here over the last week and this is just adding to it."

One park-warden told the Mail yesterday that two colleagues were spending their day clearing gas canisters, rubble and bags of waste from Cherry Orchard playing fields in Hamstead.

The rubbish at the Crossway Court will be the responsibility of the private landowners, said Birmingham City Council.

A council spokesman said:

"We are out there now assessing the site and speaking to the Travellers. If there is an indication that they are not willing to move, we will issue them with an eviction notice. We have an encampment site at Tameside Drive, in Tyburn, and they should be using that."

Bomb Hoax - City Centre - 7 Bus Service Diverted
An area of Birmingham city centre was cordoned off after reports of a suspicious package being put through the postbox of the Refugee Council. The morning of Tuesday 13 July 2010.

The Council's building in Lionel Street was evacuated along with several others nearby and some train services at Snow Hill station were suspended.

As a precaution police said they had closed Lionel Street, Constitution Hill and Livery Street.

The 7 bus service was temporarily diverted. About 300 people were asked to leave offices and buildings, police said.

More info;

Rate Your Local Police -

2 Men Attacked In Separate Incidents - Witton Lodge Road/The Yenton> From the West Midlands Police website at

"TWO men were injured in unconnected assaults in Erdington leaving them both with serious facial injuries.

The first assault occurred between 11:45pm on Saturday 19 and 12:15am on Sunday 20 June on Witton Lodge Road, Erdington. The victim, a 43 year-old man was chased out of Oscott Social Club onto a grass bank opposite.

He was subjected to a serious assault by three or four men. He was taken to hospital with injuries to his face and bruises. He was treated in hospital and has since been released.

The second incident occurred between 11:30pm on Wednesday 23 and midnight on Thursday 24 June. The victim, a 35 year-old man left The Yenton public house in Sutton Road, Erdington, after watching the England v Slovenia game.

He was subjected to serious assault on Sutton Road and received injuries to his face as well being knocked unconscious. Offenders (one of which was a black male), was seen running down Douay Road onto Sutton Road. The offenders are believed to have used a glass bottle as a weapon. The victim was treated in hospital and released.

Anyone with information about either of the assaults is urged to call Force CID on 0345 113 5000 and ask to speak to DC 0109 Steve Smith. Alternatively, witnesses can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

(That second guy was in The Yenton a long time of course if he left it at around 11.30pm having watched the England v Slovenia game which started at 3pm - but that is what the police website says).

Police And Community Together - Upcoming Local Public Meetings
From the West Midlands Police;

Issues and resolutions from previous meetings;

ASB on Gravelly Lane

Police Officers have increased robust patrols in the area on foot and on cycles. A covert operation involving officers in plain clothes has also been executed to combat anti social behaviour.

Speeding on and around Flackwell Rd, Court Lane and Goosemoor Lane

West Midlands Police Force Traffic Unit has been tasked with conducting speed initiatives in this area with the help of the Erdington North Neighbourhood Team. Future operations involving Prolaser and Speedwatch have been organised.

Drugs and ASB around Jarvis Rd and Topcroft.

Targeted patrols have been implemented successfully resulting in arrests for possession and cultivation of drugs. In one particular example, with the help of the local community, officers recovered a quantity of cannabis worth in excess of £10,000 from one address.

Lack of activities/facilities for all age, in particular around the Pitts Farm and Topcroft estates

We are looking to replicate initiatives that have proved successful in other parts of Erdington. Discussions with the Private Finance Initiative fund relating to future plans are underway.

Illegal use of quad bikes and scramblers on Short Heath Park

This issue has been highlighted as a high priority in the area. Officers have utilized a covert vehicle, which has allowed them to successfully target persons using vehicles in the park, resulting in the seizure of several vehicles. Any information about this is important to our future success. Residents are encouraged to contact police on 0345 113 5000 if they encounter any vehicles in the park."

Crime Watch Roadshow Is About Birmingham This Week
Crimewatch Roadshow (BBC 1 at 9.15am) all this week is about The West Midlands Police and has reports about crime on Birmingham buses and drug-raids etc;

Incident On Gravelly Lane - Friday 11/6/2010
A bloodied man was found lying in the alley on Gravelly Lane by the Station Road junction (by the Satellite TV shop etc). Around 9.15pm on Friday 11/6/2010. For whatever reason HE was later arrested by the police. All seemed a bit curious, but then I don't have all the details.

Car Chase Ends On Enfield Close
A speeding car was closely being pursued by a police motorcyclist (with blue-lights flashing and siren blaring) along Gravelly Lane towards Chester Road. Friday 11/6/2010 around 2.15pm.

The car suddenly turned hard right at speed across oncoming traffic and into Enfield Close (opposite the Jarvis Road junction), which is a cul-de-sac of course. (Just as well no-one was crossing that road at the time too). The police motorcycle immediately followed the car into Enfield Close.

The car-chase ended there, but the car occupants got out and fled on foot over/through a wooden fence (damaging it) and into the adjacent Somerton Drive - the police motorcyclist pursued them on foot over/through the wooden fence too.

However, some other police cars came racing up Gravelly Lane with blue-lights flashing and sirens blaring etc, but went up to Chester Road itself instead of into Enfield Close!

After a few minutes they all came racing back down Gravelly Lane and into Somerton Drive.

Not easy to escape from there of course, as Somerton Drive is merely a crescent with both ends coming out onto Gravelly Lane, unless you run across the railway line and onto The Lyndhurst Estate etc - and I don't know whether the police caught them or not.

Police Appeal For Information To Trace Suspected Burglar - Madehurst Road
From the West Midlands Police website at


"POLICE in north Birmingham have released an image of a man they would like to speak to in connection with an investigation into a number of burglaries.

Michael Rennie, aged 26 has gone missing from his address in Madehurst Road, Erdington, Birmingham.

Police would like to speak to him as part an inquiry into two burglaries which took place in Erdington in 2008.

Michael is described as white male, 5ft 8ins tall, medium to slim build, short brown hair with a Midlands accent.

Anybody who has seen Michael, or who knows of his whereabouts is asked to contact DC Curt Wilkins in CID at Sutton Coldfield police station on 0345 113 5000."

Linda Burt - Trident Close. Police Face Civil-Trial Into Custody Death
From the Birmingham Mail website at

`THE family of a Birmingham woman who died in police custody have started civil proceedings against West Midlands Police (WMP).

Linda Burt, aged 49, was arrested for an alleged breach of the peace following an argument at her mother’s flat in Trident Close, Erdington.

The teaching assistant suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken to Good Hope Hospital where she died, on September 27, 2003.

Last October, an inquest jury at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall concluded that a catalogue of police failings combined with an undiagnosed heart condition led to Ms Burt’s death.

They found that the arresting officer was not justified in arresting Ms Burt who suffered pain while being restrained. In addition, police officers failed to act quickly enough once Ms Burt began experiencing breathing difficulties.

Only one officer recognised she was in trouble while another officer believed she was "faking" the collapse.

The jury’s report said: "At this point medical attention should have commenced. [But] there was no evidence to suggest an ambulance was called at Trident Close."

There were further failings once Ms Burt’s condition had been acknowledged. Police officers performing life-saving treatment allowed a member of the public to help, which resulted in a towel being placed underneath Ms Burt’s head, blocking her airway. The policeman who advised that Ms Burt be placed in the recovery position did not have an up-to-date first-aid certificate.

The jury’s findings contradicted those of the Independent Police Complaints Commission which ruled that no officers should face disciplinary action as a result of the incident.

Solicitor Iftikhar Manzoor, representing Ms Burt’s family, said today that he had started civil proceedings against the force.

"I have received a defence from WMP," he said. "They deny any wrongdoing. It seems that another trial is on the horizon."

A police spokesman would only confirm that notice had been received from the family’s solicitors.'

