Somerset Road, Erdington, 1948 picture

Somerset Road, 1948(Birmingham Central Library)

The view looking up to Court Lane. The same situation as the Norfolk Road photo. No cars, Ken Livingstone's dream! (A 1920's Somerset Road picture, looking towards Gravelly Lane, is on the History page covering that period).

Somerset Road, 2002

Villa Names
There seems no obvious pattern to the house names carved into house stonework along this road. They would seem to date from 1906 due to dates carved on some Norfolk Road homes. Perhaps just random by the builder as they sounded nice. Here they are in case someone can spot a pattern, along with a guess at origins;

Court Lane end

Even Side Odd Side Origin may be
The Oaks   Simply from the tree
The Firs   Simply from the tree
The Limes   Simply from the tree
Mona Villas**   ?
Bute Villas   ?
Erne Villas   A sea eagle, or lake in Northern Ireland
Lena Villas   A river in Russia
The Torrs   A mountain is a tor, torr is a technical unit
The Cliffs   ?
The Dales   ?
  Linden Villas A lime tree
  Priory Villas ?
  Ashfield Villas ?
  Highfield Villas Highfield (Drive) was visible from the back in 1906
  Walton Villas* There is still a builder called Walton Homes.

Gravelly Lane end

*Also the name of a block on Gravelly Lane.

** Also the name of a road off Gravelly Lane.

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