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Thursday 8th April 2021 Edition

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New off-licence on Witton Lodge Rd opposed (junction with Flackwell Rd)
The opening of a new off-licence in Erdington would 'decrease public safety and increase the risk of harm to children', it has been claimed. An application has been made by the Grant Witton Lodge Convenience Store for a licence to sell alcohol from 6am to 1am Monday to Sunday, something the police have objected to over concerns around crime and disorder.

Local councillors Robert Alden (Cons, Erdington) and Gareth Moore (Cons, Erdington) have also written to the council voicing their objection, stating concerns around child safety.

However the applicant has hit back, presenting what they say is a petition by local residents to support the application with more than 500 signatures.

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Charli Ashford has Yoga classes at Boldmere St Michaels Football club in Sutton Coldfield:

Mondays @ 6.30pm - 7.30pm and 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Tuesday @ 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Wednesday @ 9.30am - 10.30am

A combination of yoga styles but all the classes are great for beginners through to those who are more advanced. And booking in advance is needed due to availability.

Contact :

Video - man in underwear flees police across gardens in Erdington. No exact location given - certainly suspicious (he had a missing girl in his house when the police came and ran away when dressed like that) but police say no crimes committed;

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Fix My Street round up - Erdington
Archers Close (Perry Common) - overflowing bin again -

College Farm Drive (Perry Common) - overflowing bin again -

Court Lane (Short Heath) - flytipping -

Eastdean Close (Perry Common) - abandoned child car seat -

Flackwell Rd (Short Heath) - mattress has been dumped -

Goosemoor Lane (Short Heath) - pot holes all along, from Travis Perkins up to the junction towards Court Lane. Street cleaning needed every 2 weeks too -

Goosemoor Lane (Short Heath) - pile of rubbish dumped on the grass verge between Anstey Fields and Topcroft Rd -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - fly-tipping -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - loose drain cover -

Kingsfisher Rd (Perry Common) - for several weeks rubbish is being dump at the same location -

Kirkwood Avenue (Short Heath) - numerous cases of flytipping on the -

Short Heath Park - burnt out motor bike -

Station Rd (Short Heath) - rubbish and uneven roads are along the whole of the road -

Thomas Walsh Avenue (Short Heath) - Steel Maitland Avenue, Simmons Crescent and Thomas Walsh Avenue all need street cleaning -

Tulip Close (Perry Common) - rubbish dumped amongst the trees -

Tulip Close (Perry Common) - overflowing bin -

From Erdington Conservatives;

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Fix My Street round up - Erdington
Goosemoor Lane (Short Heath) - a large broken mirror has been flytipped. The glass is smashed and its leaning against the Bowling Green Close road sign -

Gravelly Gardens (Short Heath) - litter in the alley leading from Goosemoor Lane to Gravelly Lane -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - flytipping -

Hurstway (Perry Common) - obscene graffiti all over grey communications box and street name plate at the entrance of Curlews Close -

Hurstway (Perry Common) - old fencing and various other rubbish dumped just passed the entrance to Curlews Close -

Maxted Rd (Short Heath) - pothole near drain -

Medwin Grove (Perry Common) - dumped wheelie bin and various rubbish by the side of pathway at the back of the houses -

Oliver Rd (Short Heath) - several bags of rubbish have been left -

Oliver Rd (Short Heath) - cardboard has been dumped on the pavement causing obstruction -

Oliver Rd (Short Heath) - a vehicle has been parked near the junction with Gravelly Lane for several weeks and is badly damaged -

Saint Georges Avenue (Short Heath) - flytipping -

Topcroft Rd Maisonettes north block (Short Heath) - pile of fly-tipped plastic and wood on grassy area at end of block -

Turfpits Lane (Perry Common) - lots of dumped furniture by the road -

Turfpits Lane (Perry Common) - child car seat dumped on the pavement -

Wesley Rd (Short Heath) - a sofa has been dumped opposite Erdington Methodist Church carpark -

Witton Lodge Rd (Perry Common) - cars coming from both ways (but mainly turning the corner from Maxted Road onto Witton Lodge) are driving straight through red traffic lights when people are crossing -

'Mini forest' of 600 trees springing up in Erdington (Perry Common)

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Fix My Street round up;

Chipstead Rd (Perry Common) - rain water is not draining away -

Deerham Close (Perry Common) - flytipping -

Goosemoor Lane (Short Heath) - pothole next to bollard on the bend -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - broken glass on pavement -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - dumped light tubes & household waste -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - dumped rubbish -

Jarvis Rd (Short Heath) - more flytipping in the footpath between the flats and the allotments -

Jerrys Lane (Short Heath) - flytipping -

Maxted Rd (Perry Common) - flytipping -

Maxted Rd (Perry Common) - potholes -

Maxted Rd (Perry Common) - street light (just across from Oak Drive) isn't working -

Norfolk Rd (Short Heath) - fly tipping -

Sheddington Rd (Perry Common) - dumped fridge -

Short Heath Park - motorbike found dumped in the wood by the fence near to Topcroft maisonettes north building. Believe this was reported last year 2020 but bike is still in the wood -

Station Rd (Short Heath) - dumped Mini car -

Turfpits Lane (Perry Common) - rubbish and fly tipping -

Witton Lodge Rd (Perry Common) - damaged traffic lights -

Witton Lodge Rd (Perry Common) - flytipping -

Black bags dumped at entrance to alley on Topcroft Rd at the back of Goosemoor Lane - reported.

Rubbish outside number 104 not taken - reported.

Fix My Street round up;

Chalford Rd on walkway that leads to Maxted Rd (Perry Common) - television broken up left on the floor -

Dean Rd (Short Heath) - large fridge freezer left on pavement -

Dean Rd (Short Heath) - rubbish dumped -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - dumped mattress plus other debris -

Oliver Rd near junction with Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - sign left on pavement -

Station Rd (Short Heath) - broken drain cover -

Station Rd (Short Heath) - metal machinery dumped -

Turfpits Lane (Perry Common) - dumped furniture -

Witton Lodge Rd near Sheddington Rd (Perry Common) - rubbish bins pushed over -

Court Lane (Short Heath) - speeding vehicles -

Grayshott Close (Short Heath) - 2 burnt out motorbikes -

Hawthornbrook Way (Short Heath) - fly tipping -

Jerrys Lane - about 10 bin bags left behind a BT box and a few more just to the side near a garden fence -

The Parklands (Short Heath) - van with no MOT or road tax on it -

Witton Lodge Rd (Perry Common) near Maxted Rd junction - one side of the pedestrian lights has been hit and is now missing lights and both sides facing the wrong way -

Witton Lodge Rd (Perry Common) - a bin has been burnt and people are still putting litter in. A fridge has been abandoned next to the bus stop -


Workmen have been pruning the sycamore trees on Goosemor Lane and some pot holes have been filled too.

New street lamps have been put on the Topcroft estate - including in some of the alleys where existing lamps were dull or have failed - so they are better lit up now.