The Human Rights Act
It gets a bad Press re Crime of course, here's the rather complicated Act though;

Recent Fight On Goosemoor Lane
From the Sutton News;

"Police are appealing for witnesses to a fight in Goosemoor Lane, Erdington, on May 3 (Bank Holiday Monday). Officers were called at about 5.30pm to reports of a small group of men fighting. Two of them were taken to hospital with serious injuries to their faces.

A police spokesman said rumours of a stabbing, said to have occurred at the same time, were untrue.

Anyone with information should ring 0845 113 5000 and ask for officers at Sutton Coldfield police station."

Crime Stoppers if you prefer -

Alarm Sounding - Beech Road
We had a burglar-alarm sounding on a house in Beech Road near the junction with Chester Road. Thursday 20/5/2010 around midday. See if we get more on that.

Car Burnt Out - Short Heath Park
Police were aware of the stolen hatchback, registration number S 299 MAB, dumped burnt out in Short Heath Park. Appears to have been dumped on 11-12/5/2010.

Has now been removed.

Cars can still get into the Park despite all the new railings because by the small car-park STILL hasn't been fenced off properly.

Graffiti In Rutherford Road/The Pollards - Gone
Just off Court Lane, there was a load of graffiti suddenly, on house/garden walls etc - I couldn't report it for removal without the owners consent for it to be removed - someone did report it though since it's now gone;

Gravelly Lane Youth Jailed For Bus-Stop Robbery
From the Birmingham Mail website at -

"A YOUTH who joined in the robbery of a young woman as she was walking to a bus-stop near her Midland home has been jailed for 27 months.

Lewis Tynan, 18, of Gravelly Lane, Erdington, pleaded guilty to robbery at Warwick Crown Court.

Prosecutor Tom Schofield said that in November last year Lisa Stevenson was attacked after she left her Smiths Wood home to catch a bus. She passed a group of people, which included Tynan and a female accomplice, who pushed her to the ground.

The female robber then tried to pull her bag, containing a laptop computer and mobile phone, from her arm. She resisted until Tynan put his arm round her neck and squeezed, forcing her to release her grip.

Mr Schofield added that Tynan had previous convictions for common assault and assault with intent to rob."

Thugs Hunted By Police After Crime Rampage In Sutton - Were In Goosemoor Lane Too
From the Birmingham Mail website at;

`THREE violent thugs are being hunted by police after going on a three-hour crime rampage in Birmingham. The gang left one of their victims so badly injured, he has had to have facial surgery. They first struck in Monmouth Drive, Sutton Coldfield, at around 5am on April 7 (2010) when they broke into a house and stole the keys to an Audi parked outside.

Just under three hours later at around 7.45am the vehicle was used in an attempted carjacking.

The thugs pounced on a 46-year-old woman who was waiting at traffic lights in Lichfield Road but she managed to escape as they ordered her out of her car.

About 15 minutes later a 40-year-old man was punched to the ground and robbed of his mobile phone in an attack outside Bill Wickets butchers in Gravelly Lane, Erdington.

The victim suffered serious facial injuries and continues to undergo reconstructive surgery.

The gang were all white and in their late teens or early 20s. The first was about 6ft, stocky and wearing a balaclava. The second was aged 16 to 20, with brown hair and a cream baseball cap. Their accomplice was in his early 20s, 5ft 7ins and skinny with short dark hair.

The car was recovered in Goosemore Lane (sic), in Erdington, and is now being forensically examined.'


From the Sutton Observer website at

"The car believed to have been used was later recovered by police in Goosemore Lane at the junction of Gravelly Lane, in Erdington, and is now being forensically examined."

Theft - Church Of God
A couple of lads stole a handbag from the backroom at the church on Goosemoor Lane on Saturday morning (17 April 2010). There is at least one witness who has given a statement to the police. I will give you more info as soon as I can.

(Er, no - even churches aren't safe today. In case you were wondering).

Please Help - Let's Stop Justin's Killer Walking Free - Kingstanding
This issue was recently reported on Midlands Today (BBC 1 at 6.30pm, Wednesday 7/4/2010) and I the site Webmaster, Gary O'Brien, was shown accompanying relatives of Justin Murphy to Downing Street to hand in a petition to the Prime Minister from Kingstanding residents - having been asked to make the arrangements with Downing Street;

In July 2006, Justin Murphy's life was taken by a hit and run driver off his head on drugs and who also was a disqualified driver.

Facebook campaign -!

More details about the case;

Two Men Jailed For Life For The Murder Of Antony Ames Outside The Place 2b Pub
From the Birmingham Mail website at

`TWO men who deliberately ploughed a car into a group of people outside a Birmingham pub after one had been glassed have been jailed for life.

Brett Cole twice ran over Antony Ames near to the Place 2B in Chester Road, New Oscott, before driving off and then trying to cover up what he had done.

Cole, 33, of Weycross Road, Perry Common, who had previously admitted murdering the 21-year-old victim must serve a minimum of 18 years in jail before being considered for release.

A passenger in the car, Antony Stuart, was also convicted of murder by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court following a trial.

Stuart, 30, of Broomhill Road, Erdington was also sentenced to life imprisonment by Judge William Davis QC, who ruled that he serve a minimum of 18 years.

The Judge said to Cole:

"It is perfectly plain that somebody shoved a glass into your face. That is what sparked it off. But what followed was you, in drink and affected by drugs, behaved grossly disproportionately encouraged, as the jury have found, by you Stuart. What you did Cole was to get your car and drive it deliberately at a group of people."

He said that after hitting Mr Ames, who had been a completely innocent party in what had gone on before, he drove off, did a handbrake turn and then struck him again

The judge said there were a number of aggravating features including the fact that Cole had used his car as a "deadly weapon."

And he went on:

"You did not aim particularly at Mr Ames. You drove at a group of people, any one of whom could have been killed."

After the judge had passed sentence, friends and family of the victim, many of whom wore T-shirts bearing his photo and who had packed the public gallery, shouted abuse at the two defendants as they were led from the dock.

Peter Grieves-Smith prosecuting had told the jury there had been a birthday celebration at the Place 2B in July last year (2009). When trouble broke out in the early hours of the morning Cole was glassed.

He and Stuart drove off to a nearby address but returned shortly afterwards with Cole driving at some speed onto the grass verge and into the group, hitting Mr Ames, who was thrown into the air, and catching others glancing blows as they tried to dive out of the way.

Cole went off but returned again running over the stricken Mr Ames as he lay on the ground.

Mr Grieves-Smith said that Cole, who had previous convictions for dangerous driving, later burned his car.

Adrian Redgrave QC, for Cole, said when he was glassed he received significant injuries around his eyes.

"What he did, he accepts, was gravely wrong. He accepts, although he had no clear recollection of it, that he must have intended to cause serious injury to Antony Ames albeit he did not realise who he had struck."'

Police Accused Of National Failures Over Anti-Social Behaviour
This Inspectorate of Constabulary report has been widely reported in the media.

From the BBC -

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary website -

Court Lane Death - Foul Play Now Ruled Out
It was initially thought to be be murder - but that has now been ruled out. The latest report is now on the
News Page

Bus Attacked - Court Lane/Witton Lodge Road
Sunday 14/2/2010 - around 9.50pm. A 7 bus was parked at the Spinney terminus on the from-city side. Several hooded youths either forced their way onto it via the front door, or were already on it as it parked at the terminus and took some time to get off.

Whatever, after they all got off it via the front door, they quickly attacked the outside of the parked bus with several nearby stones, bottles and sticks - causing unknown damage.

It seems the driver was NOT attacked.

The laughing offenders made off on foot, walking towards Chipstead Road. It's unknown too if it was reported to the police or Travel WM etc.

(The bus CCTV is some use on this?)

Hit And Run - Chester Road - Update
From a resident;

"There was a road traffic accident at the junction of Chester Road and Beech Road at approximately 7.30pm tonight (Sunday 31st January). 2 cars were involved and the occupants of one car fled the scene (car abandoned on the Chester Road near the junction with Lakehouse Road). A third car hastily reversed into Sycamore Road before accelerating, tyres screeching, down Chester Road back in the direction of Beech Road. Both the police, paramedics and the fire service attended the scene."

