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(The unofficial e-group page for Goosemoor Lane, Short Heath, Erdington, Birmingham, B23, United Kingdom)

When I started the Goosemoor Lane website in June 2001 it started out as just 1 sheet of about A4. I didn't really think it would expand the way it has, it will get bigger in fact. A consequence of this is it's very hard for regular readers to spot all the new bits (I could alter the design of the site but new people are informed about the site every day so it needs to make sense to them).

Also with no e-group you have to visit the site to see if it's been updated (from the date given).

Also the local media use the site for stories (this is ok but again unforeseen when I set up the site).

It's slightly easy finding new stuff with the News and Crime page because the new stuff is at the top, generally anyway. The History page however is in broadly chronological order (so it always makes sense to new readers) but making new stuff hard to find.

So I've set up a free "e-group";

If you subscribe, by first sending a one-off message to, you'll be emailed by me when the site has been updated (save you needing to check all the time) and be told the "headlines" (new bits since the last update and where to look for them). If you email the e-group that message (and your email address) will be seen by all those who have subscribed.

So when emailing it's; (for messages to me only) (messages you want to send to ALLl of us)

Do remember that.

Obviously many subscribers regularly sending messages to all will be a bit like the Discussion Page we already have (but the e-group has uses the Discussion Page cannot do and vice-versa so we'll have both for now and see how things evolve).

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