Fix My Street round up - Erdington

(I've ignored the reports regarding falling leaves as that is already well known to the Council at this time of year and is a city wide problem - they know to send out collection vans everywhere etc and it is already happening in some places)

another batch;

Baldmoor Lake Rd (Short Heath) - abandoned fridges -

Gravelly Lane (Short Heath) - loose and broken paving slabs on pavement outside Costcutter shop by Station Rd junction -

Johnson Rd (Short Heath) - car involved in an accident left abandoned -

Maxted Rd (Perry Common) - potholes -

Turfpits Lane (Perry Common) - flying tipping covering public highway outside a school -

Witton Lodge Road (Perry Common) - pot holes by Maxted Rd junction -

Fix My Street round up;

Abbeyfield Rd - dumped black bags -

Chester Rd (by the railway station) - previously partly cleared of ivy and tree but now hanging out across pavement again -

Chester Rd (by the railway station) - seemingly abandoned workmen's equipment -

Court Lane (Short Heath Park) - flytipping near carpark including an old sofa that has been put in the bushes -

Goosemoor Lane - bollard in centre of Court Lane junction has gone and is now lower down the road on the pavement -

Hawthornbrook Way - more fly tipping, large barrel and looks like electrical covers -

Kirkwood Avenue (back of the houses on Chester Rd) - rubbish is directly dumped, rats also -

Mona Rd - numerous areas of the road affected with flytipping -

Oliver Rd (near to junction with Gravelly Lane) - a bin full of bottles and other rubbish has been left on pavement -

Simmons Crescent (back of Jarvis Rd) - bags of garden waste dumped in hedgerow -

Simmons Crescent (back of Jarvis Rd) - flytipping -

Simmons Crescent (back of Jarvis Rd) - flytipping -

(for some reason those 3 different reports were reported separately)

Turfpits Lane - one or two wires hanging down from the mast (assumed to be a telephone pole) -

Fix My Street round up;

Dean Rd - mattresses and other rubbish fly tipped on the pavement and roadside -

Gravelly Lane - clothes dumped at full charity bin -

(That might only be a problem if not cleared away with the contents of the recycler)

Kirkwood Avenue - cars from Goosemoor Lane parking on the corner making access difficult and dangerous -

(That junction was constructed in a too narrow fashion due to infrastructure restrictions in place when built in the 1980's and it can't be physically widened now - so cars can be parked legally and yet still be a problem there)

Goosemoor Lane - dumped suitcase full of clothes -

Jarvis Rd - constant litter which encourages fly tipping along the hedgerow and path to the allotments -

Kirkwood Avenue - private grassland not being maintained by the owner (council) -

Oliver Rd/ Gravelly Lane - a dumped freezer is on the pavement -

Key found on Jerry's Lane opposite the shops - message if it's yours and i will pass it on to the finder.

Petition - Save Short Heath Playing Fields -

More -

Save Short Heath Playing Fields group on Facebook -

Fix My Street round up;

Abbeyfield Rd - dog fouling -

Bleak Hill recreation ground - allegations of people sleeping in there and dumping rubbish! -

Bonsall Rd - missed bin bags collection -

Dean Rd - 2 fridges left on pavement -

Goosemoor Lane - 2 foot area of missing tarmac. About three inches deep -

Gravelly Lane - dumped sofa -

Knipersley Rd - trip hazard -

Cross Keys pub earmarked to become homeless hostel - High Street/Station Rd junction

More -

Found parrot on Gravelly Lane -

I got this from a local church in Perry Common;

"I have created a WhatsApp group to keep everyone connected at St Martin's church. People chat to each other through it daily and every Tuesday from 10 till 12 we have a virtual Place Of Welcome where we all come together and play games (Virtually). This week we played Dingbats and it was hysterical, it helped many with their isolation. If you have a phone that WhatsApp can be downloaded on to and you would like to join, please send me your mobile phone number and I can add you to the group. Also. if you know of anyone else who is struggling with isolation and would like to chat with others to feel connected, send me their name and mobile number and I can welcome them in to."

Database of relevant churches - check for a (virtual) Place Of Welcome scheme in your area -

Here are the official World Health Organisation vaccine and treatment "races" re Covid 19.

The official Vaccine race - think of it like The Grand National steeplechase horse race - there are 8 "favourites" and 110 "outsiders" - of the 8 "favourites" in the race, 4 are Chinese, 3 are American, and 1 is British. Here is the British one;

Platform - Non Replicating Viral Vector

Type of candidate vaccine - ChAdOx1

Developer - University of Oxford

Coronavirus target - SARS-CoV2

Current stage of clinical evaluation/regulatory status - Coronavirus candidate - Phase 1/2 NCT04324606

Same platform for non-Coronavirus candidates - MERS, influenza, TB, Chikungunya, Zika, MenB, plague

As with the Grand National though (famously with horses like Foinavon, Crisp and Devon Loch etc) anything can happen between now and the finish line however far ahead or behind one of them is at any given point - if and when one of them ever reaches the end and works of course.

The official WHO vaccine hunt webpage -

And the Treatment race at the WHO;

Meanwhile the search for a Covid 19 treatment goes on too, but there are only 4 official WHO `runners and riders' in that race;


Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine (officially still in the race apparently - but as yet UNPROVEN)

Lopinavir with Ritonavir

Lopinavir with Ritonavir plus Interferon beta-1a.

So a surprisingly short list of official candidates there - to me anyway.

The WHO webpage re the Treatment `race' -

Petition - Say No To Football Behind Closed Doors : No Fans = No Football

Here -

Goosemoor Lane Church Starts Online Services
Just dropping you a line to inform you of our new online church service - well, we're actually about to broadcast on episode 5 now, so not that new! It goes without saying that we are living in very challenging times and all of us have been impacted to varying degrees. There are many in the Goosemoor Lane community whose faith is an integral part of their life but find themselves no longer able to attend their place of worship and meet with others. They may be looking for ways of maintaining their connection with other believers or there may be others who would not usually attend a church but are curious and would find an online experience an appealing way of "dipping their toe in the water".

THE SUNDAY CONNECTION is a pre-recorded production premiered each Sunday @12pm, typically lasting around 30min. Viewers will be presented with inspirational singing/music, personal expressions of gratitude, a public health message and a short message of hope and encouragement.

Anyone interested can watch by going to -

Our next episode broadcasts at 12pm this coming Sunday (previous episodes are available to watch on the same page). Just dropping you a line to inform you of our new online church service - well, we're actually about to broadcast on episode 5 now, so not that new! It goes without saying that we are living in very challenging times and all of us have been impacted to varying degrees.

The Present Coronavirus/Covid 19 Emergency

3 messages from police re Covid 19 (I would advise only getting involved with official voluntary bodies during the current Covid 19 crisis - both for reasons of accountability should something go wrong but also to avoid criminals becoming involved).

1. FUTURE PACT AND Neighbourhood Watch MEETINGS - due to the on going events with the Covid 19 virus all future planned meetings are now cancelled until further notice. Currently I am still on duty and available should you have any issues regarding your areas and will aim to reply as soon as I can. I will keep you informed if this changes in the future. Any Street watch activity patrols should not take place if you are at the vulnerable age.