A letter appeared last Friday (12/2/1010) in both the Sutton News and Sutton Observer about the accident - thanking the police and emergency services etc, and the man who allowed the people involved to use his mobile phone, and the woman who offered them tea.

Anstey Brick Wall Hit AGAIN - The 4th Time Now
At the junction with Hawthorn Close this time. It's a miracle that no pedestrian walking on the odd-side of Goosemoor Lane on it's bend hasn't been hit yet. Remember, officially it's only a "road accident" if someone IS actually injured.

So although we've now had 4 separate occasions where a vehicle has mounted the pavement with enough force to obviously demolish a brick wall, officially NO accidents have occurred there!

Erdington Couple Terrorised In Home By Burglar Hunting For Their Car Keys
Ray Woods is a fellow Erdington community activist, and so of course he's a friend of mine. He has suffered a serious incident in his own house;


`A BIRMINGHAM man has told of his terror as he and his a wife battled to keep a violent masked burglar at bay at their bedroom door.

Businessman Ray Woods woke in the early hours to find his frightened wife Elaine braced against the door as the aggressive intruder tried to barge his way in.

The balaclava-clad crook was screaming for the keys to Mr Woods’ Skoda Fabia turbo - a replacement for an identical car stolen from the driveway in a break-in six months earlier.

Mr Woods leapt from his bed to barricade the door shut while Elaine, 60, yelled for help from the bedroom window of their Erdington home last Thursday (4/2/2010). A neighbour, alerted by the noise, called the police and the burglar, believed to be one of a gang of four, fled empty-handed.

Mr Woods, 59, said:

"It was terrifying - to wake and see your wife with her face inches away from a guy in a balaclava trying to break into our bedroom was our worst nightmare. The invasion of our space and threat to my nearest and dearest was awful. We were met with such ferocity. Only our sheer physical obstinacy managed to hold them off."

The break-in was the latest in an increasing trend for violence by car thieves. Thwarted by advances in modern vehicle security which prevent them hot-wiring cars, thieves need the keys and are now breaking into homes, often terrorising householders, in the hunt for them.

Last August a thief broke into the house and took the keys to Mr Woods’ car which was stolen from the driveway. Police believe it was probably shipped abroad.

Despite the fright, Mr Woods, who helps people buy property in Malta, said he would not replace the vehicle.

"The first time our car was stolen from under the window. That was nothing compared to having our home invaded" he said.

"For someone to smash their way in at night knowing they could end up confronting the people inside is pretty ruthless. It does leave you feeling vulnerable. We ramped up security at the house after the first break-in. We’re going to have to do the same again."

Scenes of crime investigators spent a day at the house searching for crucial clues to the identity of the gang, who were last seen running off in the direction of Grange Road.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said detectives from Queen’s Road CID were investigating the incident and appealed for anyone with information to contact them on 0845 113 5000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.'

Shocking incident - no doubt I'll see Ray at some local meetings again soon, will pass on my regards then.

Cable-Box Was Busted Open - Witton Lodge Road - Fixed
At the junction with Court Lane, by the 7/65 to-city bus stop. Fixed

West Midlands Police Authority Listening Campaign - North Birmingham Public Meeting
Monday 22 February 2010, Hollyfields Centre, Woodacre Road, Erdington, 7pm - 9pm.

For more info;

Gay Abuse Erdington Man (Cranleigh House) Handed Birmingham's First ASBI
From the Birmingham Mail website at

`A COUNCIL tenant who harassed neighbours and damaged their homes will be banned from his house in a landmark ruling.

Richard Leonard, of Baldmoor Lake Road, Erdington, was especially aggressive towards a gay man who lived near to him.

Now Birmingham County Court has granted the city council a possession order for the 57-year-old’s home as part of an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction, a so-called Asbi, served against Leonard for two years from the new year.

He is the first person in Birmingham to be served such a punishment and other local authorities are now expected to follow Birmingham’s lead in dealing with nuisance tenants.

As well as kicking him out of his house the order bars him from harassing or intimidating residents and damaging their homes and vehicles.

The court heard that Leonard, who had lived at the address for more than 25 years, was verbally and physically abusive towards residents.

Leonard was particularly abusive to one resident whom he is alleged to have viciously attacked earlier this year, costing the victim 18 of his teeth.

He had also caused serious damage to his own home, which had fallen into a state of disrepair, and repeatedly allowed his dog to defecate in the communal hallway.

His accomplice, 42-year-old Brian Sible, of Portland Road, Erdington, who would often visit Leonard’s home and who was also handed an Asbi.

His lasts for 18 months and bars him from assaulting, verbally abusing, harassing or intimidating residents at Leonard’s building in Baldmoor Lake Road.

Leonard’s main victim, who did not want to be named, said:

"My advice to anyone suffering from homophobic bullying is that you don’t have to put up with it and you shouldn’t. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and helped to bring this spiteful bullying to an end".

The ruling was a result of the efforts by Erdington housing officers, who worked in partnership with West Midlands police to address residents’ complaints.

Coun Ayoub Khan, cabinet member for community safety said:

"This is a landmark case for the city and I am pleased with the outcome."'

Court Lane Burglary - 7/12/2009
From the Sutton Observer newspaper at

`A SINGLE mum and her three-year-old daughter were left waiting for almost an hour-and-a-half for police to arrive after making an emergency call to report a burglary at their Erdington home.

Debbie Regan arrived at her Court Lane home with her daughter at 5.45pm on Monday, December 7, but discovered the door had been bolted from the inside.

Debbie said: "I could see the dining room door was open and the back gate was open so I knew something had happened. I thought someone may still be inside, I called the police, explained what had happened and said I was on my own with a three-year-old and had no credit on my phone to call anyone. I asked if they could get here immediately."

But police officers did not arrive until just after 7.30pm.

Debbie said:

"My partner phoned me to say he was home from work and I asked him to come round because I was too scared to go round the back of the house. He went in and had a look round. They had smashed the house to bits, every room had been disturbed. My daughter's Christmas presents had been unwrapped and stolen and those they didn't take were scattered around the living room. They took the TV, jewellery, everything. I was devastated, especially because my daughter had walked in and seen it all. This is the first Christmas she really understands, and the plan was to stay in the house Christmas Eve, but I don't think we will be able to now."

She described the action taken by Sutton police as 'unacceptable'.

"I phoned for police assistance, I was there on my own with a three-year-old, and I expected them to come straight away. I had called them three times before they arrived."

The Burgled House In Question

(From the Sutton Coldfield Observer)

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Keasey from Sutton Coldfield Police Station said: "We received an emergency call at 6.13pm on December 7, from a lady who had returned home to find her house had been burgled.

"The 23-year-old reported that her front door had been bolted shut from the inside, and that there were a lot of footprints inside the house. Unfortunately, the call handler was not aware that the victim had no other means of entering the house. Officers were despatched to the scene and arrived at 7.34pm. Scenes of crime officers also attended the following morning. West Midlands Police is aware of the concerns raised by the victim and we are talking to her to iron out any issues over our initial response to her call. We recognise the lady's concerns and we will work to enhance the service we provide to victims of crime in the future.

Meanwhile, we continue to investigate the burglary and urge anyone who saw suspicious behaviour around Court Lane on Monday evening to call Sutton police on 0845 113 5000."'

New CCTV - Flackwell Road/Jerry's Lane Junction
It seems we've got a new CCTV system there, on a lamp-post, opposite The Leopard pub.

The Crime Map

Enter your postcode, it tells you the level of reported crime etc.

Four Years Jail For 999 Crash Burglar - The Yenton
From the Sutton News website at

`A BURGLAR who ploughed into an ambulance leaving a paramedic with life-threatening injuries has been jailed for four years. Daniel Lawlor, 20, was at the wheel of a van when it skipped a red light, and smashed into the ambulance, on the Chester Road, in Erdington.

Lawlor, who lives in Marston Green, and is a former national champion boxer, was also part of an armed burglary gang which targeted homes, and terrorised residents, in south Birmingham.

