Goosemoor Lane/Court Lane Junction 29th August 1932

(Central Library ref WK/E2/534)

Yes! The "after" photo. Much of the housing of today near the junction is there (235 was the last house on the odd-side though. That building is the same as today so recognisable). In those days keep-left signs were like lamposts and had "Keep Left" written on them (see it where the small white one is today?). The name-plate on the odd-side has appeared, still there today. So are the trees with the stone foundations, but 5 instead of today's 3.

"Missing" Stone Foundation Trees
One lay right at the Court Lane junction, the other was the last one in the line (see it?) A modern tall main highway lamp and Bowling Green Close respectively are there now . They were therefore probably removed to improve visibility at the junctions.

Goosemoor Lane History

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