Please look after each other and stay safe. See you at some time in the future.

Paul Daniels -

2. West Midlands Police are trying to capture any volunteer work that is happening locally in all our communities, that are supporting the elderly and most vulnerable people in the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are working closely with Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) to support them where work has already commenced. If you belong to a volunteer group, or you have set up a temporary group to help others, you belong to a faith group, then please let us know what you are doing, where you are and how many people you are supporting.

If you are a group leader/organiser please contact me -

3. A number of our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme members have kindly set up a service for those on our roads affected by the coronavirus and self isolating. The idea is that we pick up shopping, post mail, collect urgent supplies during these extraordinary times. Tonight, a number of members distributed a flyer to ALL non members of the neighbourhood watch scheme. This might also encourage non members to join there scheme. This service is available to everyone: non members and members and we want to make everyone aware that if you are self isolating and need support with shopping or bringing in essential items. I would encourage all WM Now members to look out for there neighbours especially the elderly and the most vulnerable.

This is a great idea from the Sycamore Road (B23) Neighbourhood Watch scheme showing great initiative during these testing times for us all.

Stay safe everyone and look out for each other.

Paul Daniels -

Some Covid-19 Help Sites

Erdington local community response to COVID19 -

Kingstanding Mutual Aid Group during Covid-19 -

Birmingham Mutual Aid and Covid-19 Community Response Group -

Birmingham Community Solidarity: Coronavirus Response -

Cooperation Birmingham COVID- 19 Mutual Aid -

Sutton Coldfield COVID-19 Mutual Aid -

Erdington high street magazine - March 2020 -

Power cut on part of Goosemoor Lane - again
(16/2/2020) - same fault as on election night by the look of it (underground cables by the Kirkwood Avenue junction) - workmen were out all night in the rain fixing it.

2 new sets of goalposts are up in Short Heath Park - by the side bordering the allotments - see how much they get used and how long before vandals tear them down.

General Election Result - Erdington

Labour - Jack Dromey. Votes: 17,720

Conservative - Robert Alden. Votes: 14,119

The Brexit Party - Wendy Garcarz. Votes: 1,441

Liberal Democrat - Ann Holtom. Votes: 1,301

Green - Rob Grant. Votes: 648

A Walk Across Birmingham Via Sutton and Erdington
On Sunday 24th November 2019, two members of the Erdington Walking Group walked from one end of Birmingham to the other. They chose the longest possible route - estimated to be 18 miles.

Gary O'Brien and Selina Gooden started at the Four Oaks end on the Staffordshire border by the BBC transmitter - and made their way on foot via Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield town centre, Wylde Green, Erdington Aston, Birmingham city centre, Lee Bank, Edgbaston, Selly Oak, Bournville, Northfield, Longbridge, Rednal, and finally to Cofton Hackett on the Worcestershire border.

See just a few attached photos to illustrate the point - we took so many that the phone battery went flat - but surely you already know what the Mothers old concert hall on Erdington High Street looks like without needing the picture of me photo-bombing it with my bald patch just to show my Warriors jacket again? ("I want everyone to know that The Warriors were there")

Feel free to request a picture of a particular part of the route and I'll stick it on the thread if we took a picture there.

We did it to raise awareness of Diabetes, The Birmingham Air Raids Remembrance Association, Suresearch (a mental health research group at the University Of Birmingham), and the Birmingham Branch of The UNA (a group which supports the work of the United Nations).

It was also done to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1979 movie The Warriors, where a group of young men had to make their way from one end of New York to the other, and met a woman who decided to accompany them - hence the jacket that Gary wore (and by co-incidence Selina taking part).

(Gary attempted to mimic Nikola Tesla's famous "wireless electricity" experiment by placing a light-bulb in the ground yards from the BBC transmitter - but it failed to illuminate! An electrrical engineer might know exactly why not but it seems that modern transmitters aim most of their energy at the horizon not ground level).

Selina struggled on the final stretch up the long hill from Longbridge past the car factory, but made it with some encouragement from Gary. It took 8 hours (including posing for pictures) and the Autumn day start caused by organising delays sadly meant that it ended in darkness.

Anyone else attempting the walk might want to choose a Summer day so that they are always in daylight, and consider walking it the reverse way in order to get the hills of Rednal, Longbridge, Northfield and Selly Oak etc done at the start (the Mere Green and Four Oaks stretches are basically flat). Women will generally find it harder to do than men.

More about walking for health can be found at -

You can follow the same route online is a far less exhausting but picturesque way via Google Street View - the A5127 from the junction with the A4026 into Birmingham city centre - on to the A38 and then the B4120 and the border is mere yards before the B4096 junction (Rednal island) by the Lickey Hills - the idea was to make it to that island but Selina was utterly spent at the border point itself but managed a big smile for the camera.

The Warriors movie opening credits showing their initial outward journey (on a Subway line a bit like our Cross City Line) before heading back in the movie itself (New York City is about 35 miles across compared to Birmingham seemingly being only 18) -

The Warriors movie end credits at their destination on the other side of New York City (obviously don't watch if not wanting to know which of them made it safely across until watching the movie - it is a bit like The Magnificent 7) - sadly due to the fading light and clouds we couldn't get a final shot of the entire city of Birmingham from nearby Beacon Hill at The Lickey Hills - Selina couldn't go another step anyway and only just made it to the border as it was and almost gave up entirely merely yards from it -

Save Erdington Library - I'm not aware of any new threat but someone has set up a petition -

West Midlands Railway - Adopt A Station scheme
The Adopt A Station scheme enables individuals or groups to adopt their local railway station and contribute to its use and welfare. Stations can become beacons of hope and revival for local communities and volunteer efforts can help restore their place as central to local life. Our Adopt a Station scheme enables individuals or groups to adopt their own local railway station and work with us as the Train Operating Company, playing an active role in reviving and enhancing their local Station. Railway Station volunteer activity provides a positive outlet for local energy to contribute to improving towns and villages and these community partnerships can be transformational for both economies and societies.

Friends of a Station come together to plant, paint, create, improve and promote and great friendships can be made with station staff, other volunteers and members of the wider community. The rewards are evident in commuters and passengers’ responses and the visible upgrades which are uplifting to witness.
As a company we are committed to getting closer to the communities we serve as this will result in us building a better railway. We are aware that we are merely custodians of much-cherished national community assets and we want to work with local people to use stations and train services to reflect and enhance community pride and prosperity.