He was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court this week to four years in a young offenders’ institution, after admitting conspiracy to burgle, as well as a separate charge of burglary and dangerous driving.

Reacting to the sentences, paramedic Emma Baxter who suffered a brain injury and several fractures and fellow paramedic Lea Griffiths, who was also inside the ambulance during the collision, said:

"We are both very pleased, and also relieved, it is all over and we can now continue with our lives. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last six months."

Kevin Hegarty, prosecuting, said that on March 31 this year Lawlor and others had broken into an address, in Kingstanding, and neighbours who heard the disturbance called the police. Officers travelling to the scene saw Lawlor, who was on bail at the time, at the wheel of a van travelling very fast along Chester Road in the opposite direction. He said Lawlor got to a junction with Birmingham Road where the lights were on red, but failed to stop.

"He immediately collided with the ambulance side-on. The force of the collision caused the ambulance to veer to the left, and smash head-on into a brick wall."

Mr Hegarty said the paramedics had to be cut free, and Miss Baxter was rushed to intensive care after suffering what were believed to be life-threatening injuries.

She was treated for a tear to the brain, as well as damage to her lungs, a snapped vertebrae, and a pelvis which was fractured in two places.

Mr Hegarty said she was initially wheelchair-bound, suffered memory loss, and her pelvis had still not properly healed.

Judge Amjad Nawaz also banned Lawlor from the roads for two years and passed consecutive sentences of 18 months for the conspiracy charge, 15 for the dangerous driving and 15 for the burglary.

After the hearing Barry Thurston, director of service delivery at West Midlands Ambulance Service said:

"The Trust is extremely pleased with the outcome of this court case. Emma and Lea are public servants who were carrying out their everyday role when they were seriously injured by the recklessness of this individual’s driving. Staff join this emergency service to help people who are injured or in distress, but do not expect to be involved in a crash and suffer potentially life threatening injuries."'

Fatal Road Accident - Chester Road - Conviction
(It turned out to be a driving offence indeed. so moved to this Crime Page from the News Page where placed in February). A fatal accident occurred at the junction of Beech Road and Chester Road at around 9.45pm on (Wednesday) 11/2/2009.

More on this, from the Birmingham Mail website at

`A BIRMINGHAM man who was killed in a road accident had been celebrating his 48th birthday, it emerged today. David Fogarty and his girlfriend Susan Grimshaw were just returning from The Bishop Vesey pub, in Sutton Coldfield, when the accident happened.

The father of one known to his friends as ‘Dancing Dave’ was crossing the Chester Road, near his home in Erdington, at around 9.45pm on Wednesday, February 11, when he was in collision with a car.

Mr Fogarty was taken to Good Hope Hospital with severe head and internal injuries and died a few hours later.

David’s younger brother Mark, of College Road, Perry Barr, was by his bedside when he died.

"He was a wonderful, wonderful man," said former fireman Mark, aged 46. "He had no enemies, everybody loved him.

"We’re all just devastated. He was the life and soul of everything people called him Dancing Dave because he was always dancing. He had no great aspirations. He was just a smashing guy." The eldest of four, David leaves behind brothers Mark and Nick, 49, and sister Linda Fogarty, 45, as well as a daughter, Siobhaun.

He was well known throughout the community for his work as a gardener.

A Polish man was driving too fast in a vehicle which had under-inflated tyres when he caused the death.

Judge Peter Ross said: The consequences were horrendous. A man has lost his life and other lives have been shattered.

He said, though, he accepted the driver had tried to help Mr Fogarty after the collision.

Piotr Urbanik, 38, of Friary Road, Handsworth, who admitted causing death by careless driving, was given a one-year community order and ordered to do 200 hours’ unpaid work.

He was also banned from driving for 18 months and ordered to pay £400 costs.

Peter Grieves-Smith, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said on February 11 Urbanik, who was due to start work at 10pm, had been driving a people carrier and had previously picked up three people from Luton Airport.

He said Mr Fogarty’s partner crossed the road ahead of him and heard him call her name.

She turned and saw the deceased being struck by the defendant’s car, almost landing on the roof. He flew into the air and landed in the middle of the road.

Mr Fogarty, from Littlecotes Drive, Erdington, died from multiple injuries.

Mr Grieves-Smith said Urbanik’s minimum speed had been 39mph in a 30mph limit. All the vehicle’s tyres were under-inflated, one only half the pressure it should have been.'

Internet Eyes - Pilot CCTV Monitoring Project
This project allows online monitoring of CCTV cameras by the public (such cameras are not always live monitored and are merely recorded from). So far, CCTV cameras in Birmingham are not part of the project (though Internet users in Birmingham CAN monitor the cameras in other places that are presently part of the project).

A facility exists where such public online monitors can then alert about crimes they've just witnessed online (though it costs you money to do that - to stop malicious false-alarms). If the report is genuine, you get a reward more than enough to recoup the alerting cost.

(If and when the project starts in Birmingham, I'll put it on the Links Page)

The Station Road Sign Is Snapped In Half Again
(This might've been an accident) By the bridge, has been reported here -

Burglar Alarm Activated - Witton Lodge Road
On a house at the junction with Court Lane, Thu 24/9/2009 around midday. See if we get more about this.

Bus Shelter Damaged - 7 And 65 Terminus To-City
(This might not have been vandalism - but the way kids going past forever whack it I doubt it!) Part of the perspex has now been knocked out. Reported to Centro.

Burnt Out Car In The Park
Police were made aware of the burnt out car at the back of the Substation on Goosemoor Lane (seemingly dumped overnight on 1-2/9/2009), has been removed. No confirmation on whether it was stolen.

TV's Ashley Jailed - The Place 2B - Chester Road - Update
From The Sutton Observer website at

<SACKED BBC presenter Ashley Blake is a 'ruined man' this week after being jailed for two years following his 'serious' attack on a teenager.

The former Midlands Today presenter whom the judge branded a 'repeat' liar was sentenced on Tuesday following his conviction last month for unlawful wounding and perverting the course of justice.

Sutton man Blake was at his former Chester Road bar, The Place 2B, when he struck the teenage customer in the face with a patio umbrella pole, scarring him for life.

Telling Blake that his TV career was over and he had only himself to blame, Judge Peter Carr quashed suggestions that the victim, Greg Jones, had acted like an 'inebriated hooligan'.

The judge said there was no evidence of it, but plenty to show that Blake's attack was deliberate and that he had 'repeatedly lied'.

During the trial, the jury had heard that Blake, 40, initially denied to police in interview that he had handled the pole at all. In addition, they heard that Blake who also presented consumer affairs show Watchdog had attempted to hide the weapon, leading to the conviction for perverting the course of justice.

For that offence, Blake was sentenced to six months in prison, to run concurrently to the two-year sentence for unlawful wounding.

As he was led away from court, Blake mouthed the words 'I love you' to his girlfriend Jessica Hayes with whom he used to run The Place 2B. She was escorted from the court room after becoming distraught.

Sutton Police said they welcomed Tuesday's outcome.

Passing sentence at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Peter Carr said: "Mr Blake, your career is over. You have no-one to blame for that but yourself. While I appreciate all you have lost, I bear in mind that a young man was injured, leaving a permanent scar. I also of course bear in mind the lies you told to the police. You could have chosen to co-operate fully with the police and told them the truth about what happened. You did not."

He told Blake:

"You deliberately and repeatedly lied to police about what you had done, and it was obvious to anyone watching the trial that you repeatedly lied then as well."

The incident in January came amid 18th birthday party celebrations at the venue.

Customer Stephen Sproule, aged 38, of Booths Farm Road, Great Barr, punched one of the teenage revellers, knocking him unconscious. Greg Jones, then 17, stepped in as peacemaker, the judge said, but Blake 'got the pole out' and deliberately 'hit out with the weapon'. Jones sustained a 'serious and unpleasant' facial injury which required ten stitches.

