Goosemoor Lane, looking up to the Bend from Gravelly Lane - 1948(Birmingham Central Library)

This was taken about opposite what is now the Church of course, looking up to the Bend. Stones was the name of the laundry at this time (that's one of their little vans). The Co-op took it over later. It may have been that the war-damage (to the right) was deliberately kept out of shot (Stones' fence was slightly damaged by shrapnel and was not repaired but Cookes have rebuilt it entirely so now no trace of the damage exists). The trees are just saplings and there are gas-lamps! Stones Garden Laundry had an arch, and what do Cookes have on top of their store today? An arch!

Domec! Discount! Centre!
Now I remember the laundrette (Harris Clean?) where Cookes Furniture now is (became Domec about 1975, then Cooke and Son in the 1980's). Was a Co-op Laundry until the 1950's (above you can see it was Stones before that, I'll find the exact years). Harris Clean did not occupy the Stones building, the Harris one was far more modern.

Stones Green (off Jarvis Road)
This road was named after the laundry, Stones Garden Laundry (now Cookes Furniture is there on Goosemoor Lane).

Rose and Crown Bowling Green
There was one in the car-park, was tended by the same gardener who maintained the garden of Stones Garden Laundry. Goosemoor Lane, looking up to the Bend from Gravelly Lane - 2002

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