If you are interested in adopting your local station and would like the Adopt A Station Start Up Pack, please email:

More -

Places Of Welcome are run by local community groups who want everyone in their neighbourhood to have a place to go for a friendly face, a cup of tea and a conversation if and when they need it -

The nearest;

North Birmingham Vineyard Church, Living Well Centre, 480 Chester Rd, Birmingham B73 5BP
St Margarets Church, Jarvis Rd, Short Heath B23 5RR
St Michael's Church, Church Rd, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield B73 5RX

Methodist Church, Boldmere Rd, Sutton Coldfield B73 5UB

Northside Welcome Centre, 176 Streetly Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B23 7AL

St Martin's Church, 140 Witton Lodge Rd, Perry Common, Birmingham B23 5AP
Six Ways Erdington Baptist Church, Wood End Rd, Erdington, Birmingham B24 8AD

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church, Trinity Hill, Sutton Coldfield B72 1TA

Whats App group set up for Goosemoor Lane by a resident -

Big crash on Chester Rd - in the Yenton or Gravelly Lane area - September 26 -

Police probe as woman found dead inside house on Summer Road
The 54-year-old was discovered with multiple serious injuries and was confirmed dead at the scene by an ambulance crew just before 9.30am on Friday morning (September 6). The woman’s death is being treated as unexplained and enquiries are on-going to establish what happened between 6pm last night (5 Sept) when she was last seen and this morning. Anyone with information should contact police via Live Chat at between 8am and midnight, call 101 anytime or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Please quote log 639 of 6/9.

More -

Sign Put Up - Goosemoor Lane

Sign put up by a clearly exasperated resident at the junction of Goosemoor Lane and Court Lane - it is possible to mistake their back garden for a field etc if you are not local - however there are dog bins yards away in Short Heath Park so there is no excuse really - generally speaking this is less of a problem than years back?

The Aston Villa SupportersTrust invites all groups, whether they are official or unofficial supporter clubs, local community groups, websites, social media groups/channels or any other type of fan groups to become official partners -

Child injured in rush-hour head-on crash near Erdington Train Station. Tuesday 9/7/2019 -

Petition : put CCTV cameras in Brookvale Park play area -

Potholes top of Sycamore Road junction Chester Road. They have been there for some weeks now -

Oasis Academy school in Short Heath (Sheddington Road) offers a food bank, free school uniform shop, hot meals in the holidays - and even gives away leftover school dinners -

Erdington Oaks Play Area Is Now Open

Refuse Bins Problems - yes there still is a strike - the black bags have been taken reasonably on Goosemoor Lane but many weeks have passed since the recycling was taken -

Street Lights out;

Lamp 13 Goosemoor Lane (by the bend) is out - reported

Lamp 7 on Steel Maitland Avenue is out - reported

Steel Maitland Avenue (number 1) and Jarvis Road (number 3). Council response - "One of my Street Lighting Team has now assessed the street lights in question. Their investigation identified that the street lights are not maintained under the Highways Contract; as such, my team is not authorised to carry out any work on them. I am, however, working with my colleagues within Birmingham City Council to identify who is responsible for the street lights in question, and arrange for them to carry out the required work."

Lamp 12 Goosemoor Lane B23 was out - fixed

Hole in the pavement at the base of Lamp 10 on Topcroft Rd B23 - reported

Petition - let children play at Boldmere Gate (in Sutton Park) : give them a play area -

Planning permission applications;

2018/02510/PA - Erection of two storey side and rear and single storey rear extension - 304 Court Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B23 5LQ

2018/04123/PA - Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for the proposed erection of a single storey rear extension - 51 Somerset Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6NQ

2018/03918/PA - Erection of single storey front and side extensions - 23 Osprey Road, Birmingham B23 5JQ

2018/03564/PA - Erection of single storey rear extension and garage conversion to habitable room with associated roof alterations to side - 26 Hidson Road, Erdington, Birmingham B23 7DY

2018/03376/PA - Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the proposed detached outbuilding and a dormer window to rear - 96 Dean Road, Birmingham B23 6QF

2018/01993/PA - Demolition of existing garage and utility room and erection of detached bungalow - 26 Pattison Gardens, Erdington, Birmingham B23 7NQ

2018/02911/PA - Erection of two storey side and rear extensions and single storey side extension - 54 Kirkwood Avenue, Erdington, Birmingham B23 5QQ

2018/03130/PA - Erection of two storey side and rear and single storey rear extension - 33 College Farm Drive, Erdington, Birmingham B23 5YE

2018/03323/PA - Erection of two storey side and single storey rear extension - 23 Griffin Road, Birmingham B23 7EE

2018/02589/PA - Erection of single storey front and rear extensions - 25 Low Wood Road, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6HE

2018/00531/PA - Installation of dormer window to rear - 56 Kirkwood Avenue, Erdington, Birmingham B23 5QQ

2018/02596/PA - Display of one non-illuminated directional sign - Land at the junction of, College Road and Perry Common Road, Erdington, Birmingham B23

2018/00625/PA - Erection of single storey rear extension - 9 Osborne Road South, Erdington, Birmingham B23 6TT

Link for more info -

Mac - the "Greensleeves" ice-cream man of Erdington - R.I.P.

Mac Leask was an ice cream man for 5 decades in the area and his funeral was recently.

Reading all the media stories though, I had no idea exactly which driver they meant (none mentioned the tune the van played and only mentioned him working across Pype Hayes).

If the online video works, here is the van playing the tune at the head of his funeral cortege -

("Oh - the ice cream van that played `Greensleeves' - that one!")

I heard that one all the time across Erdington - not just in Pype Hayes like the media are saying - but no more though sadly.

Here is another (slower) version of Greensleeves from You Tube, said to be composed by King Henry VIII - hence the picture -

That tune - familiar now? Surely we all heard it across the Erdington area for years?

Potholes have been there for months - Hurstwood Rd -

Paint all over road/Rubbish been left in road - Finsbury Grove -

Air Ambulance Landed In The Area After Man Falls From Ladder In Boldmere
A man had to be airlifted to a major trauma centre after suffering significant multiple injuries in a fall. The ambulance service received a call at 5.24pm on Friday afternoon after the man suffered what is understood to be a fall from a ladder in Church Road, Boldmere. The Midlands Air Ambulance from Staffordshire was called to the scene and landed in a field at the back of Littlecote Drive and a land ambulance also attended -

Issues With A Bus Stop On Gravelly Lane
Re the 96/66 to Erdington bus stop on Gravelly Lane by the Oliver Rd junction (by the row of shops) - am getting messages that too many cars park right there during the day and so the elderly/buggies etc can't easily get on or off the buses - does anyone have more comments about it before I take it up with the bus company and council etc?

From Erdington Tories;

The Tories are delivering a magazine in the area called Erdington News in order to get their message/propaganda across -

Street Associations - aiming to stimulate and facilitate the restoration of true community, and communal values, particularly those necessary to support true community. A small core group (maybe 6-8 people) meets over a coffee maybe four or five times a year to come up with ideas and then makes things happen.

Getting started is easy - put a letter around inviting residents who want to see more community spirit to come together for an evening (in someone’s house, in a pub, hall, or under a gazebo on a green). Discuss the idea. If people are keen, ask for volunteers to join a core group and take it forward from there, together.  It just takes someone to take the initiative.

The intention is to work with people of goodwill from all faiths and none, together with local councils, housing associations, the health sector, police and other stakeholders, together to affirm and realize the vision of restoring true community to every resident on every street.

More -


Cross City Line rail route suspended as lorry crashes into bridge - again. (31 Jan 2018).

The bridge strike happened in Summer Road, Erdington.