The court heard last month that between 1986 and 1993, Blake was convicted of a string of offences including theft and handling stolen goods.

Mitigating, Nigel Rumfitt QC said that Blake had a 'promising career in television ahead'.

He said of his client:

"He had achieved all of that despite a modest start. Although he had some minor brushes with the law as a young man, he had put all that behind him and was living a blameless and useful life. He stands before the court today in effect a ruined man. He has lost his job at the BBC. He was very successful. His career is in tatters. He will have to start all over again. Here is someone who had worked hard all his life, who has overcome a background which has caused many young men to lead a life of crime."

Blake was sacked by the BBC following last month's conviction.

Welcoming the sentence, DC Dave Bebb of Sutton Police said outside court: "Greg Jones was a young man studying for his A-levels. He received a scar that has wounded him for the rest of his life."

Sproule was sentenced to 13 months in prison for actual bodily harm.'

Resident's Appeal For Info - South Road
From a local resident;

"I am having a great deal of trouble defining an incident in the Stockland Green area last year (2008) in which the police sealed off South Road and Reservoir Road and most others adjacent as they chased a suspect across the gardens and alleyways surrounding my house. In giving chase, they broke down my rear fence.

Because of my job, I have spent long periods away from the UK and have only now had the opportunity to start putting in an official claim against the police for damage to my property.

Unfortunately, the police have no record and will not respond unless I can give them an exact date for the incident!

I'm therefore hoping that you or any one of those people from the area who contribute to this site, might be able to pin-point the date.

From my own vague memory and that of friends from the area, it was in the June/July 2008 time, but I cannot be more specific and it's the exact date I need. Can anybody help, please? I would be extremely grateful for any assistance in pinning down the date."

Contact the Webmaster and I will pass the info on;

Police Make Arrest In Connection To Double Shooting-Erdington
From West Midlands Police website at

`Police have arrested a man in connection to a double shooting incident which occurred in the early hours of Sunday 9 August in Erdington.

A 26 year-old man from Erdington was arrested earlier today (Tuesday 11) on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. He remains in custody helping police with their inquiries.

Police were called to an address in Northcroft Way, Erdington at 0059 hours on Sunday. Two men aged 32 and 27 were found with gunshot injuries outside the address. They remain in hospital in a stable condition.

Anyone with information should contact CID at Queens Road on 0845 113 5000.'

(Northcroft Way is in Stockland Green).

Programme Paragon - West Midlands Police Public Consultation Project

Murder - Court Lane/Chester Road Junction - More
From the BBC website at

`Two men have appeared in court charged with murdering a man who died when a car mounted a footpath.

Antony Ames, 21, died after being hit by a car on Chester Road, Sutton Coldfield, early on Saturday. Two other people were injured.

Anthony Terry Stuart, 30, of Erdington, and Brett David Cole, 32, from Perry Common, have been charged with murder and attempted murder.

They were remanded in custody and are due at Crown Court on 6 August.

Mr Stuart, of Broomhill Road, Erdington, and Mr Cole, of Weycroft Road, Perry Common, appeared at Sutton Coldfield Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

They are due to appear at Birmingham Crown Court.

Mr Ames was pronounced dead in hospital.

In a statement released by West Midlands Police, his mother, Michelle Ames, described him as "a character" and said he had "a loud personality".

She said: "Antony was my eldest son, he was only 21 years old and popular with all of his friends.

"He was just one of the crowd who liked going out with his mates and had just started to settle down with his girlfriend, Shaunie.

"Our house was never quiet when Antony was at home and things will never be the same again.

"Antony had his whole life ahead of him and our family and friends are devastated and distraught by his death. We will all miss him very much."'

Action - Community Priorities
From West Midlands Police website at

0845 113 5000 ext 7851 6252 Email:

"The priorities for Erdington neighbourhood are:

Anti-social behaviour in Jarvis Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in May 2009.

Anti-Social Behaviour in Chipstead Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in May 2009.

Obstruction to resident access at junction between Dare Road and Robin Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in June 2009.

Highways defects in Jarvis Road. Identified as a priority through police surgeries and neighbourhood tasking meetings in April 2009.

Answers - feedback and solutions

The following are the issues raised from our last neighbourhood meeting and what we are doing to tackle them:

Anti-social Behaviour in Jarvis Road. Update June 9th - PCSOs are conducting 'walk-throughs' in all flat buildings in Jarvis Road with a view to setting up agreed behaviour contracts for ASB offenders. These will be actioned in conjunction with local authority partners.

Update July 7th- PCSOs have conducted 'walk throughs' in all the flats in Jarvis Road and have reported fewer youths in this area that were causing Anti-social Behaviour. Officers from this team are working in partnership with Birmingham City Council (BCC) to evict tenants that are anti-social and using drugs at this location. A recent injunction has been obtained by BCC to prevent an anti-social ex-tenant returning to this neighbourhood.

Anti-social Behaviour in Chipstead Road. Update June 9th - Officers are working with the Birmingham Anti Social Behaviour Unit (BASBU) and Birmingham City Housing to deal with the issues, and letters are being sent out to parents of the ASB offenders.

Update July 7th - Officers are continuing to work with BASBU and Birmingham City Housing to deal with the issues of Anti-social Behaviour in this street. We have not received as many calls from the community, and are now looking at improving local residents' rear fencing and gates at properties local youths have been climbing over to cause ASB. This will be done in partnership with the housing department.

Obstruction to resident access at junction between Dare Road and Robin Road. Update June 15th - Following a site inspection, the skip at the above location has been removed and a letter has been sent to the owner/occupier requesting them to remove building materials from the footpath. The Planning Department is also currently investigating this issue and appropriate action will be taken.

Update July 7th - Following a site inspection in June 2009, the skip at this location has been removed and a letter has been sent to the owner/occupier requesting them to remove building materials from the footpath. Highways have been requested by your local neighbourhood team to re-attend this location to carry out further site inspections to improve access to pavements.

Highway defects in Jarvis Road. Update June 9th - Residents have reported a number of holes which have appeared in Jarvis Road. This is to be addressed by the Highways department.

Update July 7th- This matter is still ongoing with Highways and will be raised at the next Erdington tasking meeting in August.

Burglary - Chester Road
From a resident;

"There was a break in at a house on Chester Road between 10am and 2pm today (8th July 2009). The thieves got in by climbing on the rear extension roof and breaking a window. The house is located on the row of houses between Sycamore Road and Beech Road, Erdington. The police are aware but would appreciate any information regarding unfamiliar vehicles or people loitering in this area around the time of the break in."

Erdington Bus Onboard Robberies
A man has now been charged with several offences.

Court Lane Paedophile Jailed
Another one I'm afraid - bear in mind though these crimes were in the 1970's and the offender is now locked up - so no immediate danger in the area now. From a Birmingham Mail report;

"A former officer in the Sutton Coldfield Boys Brigade who serially sexually abused a boy ..... has been jailed for 3 years. Martyn Park, aged 57, of Court Lane, Erdington ........ had previously admitted 17 charges of indecent assault and six of indecency with a child.

Detective Inspector Shaun Edwards from Sutton Coldfield CID said it might act as a `trigger' for anyone to come forward who might have been the victim of similar offences by Park - who had held a senior position at the Sutton Sea Scouts.

Robert Price, prosecuting ............ said the abuse went on for five years between 1973 and 1978."

Park Play Area Fence Damaged - News
The iron fence that encloses the play-area in Short Heath Park has been knocked down in places and strewn about, needs fixing.

From Erdington Tories;

`We reported it to the Parks department and were told there was not enough budget for it's repair. Cllr Gareth Compton said;

"This was clearly unacceptable and we have not let the matter drop, we are demanding it is fixed at the start of the new financial year and have reported the graffiti for removal."'

Home Office Reducing Violence Against Women Page

Community Payback (Making Criminals Wear Orange etc)

Policing Pledge

Cable Box Busted Open - Witton Lodge Road - Fixed
By the to-city 7 and 65 bus stop. Fixed.

