Goosemoor Lane War-Damage(Central Library ref WK/E2/404)

No date given, you can't tell exactly where it is but it must be opposite what is today Cookes from the memories of residents (who say that raid was about 1942 but it's looking more like 10th/11th April 1941). The damage was considerable as you can see. Anyone inside would have been lucky to survive (a female ARP warden inside was killed as were a number of others - see the casualty list). This raid scattered incendiaries too. As well as by what is now the Kirkwood Avenue junction ones landed in the back garden of number 144 and front garden of 146 (where it's garage now is). Apparently if you dig by there the soil still smells of the burning.

I've noticed bomb-damage on the pavement by Cookes. By the 2nd entrance up from Gravelly Lane, same gouge marks in the pavement like outside number 69 (these are not just like the cracks from wear and tear quite prevalent in our road but where the stone was literally gouged out. Distinctively different).

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