More -

3 road accidents - 7/2/2018. Goosemoor Land on the bend. At the Maxted Rd/Witton Lodge Rd junction. On Hawthorn Rd too - vague details though.

Huge pot hole - Gravelly Lane -

Power Cut - Entrance of St Thomas Road and Slade Road cordoned off as smoke rises from pavement in underground fire - triggering local electricity power cut - Tues 3/4/2018

Power cut Jan 24 (2018) in part of the B23 area

Power Cuts - past list - I do list them when they occur in the area, here are the ones from the last few years that I know of;

There was a power cut Tuesday (6/9/2016) in the B23 area from around midday to 2.15pm

Jaffray Road had a power cut - 13/7/2016. Back on the same day

Goosemoor Lane. This was on Saturday 5th June 2015 from around 9.50am - 10.35am.

Spread out over a few minutes round about midnight Sunday 15th February 2014 and Monday 16th February 2014 - on/off, on/off, on/off etc.

Power Cut - Gravelly Lane - Monday 3/2/2014. It affected one side by the junction with Station Road (the off-licence, grocery store, Chinese takeaway, lamp-posts and nearby housing for about 6 houses up etc). An electricity van was there with workers digging up the pavement. I don't know if that was the cause, the repairers, or arranged beforehand. An odd time to do it deliberately if that was the case.

Electricity Power Cut - Goosemoor Lane - 4.50pm on Thursday 1/8/2013. Was out for about 1 hour.

Power cut on Monday 5/3/2012

Power cut on the night of 4-5/10/2011

Power surge on Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning 21/22 December 2010

Power cut - New Year's Day 2009

"UFO's" overhead in Erdington were actually just some F15 fighter jets
The pictures are online and there were many witnesses in the area, but the "UFO's" seen overhead in Erdington early on Monday 12/2/2018 were actually just some American air force fighter jets flying to Wales and back from a base in East Anglia - not ET or the Russian air force etc.

So don't worry, the Yanks are on our side - well they are for now anyway. Donald Trump might Tweet a change soon though - after all he's inconsistent with everything else he Tweets so why not that too. We'll be able to fight back with those aeroplanes we don't have on our aircraft carriers.

More -

Topcroft Road road sign uprooted - fixed - it got hit by a car some weeks back but wasn't automatically fixed.

Bollard knocked over - Westland Close - reported -

Cyberbullying facts and statistics for 2016/2017 -

Shopping trolley left in bin store of block requires removal/collection. Handle red/grey in colour. Stones Green (off Jarvis Road) -

Washing machine and printers dumped by garages and sofa bed dumped behind Norfolk House (on Westland Close) -

Man suffers fractures in Erdington struggling for TWO hours before 999 call
The man is believed to have fallen from a loft at a property off Gravelly Lane and then ‘shuffled’ to his front door (November 18th 2017).

More -

Yet another car crash
At the junction of Goosemoor Lane and Top Croft Road - apparently just after 7am on Sunday 15th October. A car (seemingly coming from the Gravelly Lane direction) collided with a lamp post and the Top Croft street sign on the pavement before ploughing into the front garden fence of a house there - anyone standing on the pavement at the time would've been badly injured, or worse.

An abandoned Tesco trolley was left on Goosemoor Lane at the Hawthorn Close junction - about 1/2 from the nearest Tesco store - reported and collected.

Stag spotted in Witton Lakes -

From Severn Trent Water;

Court Lane - sewer upgrade. 8th December is now the estimated end date

Work will start at the beginning of August to update the sewer pipes. Please note that we will need to close Court Lane (Chester Rd end) to all through traffic during this time -

(Court Lane is open again now - they are working in the gap between the Londis shop and the Greyhound pub)

Nine people evacuated after blaze breaks out at Fish 'n' Chip shop in Flackwell Road
The fire happened at Cod Fellas Fish 'n' Chips on Friday (August 25). Eight people were evacuated from the Hairways hair salon next door as well as one resident from a flat above the chip shop.

Read more at -

Man injured in three-vehicle crash - Turfpits Lane
The collision happened in Turfpits Lane, near to the junction of Jerry's Lane, at around 7pm on Tuesday (August 22).

Read more at -

Website for the new Erdington Leisure Centre -

Pot holes on Gravelly Lane -

Lamp P2 Somerton Drive is out - has been for some months apparently. Council update - "One of my Street Lighting Team has now assessed the street light in question. Their investigation identified that the street light is not one which is maintained under the Highways Contract; as such, my team is not authorised to carry out any work on it. I am, however, working with my colleagues within Birmingham City Council to identify who is responsible for the street light in question, and arrange for them to carry out the required work."

Yet Another Accident - Sunday 30/7/2017 around 3.30pm
A car came down from the direction of Court Lane (in the rain) and crashed on the Goosemoor Lane bend. Police and an ambulance were in attendance.

(For news of the recent fatal accident and resulting resident actions etc see the Crime page)

Good Neighbours Day in 2018 - social network Nextdoorr has teamed up with Neighbourhood Watch and a charity called The Challenge to call on the government to create an official national Good Neighbours Day in 2018 -

The walkway between Jarvis Road and Baldmoor Lake Road (called Erdington Gardens) is open again (it is a slight maze with at least one cul-de-sac etc) and it will be opened to road traffic at some point -

Erdington Massives Facebook page - this group is about all things ERDINGTON! Did you grow up there? Do you have any photos, Good memories or anything to share about ERDINGTON? Let this be the place where we look back and archive and reminisce on this great town in a positive way -

Bath dumped in front of residents garages - South Grove -

Enstone Road street lamp uprooted - fixed

Keep Left Signs Update
(Some of this damage may be accidental/high winds, not vandalism). 2 keep left signs were uprooted on the Bend


The stretch of pavement by Lamp P2 on Somerton Drive is uneven - utility workers dug it up - they say it is now even again but is it? Elderly and partially sighted people live along that stretch of road and struggle to walk along it. It certainly has a hump and a dip. Reported.



End of an area - the last of the 5 brick-based trees by the Court Lane junction has gone. There were put in during the 1930's but one by one over the last 40 years or so have gone.

The Rose And Crown pub is now called Rosey Macs -

Alley Boarded Up
Both ends of the alley on Goosemoor Lane alongside the church has been boarded up - might be temporary whilst the new houses are completed off Jarvis Road

Dog fouling reported on Abbeyfield Road - - and Dean Road -

Clean up requested of Dean Road, Oliver Road, Johnson Road -

New 65 bus timetable  -

Perry Common regeneration enters final phase
A major project to regenerate Perry Common has taken a step nearer completion with the beginning of the final phase of the development.

More -

The Tories have got new lamps for Jarvis Road/Norfolk Road and had a clean up of The Ring/Witton Lodge Road. They have organised a local survey as well -

A small group of residents are keen to try to keep the building as an Arts and Community Centre for the people of Erdington - run by the community for the community.