Man Jailed For Life For Murder Of Lee Wellard - Wyrley Birch
From the Birmingham Mail website at

`A MAN was today starting a life sentence for murdering a father-of-two by plunging a knife into his neck at a party in Birmingham. Kevin O’Keefe, attacked Lee Wellard at a party on the Wyrley Birch estate, near Erdington, in revenge for being taunted about being a paedophile, the city’s Crown Court heard. O’Keefe, 47, of Lakes Road, Erdington, denied murder.

When the jury returned its guilty verdict, it was greeted with clapping and cheering from a public gallery packed with friends and family of the victim, who had been described as a "larger than life" character.

Judge Richard Griffith-Jones told O’Keefe: "I am quite satisfied when you went back to the flat, although you had been insulted and taunted to some extent, you intended to kill Lee Wellard.

"I base that conclusion on the weapon you selected, and the force you applied, and the part of the body that you struck. Your response afterwards, simply by leaving the hapless Mr Wellard in the state he was in, leads me to the conclusion that the appropriate number of years before you can be considered for release is 15."

During the week-long trial, there had been a substantial police presence following disturbances at previous court hearings.

David Williams QC, prosecuting, said there had been a "background" between the two men, and that Mr Wellard, aged 34, was known to have made disparaging remarks about the defendant because of his supposed interest in young girls.

This was based on the fact that O’Keefe had been accused of sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl, although he was later acquitted following a trial.

On August 2 last year, O’Keefe and Mr Wellard had gone to a party being held in Faulkners Farm Drive, Wyrley Birch.

At one point during the evening, after O’Keefe had suggested going to another party, Mr Wellard had called the defendant a paedophile and a nonce.

O’Keefe went home, brooded about what had happened, and returned to the party about 10 minutes later, rushing up to the victim and stabbing him twice in the neck.

Mr Williams said O’Keefe was later caught on CCTV in Erdington High Street going to an off-licence serving hatch and re-enacting what he had done.'

Police Website - Keep It Safe
Police are warning young people about showing off Christmas presents in public;

Crime Above Is For 2009

Man Found In Erdington With Fatal Stab Wounds
More havoc in Gravelly Hill. From

`Part of an Erdington street remained cordoned off on Christmas Eve following the discovery of a man with fatal head wounds. A 47-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Around 4.30pm on December 23, a 59-year-old man - believed to have been assaulted - was found lying in Prince William Close. He was taken to hospital where he later died. A post-mortem was due to be carried out on Christmas Eve.

A police cordon was set up to allow forensic investigations. Anyone with information is asked to phone officers at Queen's Road Police Station on 0845 113 5000.'

Top Croft Fence Vandalised
The new wooden one enclosing the Large Island, someone has knocked large holes in it.

Man Charged Over Erdington Stabbing - Landsdowne Road
Not that far from us, just off Gravelly Hill.


`A MAN was due to appear in court today charged with attempted murder after a father-of-two was stabbed outside his Birmingham home.

The victim, named locally as Lee Lavintine, remained critically ill in hospital after being attacked in Landsdowne Road, Erdington.

Neighbours today described Mr Lavintine, aged 39, as a "very caring, helpful man" and added that he doted on his children.

He was taken to Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, after being stabbed in the neck and back at 5pm on Friday.

Mr Lavintine’s neighbour Alan Bean was in the victim’s third-floor flat shortly before he was stabbed and said he was hurt after a fight.

Mr Bean said: "I went in to stop a fight between Lee and another man."

He said Mr Lavintine then appeared at the door holding his hand to his neck, claiming he had been stabbed.

"I hadn’t heard any shouting or screams but when I came outside there was blood everywhere," Mr Bean said.

Police cordoned off the road on Friday evening and erected a tent outside Mr Lavintine’s property.

Another neighbour Lily Pyke, aged 66, said she knew Mr Lavintine well.

She said: "He could be a very caring, helpful man who would be the first person on your doorstep if you needed anything."

She said he was a former van driver who doted on his children.

"I was shocked when I heard he’d been stabbed," Ms Pyke said. "It was absolutely chaotic on the road on Friday with police stopping people going up and down."

Taxi driver Tahir Ahmed, who has lived in Lansdowne Road for 30 years, said the area was normally quite peaceful.

West Midlands Police would not formally name the victim but said a man, also aged 39, was arrested on Saturday night in connection with the incident.

Anyone with information should call West Midlands Police on 0845 113 5000.'

Man Fighting For Life After Huge Birmingham City Brawl (Stockland Green) - Police Appeal For Information
From the Birmingham Mail website at

`A man was fighting for life today after being beaten up during a huge brawl in a Birmingham street. Up to 50 people were involved in the fight which spilled into the road after starting in the Hare & Hound pub, Marsh Hill, in Stockland Green.

Motorists driving past were forced to stop as the men clashed on the busy dual carriageway. The victim, said to be in his 40s, was found on the ground with head injuries, police said.

It is thought that he may have been chased across the road before being attacked on a pavement outside a row of residential homes shortly before midnight on Saturday (22/11/2008).

He has undergone surgery to remove a blood clot and today remained critically ill in hospital.

Police are treating the attack as attempted murder.

Acting Det Chief Insp Nick Walton, from Queen’s Road CID, said:

"This was a very serious incident and a man is still critically ill in hospital. The incident started inside the pub and spilled out into the road. Motorists driving through the area had to stop as the fighting continued across the street. We would like to speak with those motorists who were passing at the time of the original disorder and saw what happened. I would appeal to them to come forward."

He added:

"There were about 40 to 50 people involved and there were pockets of fighting going on. Witnesses said the victim had been chased across the road."

The fight, broke out at the pub which had been hosting a private party.

A blue tent erected on the pavement on the opposite side of the road to the pub marked the spot where the man was found.

The Hare & Hound was temporarily closed while detectives and forensics experts examined the scene but it has since been allowed to re-open.

Detectives were also looking to examine footage from closed circuit security cameras in the area in the hope of identifying those behind the trouble. No arrests have been made.'

Tyre Tracks In The Park
A vehicle has been clearly been racing round the Park again. Entered and left via the car-park in the far corner where two of the wooden posts have been uprooted.

We seem to be simply painting the Forth Bridge with those wooden perimeter posts which are designed to keep vehicles out - as quickly damaged again to let vehicles in as repaired. Finding those actually racing round the Park might be a better idea.

Halloween Havoc
Reports are already coming in of Trick or Treat havoc by kids on Goosemoor Lane - e.g. a car wing mirror ripped off, fronnttt garden fences damaged, etc.

(Residents may want to check outside just in case).

I'm no spoilsport of course and I don't yet support an outright ban, but we can't have this each year.

Mini Wrecking Spree - The Woodyard
We often get drunken people attacking front gardens etc on weekend nights, this time the front of The Woodyard (Travis Perkins) got it. From the pavement, lots of it's signs were damaged or ripped down and strewn about. Friday 10/10/2008 - Saturday 11/10/2008.

Park Graffiti - On The Court Lane Substation Wall
This graffiti has been reported for removal.

Kids Hanging Around The Road Causing Problems
Goosemoor Lane is of course more than 1/2 mile long - so lots of scope to shift one problem just to another part of it - so not much use in that.

So we've got problems at night at the Top Croft junction and other places. The alley by the Rose And Crown was cut back recently (see News Page) and the entrance into the car-park of the new apartments from there is now padlocked, still stuff being thrown into the compound from that alley though.

Meanwhile we had kids wandering into the alley between 65 and 69 causing problems, it's now been gated, however they are now simply causing problems in OTHER alleys (like the one more or less opposite it). That one can't easily be gated - though it might be at some point.

Further, the land behind the Woodyard is ANOTHER gathering places, plans now afoot to trim it's areas

Basically though, there are just TOO many gathering places and they CAN'T all be gated and shrubbery trimmed back (street corners at all the junctions of the side roads? How can THEY be gated?)

If the people causing problems here are doing so simply because they've been shifted here by police crackdowns in other parts of Erdington, then police have NOT solved the overall problem - and that needs to be made clear to them.