Please take a moment to complete this survey to help us see if this is possible -

Freed swan trapped on Erdington building site in Dovedale Road could have ‘starved to death’

Read more at -

(Many of the roads in Perry Common are named after birds - so a nice coincidence there)

AUTIS is a community charity group to support & spread awareness of Autism
Support meetings are held on Tuesdays from 9.30 -11.30, all welcome including children

Highcroft community centre, Erdington, Birmingham B23 7NG

More -

There are two potholes next to each other just after the lights on Gravelly Lane travelling towards the Chester Road. Cars are swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid the potholes making it very dangerous for road users -

Constant parking on yellow school zig zags on Witton Lodge Road outside of Storey wood school. Also blocking driveway -

Photo of this reportPhoto of this report


There is a mattress and other rubbish in The Spinney -

From Erdington Conservatives;

"We have recently been informed that the Labour controlled City Council are putting together proposals to build on yet more of Erdington's green open space. The area they are looking to build on is the public open space between Kirkwood Avenue and Littlecote Drive. This area is where Birmingham trees for life have planted tress in recent years.

Robert on a recent visit to the public open space off Kirkwood Avenue. We have made it very clear that we oppose any such plans to build on our green space, which is a valued local facility. The Council's house building body, Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust, has expressed an interest in building houses for potential sale or rent - we do not believe that this is appropriate. Therefore we have set up a petition to demonstrate to the City Council the strong feelings we have towards this proposal."


Birmingham Trees for Life,

Might be linked to this - Travis Perkins says 600 jobs at risk amid branch closures -

Gravelly Lane gym denied Planning Permission for longer opening hours -

Road accident - Goosemoor/Sycamore junction
Tue 18/10/2016 around 3.50pm. A white van was heading along Goosemoor Lane towards Court Lane. It got to the mini-island and slammed its brakes on (due to the usual confusion at that island probably) and was rear-ended by a car. No injuries it seems.

Start Again Multi Sports Poster-page-001

More -

Fly tipping - Abbeyfield Road

Photo of this report


Nextdoor phone app - free, private social network for your neighbourhood. It is the best way for you and your neighbours to hear what’s happening in your local community.

More -

The Aviva Community Fund offers you the chance to get funding for an important cause in your community. We want you to submit a local community project and tell us what a difference these much-needed funds could make. Get enough votes from your friends, family and supporters and you could reach the finals, where our judging panel picks the winners and awards the funds -

A YOUNG boy has died following a collision with a bus in Erdington
The eight-year-old was cycling along Wilton Road at around 3.15pm on Monday (August 15) when he was in collision with a bus. Police are now appealing for witnesses to come forward and anyone with information is urged to call the Collision Investigation Unit on 101.

Read more at -

Erdington District Committee meeting video - Tuesday 26th July 2016

It lasts 1:24:45 -

(There are some intermittent sound issues - I think microphones were being switched on and off at the wrong times)

Round Up
Virgin Media cabinet knocked over at the junction of Jerrys Lane and Raford Rd - reported. A replacement roundabout sign is on Lamp 21 Goosemoor Lane by the Sycamore Road junction. Lights now put in the alley leading between Goosemoor Lane and Gravelly Lane (they have no numbers - I'll raise that when one fails). Pelican crossing put in on Gravelly Lane by the Rose and Crown pub. The electricity substation on Goosemoor Lane by Short Heath Park has new railings.

Three piece suite dumped - Abbeyfield Road -

Erdington was on TV - BBC Panorama - Why We Voted to Leave: Britain Speaks
At just under 19 minutes in, Erdington is featured. I don't know that very opinionated guy and I've never supported an open door policy with Poland etc either, but I say this - the demise of Erdington high street is mainly down to the Fort and Beggar's Bush and the Internet etc. All those shops at the Six Ways end were boarded up before the Poles had them

Football executive Greg Dyke, over his efforts with organisers to modernise TV football - "Old men are dangerous. They always want the past - and the past doesn't exist anymore."

John Major clearly meant that in the Referendum, he should have said it actually.

A small post office has opened in the One Stop shop on Jerrys Lane
27 - 31 Jerrys Lane, Birmingham, West Midlands B23 5NX

Vandalised Swing In Short Heath park

From Street Life;

"Hi - just reported the tyre swing to the council clearly been vandalised it has been noted and one of the local rangers should be out soon .... stay safe people"

Large Recycler Box Gone - Gravelly Lane Junction
The very large blue Recycler Box is gone for some reason at the Goosemoor Lane/Gravelly Lane Junction. It was emptied once a fortnight and was always full by that time

The Referendum Result
Ward Remain Leave Total % for Leave
Erdington ward 4,467 6,217 10,684 58.19
Kingstanding 2,857 7,038 9,895 71.13
Stockland Green 4,233 5,087 9,320 54.58
Tyburn 3,222 6,793 10,015 67.83
Sutton Four Oaks 7,629 7,519 15,148 49.64
Sutton New Hall 6,023 7,510 13,533 55.49
Sutton Trinity 6,859 7,916 14,775 53.58
Sutton Vesey 7,485 6,991 14,476 48.29

The full result across Birmingham -

(Across the city essentially the chiefly multicultural areas and the very affluent areas voted Remain - and everywhere else voted Leave)

Led light out again, South Grove (off Gravelly Lane) -

Pot-hole in Goosemoor Lane in the road outside 124 (near the Bend) - fixed


Hole Opens Up In Erdington Garden

Susan Bree in her Erdington garden where a 12ft hole has appeared

An Erdington mum has spoken of her shock after a huge 12 foot HOLE opened up in her garden - after she prodded the earth with a shovel.

More -

Fatal road accident - Court Lane/Goosemoor Lane junction - police appeal for witnesses

A pensioner hurt in a car smash in Erdington on Sunday (May 15th 2016) has died in hospital. The 84-year-old was a passenger in a white Hyundai i10 turning out of Goosemoor Lane on to Court Lane just after 3pm when it collided with a white Seat Leon. The impact resulted in both vehicles mounting the pavement and striking a lamppost. The woman suffered serious head and internal injuries and she was pronounced dead in hospital

Officers arrested the Seat Leon driver on suspicion of dangerous driving; the 29-year-old man, from Erdington, has been bailed till a date in July pending further enquiries. A 50-year-old woman who was driving the Hyundai at the time remains in hospital in a stable condition having suffered multiple fractures.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting log reference 1354 of 15 May 2016.


Help stop the closure of Erdington Methodist Church Pre-School

Furious parents have slammed a decision to close a popular preschool in Birmingham which has been running for over 40 years. A petition has been launched to keep the Erdington Methodist Church pre-school open.

House On Church Road (Boldmere) Struck By Lightning - 7/5/2016 (no-one hurt)

(So obviously this is the Church Rd by the football ground not the one off the High Street) - a family’s home in Church Road, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield, was plunged into darkness as the roof went up in flames. Around 25 fire-fighters were sent to the scene at around 7pm on Saturday

The damaged roof in Church Road, Boldmere.


This appeared on an online forum;

"As well as this house, all the electricity and phones went off at the retirement apartments

Lots of older people were left stranded - no lifts and no one on site to sort the mess out

Mother in law who is 89 still has not got her phone on

The automatic locks and lifts failed

It was chaos and worrying that Churchill failed to have a plan in place

BT were a disgrace and due to their automated system we could not report it or find out if they even knew about it

They would only send an engineer to a specific flat at the charge of £129.00

So we tried Open Reach - what a farce they kept cutting the calls

Of course the out of hours emergency care is via Careline - telephones so not much use with no electricity to run the system"


Fly tipping along Enderby Road (off Witton Lodge circle). Continuous fly tipping occurring along Enderby way, broken glass, rubbish bags, rubble etc -

Numerous pot-holes on the mini roundabout with Goosemoor Lane and Sycamore Lane -

Petition to save the Boldmere Adult Education site from developers -


Dumped Fridge/Freezer - Gravelly Lane

Photo of this report

"This fridge freezer has been there for a week now. It could be waiting to be picked up but surely it is dangerous to leave it there with the doors still attached, a child could climb in and be trapped."

More -

NO again to High Street shops plan
Plans to demolish five historic shop buildings in Erdington High Street have again been refused by the Council’s planning committee. The plans were first turned down in early January, and came back to the committee unchanged for a second attempt. But they were given a short shrift. Councillor Gareth Moore described the plans for the new building as “hideous and out of character with the rest of Erdington High Street.” Councillor Bob Beauchamp described the proposed new building as an abomination.

More -

From Erdington Conservatives;

"NEW SIGNS ON STREETS POP UP - Residents had been in touch with the local campaign team Bob, Gareth and Robert to ask what the black poles appearing in a number of roads across Erdington were for. Bob said "the Council has installed them for directions on a number of new cycle routes across Erdington Ward".

Hundreds of new trees have been planted this winter across Erdington by Birmingham Trees for life, including on Kirkwood Avenue Park.

A planning application for the Leopard Pub on Jerry's Lane has been submitted. Sadly the application is to turn the site into flats with a large extension to the side. Previously they had permission to build houses, which would have been better for the area. Robert has objected to the application to the Council."

More -

Recent Street-Lamp News
Bowling Green Close is getting a new set of street lamps - work has already started.

Lamps 5 and 7 Littlecote Drive are out - from the Council - "Lamp columns at the above location are not on land which is Highway Maintained at Public Expense (HMPE) and does not form part of the Birmingham Highways Maintenance and Management Service. I have therefore referred your enquiry to the Highways Team at Birmingham City Council to establish ownership and responsibility and they will respond to you"

Lamps 4, 10 and 19 on Somerton Drive all had some drama or other with them - fixed except that Number 19 still has a bushy tree obscuring it

Lamp 3 Amber Court blinks - reported

Lamp 1A Jerrys Lane is still out

Unnumbered lamps on St George Avenue still out

Didn't take long, one of the solar park-lights has had oil poured over it. Still works though.

Lamp P6 on the Top Croft estate (by what is coined the North Maisonette Block) is still out, reported again.

Lamp PAA1 (or something) at the side of the South Block on Top Croft - is missing it's head!

At the bottom of Court Lane between Short Heath Road and Marsh Lane is an alley with a lamp obscured by shrubbery etc. Reported.

The specific Council webpage for reporting broken lamps etc is - or ring 0121 303 6000 or email -

From Erdington Tories;

NEW CROSSING FOR GRAVELLY LANE - Gravelly Lane will be getting a new crossing outside the Rose and Crown pub as part of a series of improvements that will also see the alleyway between Gravelly Lane and Goosemoor Lane. The alley will be resurfaced and have lights added. Bob said "We have requested that the lights have covers added to protect the neighbouring houses from any light invasion. Hopefully the new crossing and resurfaced alley should be a benefit for local residents"

CRANLEIGH AND REPTON HOUSE WORK ALMOST COMPLETE - Bob, Robert and Gareth have been tracking the work over the last year work on Cranleigh and Repton Houses on the Toperoft estate to improve the energy efficiency of the tower blocks for local residents. The scheme is providing external wall insulation, Ecopod communal heating systems and new windows for both towers. Gareth said "the blocks are looking really great."

More -

Recent local planning applications;

2016/00176/PA - Church Of Christ, Goosemoor Lane B23 5PN - Erection of single storey rear extension and conversion of existing room to toilet block.

2016/00723/PA - 15 Oliver Road B23 6QD - Installation of step lift to front

2015/09462/PA - Baldmoor Lake Road, Land to the rear Former Court Lane allotments - Non Material Amendment to approval 2015/03116/PA for the re-siting of windows (staircase/ landing) on front elevation to Plots 58, 59, 81 & 78, amendments to Plots 17-21 (Blocks 51 & 52) to allow a widened side access and bay window to Plot 21 (Block 51) and alterations to car parking bays together with the installation of a sub-station to the south eastern part of the site.

2016/00409/PA - La Fitness, 366 Gravelly Lane B23 5SB - Application for Lawful Development Certificate to confirm opening hours 0630-2200 hours Monday to Friday and 0800-1600 hours on Saturday and Sunday in association with Gymnasium.

2015/10315/PA - 56 Jerrys Lane B23 5NX - Erection of single storey rear and two storey side extension

More -

Online videos - Erdington District Committee meetings

26 January 2016 -

24 November 2015 -

(The agendas are on the right of the screen)

Contact Sarah Stride - 0121 303 0709 or 0121 464 4243

X Marks The Tree - lots of trees in the area now have blue crosses sprayed onto them - presumably to signal to workmen the ones to be pruned.

More new trees - and a park bench - we've more new trees in the park and and on the land at the back of the woodyard - and a bench has appeared alongside the path in the park

Proposed New Council Ward Boundaries In Erdington - More
Birmingham residents: have your say on new council ward boundaries - We are asking local people and organisations to comment on our draft recommendations for new ward boundaries across Birmingham.

We have an open mind about further suggestions from local people to change and improve these recommendations. We will consider all the submissions we receive whoever they are from and whether your evidence applies to the whole of Birmingham or just a part of the city.

Below, you can see our proposals for new ward boundaries. You can compare our proposals (in red) to the existing boundaries (in blue) and search across the whole of Birmingham, even down to street level. You can also click on any ward to find out how many voters are included in it and how many councillors we propose should represent it.

You can submit comments to us or upload a document by clicking on the 'Have your say' link at the top of the page. You can also draw your own boundaries and annotate the map by clicking on the button.

There is plenty of information to help you make a submission in the 'Useful links' section at the bottom right of the page.

This consultation closes on 8 February 2016.

More -

(You can see that Goosemoor Lane would `move' into the newly created Short Heath ward. Some of the top end of Court Lane would `move' from the Kingstanding ward to join us in Short Heath. Goosemoor Lane wouldn't be in the same Ward as Erdington High Street anymore - which would stay in the Erdington ward)

North Birmingham Community Together;

We write asking you to support our alternative proposals to the boundary commission for the layout of the Council wards in the North Birmingham area. As you may have seen in the papers, the Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBCE) are proposing to break up local wards in our area. We are a local group of residents putting through an alternative proposal with the support of community groups, more than 10 so far!