Police need to identify who is causing the problems for a start off - then takes things from there.

I'll keep adding stuff to the Games/Fun Page, and I suggest those in contact with young people in the area make them aware of it too.

Are there official tie-ups between local leisure centres and sports clubs etc with local schools? Or do schools just let young people find out about local sports facilities etc by themselves? And if they do, is THAT a satisfactory situation?

We could rant on about National Service etc or expect Gordon Brown to give over 15 proverbial minutes to some gimmick, courtesy of the fawning Andy Marr - but that wouldn't get us very far.

Top Croft Paedophile Jailed
From the Birmingham Mail at

"A PERVERT who sexually abused a young boy over a two-year spell was today starting a 14-year jail sentence.

John Reeves, aged 59, of Topcroft Road, Erdington, molested and raped the vulnerable young boy, now aged 24, during karate lessons which the victim’s parents had asked him to take him to to bolster the youngster’s self-esteem.

John Attwood, prosecuting, said Reeves became violent towards the 12-year-old victim when the abuse started, after he told Reeves he was not gay. The victim’s family were so trusting of Reeves that they allowed their son to stay overnight at his home where many of the sex acts took place, Mr Attwood said. Reeves was arrested in January 2007 after the victim plucked up the courage to approach the police.

At Birmingham Crown Court Reeves was found guilty of six counts of indecent assault and four of rape.

He was placed on the sex offender’s register for life and is subject to an indefinite sexual offences prevention order."

Phone Cleared Of Graffiti - Court Lane/Jerrys Lane Junction
Photos were being taken of it first, in case the culprit can be traced later

Car Broken Into - Jarvis Road
From a resident;

"I had my car broke into between 7 Sept 7pm and 8 Sept 11am. Side passenger window smashed, glove compartment contents strewn across car along with glass. Car parked in parking spaces alongside Arundel House, Jarvis Road. Police came but nothing they could do, although very courteous.

Presume that Sat Nav suction marks on windscreen indicated to them that I had Sat Nav and they looked in glove compartment for it. Paid £60 excess on Insurance, not able to afford but what can you do?

Thought this area was getting better. I have got rid of Sat Nav now, never used it anyway much."

West Midlands Police Sat Nav Advice Page;

CCTV In Police Base - Jarvis Road
The cameras in Jarvis Road only cover a limited area. Maybe a good idea for the Police to have a camera in their office at Arundel House?


Police are appealing for witnesses and information following a robbery assault on a taxi driver in Erdington, Birmingham.

The incident occurred last night (Sunday 31) around 10:40pm. A taxi driver, aged 29, picked up two men from outside Star Private Members Club in Sutton New Road, Erdington around 10:30pm.

He drove them to Yenton Grove in Pitts Farm, arriving around 10:42pm. As the car came to a stop, the two men assaulted the driver causing small wounds to the back of his head.

The victim managed to escape from the vehicle and the two offenders drove off in his car.

The vehicle, a silver Peugeot 408 with ‘Regency Cars’ sticker on side of car and registration number SB51 DHK remains outstanding.

Both offenders are described as black, aged around 28, between 5ft 11ins and 6ft 3ins tall, both slim build with cropped black hair, wearing black tracksuit and black gloves.

The victim, aged 29 was treated at hospital for minor injury to his head and knee. He has since been released.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone with information is urged to call CID at Sutton Coldfield police station on 0845 113 5000 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. "

Two Alarms To Note
We had burglar alarms going off on the odd side at the junction with Kirkwood Avenue around 8pm, Friday 22/8/2008. Then another in roughly the same area at around 3am Sunday morning 24/8/2008. See if we get more about these.

West Midlands Police YouTube Site
West Midlands Police shorts films on crime prevention etc -

Erdington MP Joins Police On Front Line
From the Sutton Observer website at

`Erdington MP Sion Simon will be on the front line of policing over the next few weeks ahead of a government review into law and order.

This week he has been talking to police officers in Erdington about their views on law enforcement, and is due to spend time with the community watch in Perry Barr next week. Mr Simon, who is chair of the government's law and order manifesto group, has been asked to draw up a crime and order review, which is due to be published later this year, and information from these fact-finding sessions will form part of the draft.

"I was very much looking forward to getting the views of the people on the front line of law enforcement, it is a very difficult job and I wanted to know what they thought we should be doing centrally to make it easier," said Mr Simon.

"Some of the issues discussed included the courts system, the important role of Police Community Support Officers, how to deal with youth offenders and the huge impact alcohol and drug related crime has on our communities. We know that great work has been done in Erdington by the police and local residents which has seen a consistent fall in levels of crime over recent years. However, we must also face up to the fact that much more still needs to be done, especially to reassure the public."

Sion has also met with neighbourhood watch schemes and various other organisations over recent weeks to discuss the future of law and order.'

Youth Pod Set On Fire - Short Heath Park
It'll probably survive since made of metal, but a motor-bike of some kind full of fuel was set on fire underneath it on Monday 16/6/2008 around 2pm. Police and Fire Service attended.

Court Lane Allotments Havoc - Yet More
The area bounded by the Park, Court Lane, Jarvis Road and the Top Croft Estate. They are having major problems. This from the Sutton Observer (which got the name wrong) at

`It was supposed to be a community project that would bring people together. But this week the mindless acts of vandals have halted that dream. Allotment holders on Crown Lane (actually Court Lane - Webmaster) in Erdington had spent hundreds of pounds transforming a scrubby bit of wasteland into a wildlife and educational garden that the public could enjoy.

Complete with a bird garden, picnic area and plots for local school children to grow their own vegetables, and an old portable cabin as an education centre, the project was all set to be launched this week.

But on Tuesday night (June 10) vandals put a stop to the allotment holders' plans.

"They're nothing but mean, low-life scum," said Julie Trahearn, allotment holder and project member, who was faced with ringing the schools to break the bad news to disappointed children.

"How can they just attack all the work we've done? They've got wire cutters and taken out the whole window to gain access to the cabin," she said.

"But because there's nothing to steal in there they've just vandalised the lot. They've set a fire extinguisher off, smashed up the security cameras and made a complete mess.

"We haven't been inside the cabin yet because the police are going to take prints, so we can't see the full extent of the damage, but it looks pretty bad. It's got to the stage where we're thinking, 'is it worth it'?

But we'll carry on because we don't want to let anyone beat us."

Another project member, Shirley Hughes, said she was "gutted" by the incident.

"We've worked hard to make something out of nothing - it was a complete eyesore before," she said.

"It makes you wonder if someone out there doesn't want us here. It's done with such vengeance and bitterness. I don't know what sort of people they are."

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Erdington police on 0845 113 5000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.'

More on this from an actual Allotment holder;

"This time it was really bad. The area in question is for the local school children to come along and grow things. The portacabin is the target at the moment. 2 weeks ago it was broken into and everything was stolen, on Monday night this week they tried and failed to get in but caused loads of damage which we repaired, then on Tuesday night they came back armed with wire cutters and got in by cutting the guards off the windows, and because there was nothing to steal they trashed the place.

All three incidents were reported to the police and they finally came out on the third time.

S.o.c.o (Scenes Of Crime Officers) were supposed to come out the same day and guess what? They didn't, so we started to clean up the following day, and then we got a phone call from them saying they could come today so I had to explain that it was to late as they were supposed to have come the previous day and the response was,

`Oh well, if it happens again we will try to get to you'!

After the second incident we put up ...... CCTV ....... but this was no deterrent as they smashed them off. There were people on the site until 10pm that night and some back on at am next morning.

So if anyone seen anything please let me know - my number is 07748 152 957.'

Meanwhile - More havoc there;

`The vandals were in again last Friday night (13/6/2008) and set on fire 2 scarecrows, also they decided to have a "party" in one of the sheds making a mess but luckily for us they left some empty beer cans which s.o.c.o have finger-printed so with any luck they might find out who it was.'