Our proposals would keep Goosemoor Lane in Erdington.

The new wards they suggest have no relation to the actually local community/area. For example they propose a Perry Common Ward that does not include the Court Farm area off Witton Lodge Road, but does include Wyrley Birch which requires you driving through 4 wards to get to the rest of the proposed ward! While in Erdington they are proposing to remove the area around Station Road and Gravelly Lane. This would mean Erdington Police Station, Erdington Railway Station, Erdington Abbey, Erdington Royal Mail Sorting Office, Osborne School and the old Erdington Cottages would all be taken out of Erdington! In Pype Hayes, they break the link with Birches Green and include part of Erdington round the Yenton and they split the Gravelly Hill Community across two wards.

We are contacting local community groups to ask for your support in getting the LGBCE to adopt our changes that only affect the area north of the M6 and south of Sutton Coldfield.

What we are asking you to do:-

1) We are asking community groups to back our proposals, and allow us to list them as supporting us on our website.

2) We are asking groups to write in support of our proposals, to the LGBCE by and stating you ask them to change their proposals for the north Birmingham area to be:-

A Pype Hayes Ward including Birches Green, a Castle Vale Ward, a two member Erdington Ward, a Perry Common Ward, a two member Gravelly Hill Ward, a two member Kingstanding Ward, a Stockland Green Ward and a two member Oscott Ward.

3) To sign our petition at

Fox attacks cat - Streetly Road
A report came to me from a cat owner in the Streetly Rd area of Erdington whose animal was being attacked/menaced by a fox at night recently in their garden. Such attacks are rare but there are ongoing studies and advice etc -

Dropped Kerb
A dropped kerb has been put in on both sides of Goosemoor Lane at the Court Lane junction

Dumped Rubbish on Pavilions Car Park - Chester Road/Gravelly Lane junction -

New Young Trees On Goosemoor Lane - the labels are confusing though!
(Google can't make up its mind if Corylus Colurna or Corylus Columa is the correct name - the label on one tree says Corylus Columa but Google when entered suggests Corylus Colurna. It'll become clear when it grows up!)

(I think that lower website has simply mis-spelled the tree name)

Request for more tarmacking of the grass verge - Short Heath Road near the Court Lane junction -

Lorries in the area
The new estate being built by Jarvis Road has led to loads of lorries trundling along Jarvis Road and along Topcroft Road onto Goosemoor Lane. I'll keep an eye on it but we'll probably have to put up with it - the estate won't build itself.

Win a holiday to Portugal by shopping at One Stop on Jerrys Lane
Fill in your details below to enter into our prize draw across our stores nationwide to be in with a chance of winning a holiday to Portugal!

How to enter:

Enter the first 13 digits of the barcode from your receipt
Fill in your details below & click submit

More -

From Erdington Conservatives;

Robert, Gareth and Bob (pictured left with a local resident on Perry Common Rec) have had travellers, which had broken onto both Perry Common Recreation Ground and Pype Hayes Park in recent months, moved on. Your campaign team contacted the Council quickly to have them moved on and then get the sites cleared up and demanded they are secured. Bob said "they left behind dozens of bags of rubbish. It is disappointing that Council contractors failed to lock the gate at Pype Hayes and left a hole in the fence at Perry Common Rec (which is behind Turfpits Lane) enabling them access".

Bob and the team have had the mini round-about and approach to the junction of Court Lane, Anderson Road and Somerset Road, resurfaced and repaired.

The demolition of the former Clover Hotel site on Chester Road has nearly finished with building work for the new care home due to start in the new year.

Robert, Gareth and Bob have reported the broken bollard on Jerrys Lane, by the junction with Sheddington Road for repair

More -

Some of the drains in Goosemoor Lane and Top Croft Road have been cleared, but some reason not all of them

White van on Goosemoor Lane by the alley leading to Gravelly Lane
White van registration FD 53 YHX - seems like an abandoned vehicle - heavy damage to the front left wheel - reported for investigation

From Erdington Conservatives - petition for an Erdington Conservation Zone

The Conservation zone would be focused on the historic (mainly) Victorian heart of Erdington that built up either side of the railway station and if possible will be extended to included the arts and craft homes built interwar as Erdington expanded. The area will cover at least around Gravelly Lane and the roads off, down Station Road and then around the Edwards, Orchard, Arthur Road area including the roads off, running down the High Street to the area around Church Road/Trafalgar Road.

Popular local Councillor Bob Beauchamp said "Erdington has lost too many historic and beautiful buildings over the years. It is vital that we make sure what is left is protected and preserved. A conservation zone would help this happen".

To support Robert, Bob and Gareth's campaign for an Erdington Conservation please fill in the petition :-

Unofficial cones placed along the curbs restricting parking along Witton Lodge Road - Thursday and Fridays -

A grit container has appeared in Kirkwood Avenue near the Goosemoor Lane junction

Harry Kirkham inquest: Erdington road tragedy involving police car was ‘unavoidable’ jury concludes -

From Erdington Conservatives - the former Court Lane Allotments site - update;

Fire - Witton Lodge Road
Three people were rescued from a fire in Perry Common after a car was engulfed in flames in the early hours of Wednesday October 14. Emergency services received a 999 call at around 1.35am after a private motor vehicle was found ablaze on Witton Lodge Road. A spokesperson for West Midlands Fire Service said that the fire was thought to have been accidental.

Read more:

2 road accidents on Goosemoor Lane in the last few days;

Erdington crash biker thrown 100ft by impact - a biker injured in a crash in Erdington was thrown almost 100ft by the impact. The man, believed to be in his 20's, was left with head and leg injuries following a collision with a car at the junction of Sycamore Road and Goosemoor Lane.

It happened just after 3pm on Friday (2/10/2015).

Police officers gave the motorcyclist emergency first aid until paramedics arrived. He was airlifted to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital with a head injury, stomach pain, a fractured upper leg and knee and a suspected fractured pelvis. The car driver of the car, a man in his 60's, was shaken but unhurt.

More -

(Part of a stone garden wall on Sycamore Road at that junction was knocked down by that one)

An accident on Gravelly Lane was partially blocking the road at the Goosemoor Lane junction

That was on Monday 5/10/2015 at around 8.30am.

Source -

The Goosemoor Lane pavement has been marked with white paint at several points indicating pending repairs

WHEELIE BIN CHAOS. From Erdington Conservatives;

"Gareth, Robert and Bob have described the recent wheelie bin roll out as a 'nightmare' following many residents across Erdington having two months of missed collections and failed assisted collections. Since wheelie bins have been introduced locally Robert, Gareth and Bob have dealt with hundreds of requests for help with missed collections and assisted collections. Bob said "Robert, Gareth and I are in daily contact with the depot to try and get these unacceptable problems resolved for local residents. We continue to bring this up with the senior officers and cabinet members, demanding action for residents". Robert has been helping residents across Court Farm, eg on Court Farm Road, to get their refuse collected following the failing roll out of wheelie bins."

Orchard Road, Erdington B24 9JD (
mob) 07557 287 435

Chester Road crash (by Grange Road). No-one hurt.