Police Plea Over Erdington High Street Church Arson Attack
From Birmingham Mail at

`THE church arsonist who destroyed the "jewel in the heart of Erdington" could escape scot-free unless the public come forward with information, police warned today. Detectives investigating the blaze which destroyed the historic St Barnabas Church, last October, have now exhausted all possible leads.

But officers are convinced someone in the community knows the identity of who started the blaze which tore through the 18th century listed building. Today Det Con Laura Burrows, from Queens Road CID, appealed directly for anyone with information to come forward.

"The investigation is at a point where we are relying on another piece of information from the public, no matter how small, to progress the investigation," she said.

"Without that vital information we may not be able to find who is responsible."

The blaze was discovered at about 6am on October 4. The building was engulfed in an inferno which gave off smoke and flames that could be seen on the city's skyline for miles around.

All that remains of the church, famous for its stained glass windows, is the clock tower and the partial remains of some of the walls. A forensic examination of the scene indicated that the fire was started near the church's front door, off Erdington High Street.

The blaze caused so much damage that it was not possible to find any evidence of whether an accelerant was used. Church leaders have pledged the building will rise from the ashes.

Police have investigated a number of leads including teenagers playing with fireworks, down and outs hanging around and even if someone had a grudge.

Det Con Burrows said: "We haven't been able to determine a motive for the fire."

* Detectives at Queens Road CID can be contacted on 0845 113 5000 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.'

Latest From West Midlands Police on

"Anti-social behaviour (updated 20/03/08):

The neighbourhood team are working with housing and residents to identify offenders. Pupil Watch have also been informed in cases where youths are causing a nuisance during school hours.

Litter in Jarvis Road (ongoing):

Rubbish collection is to be monitored by residents who should feed back to the Waste Management department at Birmingham City Council. The council has assigned an officer to fix any broken bins and Councillor Alden has been informed.

Recycling (ongoing):

Looking into the possibility of underground recycling area.

Mini Motos and quad bikes (ongoing):

Reports are being monitored by the neighbourhood team in conjunction with the Erdington Constituency and housing. Residents are urged to contact the police each time they see anyone on these vehicles.

Contact the team:

Telephone: 0845 113 5000 ext 7851 6252

Email: "

CCTV - Station Road
CCTV has been put up on Station Road, on the lamp-post opposite the Johnson Road junction and on the lamp-post nearest the bridge on the same side of that bridge.

Car Vandalised/Theft - Goosemoor Lane
A car parked secure overnight Wednesday 9th - Thursday 10th of April 2008 at the Kirkwood Avenue junction of Goosemoor Lane on the even-side had it's rear windscreen wiper ripped off. Was not found nearby etc so possibly a theft.

Mini Wrecking Spree - Gravelly Lane - Fri 11/4/2008
Two Chavs were running down Gravelly Lane around 10pm (from the Chester Road end) knocking down every wooden For Sale sign in front-gardens etc.

Short Heath Park Perimeter Stumps - Were Uprooted Again - Fixed
From Erdington Conservatives;

"In the past, cars have been dumped in the park and burnt out, this is why the stumps were put in place in the first place. It is also why we are quick to ensure they were mended ........... If residents spot one out, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can get it sorted quickly."

A stretch of them opposite the Inset had been torn out again though - fixed now again.

This seems the usual "Forth Bridge" thing - never sorting the core problem, i.e. the people actually doing it.

Erdington MP Sought Ideas On Tackling Crime
From Sutton Observer

`Erdington MP Sion Simon is asking the public to share ideas on tackling crime. Mr Simon, chair of the Labour Party Manifesto Group on Law and Order, intends to look at ways in which communities and police can work together.

He said:

"Nobody knows more about the needs of an area than the people who live there. This review puts power back in the hands of the people by asking how police and other organisations can work with communities to cut crime, how best to police local neighbourhoods and how to ensure the justice system has the public's full support by being more open and responsive."

Anyone wishing to add their views is asked to visit or write to Freepost, PO Box 1748, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 4XR.'

Child Abduction - Sutton New Road - Erdington - E-Fit Of Offender - Click Here
An extremely serious incident has occurred at the junction of Station Road and Sutton New Road. This from West Midlands Police;


Police are appealing for help in tracing a vehicle which has been involved in an abduction and attempt abduction of children.

Police are looking at links between two incidents which have occurred today and yesterday involving a dark green saloon 5 door vehicle.

The first incident took place at 11am on Sunday (March 2) in Fillimore Road, Alum Rock. A nine year old girl was approached by a dark green saloon vehicle as she walked along the road. The male driver, described as being white in his 30s and wearing glasses tried to entice her into his vehicle, but she ran off.

The second incident took place at around 8.15 this morning (Monday 3 March) in Sutton New Road at the junctions with Edward Road and Station Road in Erdington.

A 12 year-old girl was walking along the road, when a dark green saloon vehicle pulled up alongside her, the male driver, described as being white in his 30s and wearing glasses, opened the passenger door and pulled her into the vehicle and drove away. The girl escaped unharmed a short time later in the Nechells area.

Police are investigating both incidents and are appealing from anyone in the Alum Rock and Erdington areas who may have seen this vehicle acting suspiciously to contact them at Queens Road CID on 0845 113 5000.

DS Chris Vyse from Queens Road CID said: "Enquiries are ongoing, we have been speaking to local schools in the areas and issuing descriptions of the driver and the vehicle and offering advice to youngsters when out walking. We are also examining CCTV in the areas and increasing police patrols to reassure members of the communities concerned. If anyone has any information on this or if anyone else has been approached by a similar vehicle they should contact the CID on 0845 113 5000."'

As you can imagine with this serious (but rare) incident, it has attracted national media attention. The media will carry more on this ongoing incident.

A Similar Incident Reported Near Goosemoor Lane - 26/2/2008
Birmingham Mail reporting this;

`A YOUNG mum told today how a man tried to snatch her daughter as she played in the back garden of her Birmingham home.

Pennymarie Haddock said she screamed when she saw the suspected pervert with his hand on the arm of her three-year-old daughter, Rhiannon.

She fears it could be the same man who grabbed a 12-year-old girl, near Highclare School, on Monday.

The schoolgirl was bundled into a car and taken on a 25-minute terror ride by the man, before escaping unharmed at the Star City entertainment complex, in Nechells.

Pennymarie, who lives off Goosemoor Lane, Erdington, said the incident involving her daughter occurred a week last Tuesday. "It all happened in seconds," said the 25-year-old, who has two other children.

"Rhiannon was playing in the garden and I was watching her from the living room while doing the ironing. I popped into the kitchen to get some water and when I came back he was there.

"It was absolutely terrifying, the man was leaning into the garden and had his hand on my daughter's arm. I just screamed.

"He ran off. But I'm sure he intended to take her. It's horrible to think what might have happened."

The man was white and in his mid to late 20s.

No-one from West Midlands Police was immediately available for comment on the incident.

Pennymarie's home is a short walk from Sutton New Road where the 12-year-old girl was snatched by the man at 8.15am on Monday. Police were today continuing to hunt the 'silent abductor' who took the schoolgirl but never spoke to her during her ordeal. They said they had an "encouraging" response from the public.

The man is described as white, in his mid 30s and skinny with brown, short hair. He was wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, dark trousers and black rectangular glasses and driving a dark green saloon car.

They said they had received numerous calls from the public offering help and were today sifting through the information.

Officers were also continuing a trawl of footage from CCTV security cameras in the hope one may have recorded the car or registration plate of the offender.

Det Insp Nick Walton, from Queens Road CID, said: "We've had numerous calls and not just Birmingham. It was a really encouraging response.

"We are prioritising that information and there are a number of positive leads. There are a number of people we are looking to eliminate.

"We believe this was an isolated incident.

"We are continuing to encourage people to come forward. We hope someone will put the description together with the car and come forward with a name."'

Cable Box Busted Open - Fixed - But Busted Open Again! Fixed. Witton Lodge Road
By the first 7/65 bus stop. Fixed - Again!

Crime Above Is For 2008


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