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Monday 8th February 2016 Edition

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Fencing problems reported on Hayward Close (off Marsh Lane)

Photo of this report

"The fencing around the garages on Hayward Close has fallen down. Previously, fly-tippers actively used this area after which local youths began burning tyres and other dumped items. Now that the fencing is down, fly-tippers will return. Also, quite a number of parents park on Hayward Close when dropping off and collecting their children from Feartherstone Primary School in Glenville Drive. The barbwire is of a concern as children may attempt to look into yard"

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Proposed New Council Ward Boundaries In Erdington - More
Birmingham residents: have your say on new council ward boundaries - We are asking local people and organisations to comment on our draft recommendations for new ward boundaries across Birmingham.

We have an open mind about further suggestions from local people to change and improve these recommendations. We will consider all the submissions we receive whoever they are from and whether your evidence applies to the whole of Birmingham or just a part of the city.

Below, you can see our proposals for new ward boundaries. You can compare our proposals (in red) to the existing boundaries (in blue) and search across the whole of Birmingham, even down to street level. You can also click on any ward to find out how many voters are included in it and how many councillors we propose should represent it.

You can submit comments to us or upload a document by clicking on the 'Have your say' link at the top of the page. You can also draw your own boundaries and annotate the map by clicking on the button.

There is plenty of information to help you make a submission in the 'Useful links' section at the bottom right of the page.

This consultation closes on 8 February 2016.

More -

(You can see that Goosemoor Lane would `move' into the newly created Short Heath ward. Some of the top end of Court Lane would `move' from the Kingstanding ward to join us in Short Heath. Goosemoor Lane wouldn't be in the same Ward as Erdington High Street anymore - which would stay in the Erdington ward)

North Birmingham Community Together;

We write asking you to support our alternative proposals to the boundary commission for the layout of the Council wards in the North Birmingham area. As you may have seen in the papers, the Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBCE) are proposing to break up local wards in our area. We are a local group of residents putting through an alternative proposal with the support of community groups, more than 10 so far!

Our proposals would keep Goosemoor Lane in Erdington.

The new wards they suggest have no relation to the actually local community/area. For example they propose a Perry Common Ward that does not include the Court Farm area off Witton Lodge Road, but does include Wyrley Birch which requires you driving through 4 wards to get to the rest of the proposed ward! While in Erdington they are proposing to remove the area around Station Road and Gravelly Lane. This would mean Erdington Police Station, Erdington Railway Station, Erdington Abbey, Erdington Royal Mail Sorting Office, Osborne School and the old Erdington Cottages would all be taken out of Erdington! In Pype Hayes, they break the link with Birches Green and include part of Erdington round the Yenton and they split the Gravelly Hill Community across two wards.

We are contacting local community groups to ask for your support in getting the LGBCE to adopt our changes that only affect the area north of the M6 and south of Sutton Coldfield.

What we are asking you to do:-

1) We are asking community groups to back our proposals, and allow us to list them as supporting us on our website.

2) We are asking groups to write in support of our proposals, to the LGBCE by and stating you ask them to change their proposals for the north Birmingham area to be:-

A Pype Hayes Ward including Birches Green, a Castle Vale Ward, a two member Erdington Ward, a Perry Common Ward, a two member Gravelly Hill Ward, a two member Kingstanding Ward, a Stockland Green Ward and a two member Oscott Ward.

3) To sign our petition at

Missing black cat - Chester Road North -

Fox attacks cat - Streetly Road
A report came to me from a cat owner in the Streetly Rd area of Erdington whose animal was being attacked/menaced by a fox at night recently in their garden. Such attacks are rare but there are ongoing studies and advice etc -

Dropped Kerb
A dropped kerb has been put in on both sides of Goosemoor Lane at the Court Lane junction

Dumped Rubbish on Pavillions Car Park - Chester Road/Gravelly Lane junction -


Leave EU Campaign Manager, 1/2/2016 at 7:30 p.m. The Plough & Harrow pub, Slade Road, Sutton Coldfield B75 5PF - FREE ADMISSION

SAY NO to the EU - A discussion with UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge, 11/2/2016 at 7p.m. Trinity Centre, Church Hill, Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield B72 1TF - FREE ADMISSION

SAY NO to the EU - A discussion with UKIP MEP Jill Seymour. 21/3/2106 at 7p.m. Trinity Centre, Church Hill, Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield B72 1TF - FREE ADMISSION

To reserve your place at any of these essential and informative events call 077755 18 044 or email -

More -!special-events/c1lva

(If and when pro-EU groups stage meetings in the area I will add those)

New Young Trees On Goosemoor Lane - the labels are confusing though!
(Google can't make up its mind if Corylus Colurna or Corylus Columa is the correct name - the label on one tree says Corylus Columa but Google when entered suggests Corylus Colurna. It'll become clear when it grows up!)

(I think that lower website has simply mis-spelled the tree name)

Request for more tarmacking of the grass verge - Short Heath Road near the Court Lane junction -

Lorries in the area
The new estate being built by Jarvis Road has led to loads of lorries trundling along Jarvis Road and along Topcroft Road onto Goosemoor Lane. I'll keep an eye on it but we'll probably have to put up with it - the estate won't build itself.

Keep Left Signs Update
(Some of this damage may be accidental/high winds, not vandalism). 2 keep left signs uprooted on the Bend - reported

New Number 15 bus timetable;

15A -

15C -

Win a holiday to Portugal by shopping at One Stop on Jerrys Lane
Fill in your details below to enter into our prize draw across our stores nationwide to be in with a chance of winning a holiday to Portugal!

How to enter:

Enter the first 13 digits of the barcode from your receipt
Fill in your details below & click submit

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Flooding Consultation
The City Council has a duty to prepare a strategy to tackle the risk of flooding from rainfall, streams, and water under the ground.

(Our strategy does not cover flooding from large rivers, reservoirs and sewers. This is dealt with by the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water).
Have Your Say - from 9 November 2015 to 1 February 2016.

More -

(I'd drain most of the Birmingham canals just before the big downpours in other places, and then show the govt the big stretches of empty canals stretching all the way to Solilhull etc - to grub a load of govt money and jobs to install the pumping equipment etc needed to drain Manchester's canals etc uphill to here, to allow that city to drain its rivers into their canals before they can flood at all. I'd certainly suggest that type of solution anyway. Manually doing it via all the locks currently would probably take weeks)

From Erdington Conservatives;

Robert, Gareth and Bob (pictured left with a local resident on Perry Common Rec) have had travellers, which had broken onto both Perry Common Recreation Ground and Pype Hayes Park in recent months, moved on. Your campaign team contacted the Council quickly to have them moved on and then get the sites cleared up and demanded they are secured. Bob said "they left behind dozens of bags of rubbish. It is disappointing that Council contractors failed to lock the gate at Pype Hayes and left a hole in the fence at Perry Common Rec (which is behind Turfpits Lane) enabling them access".

Bob and the team have had the mini round-about and approach to the junction of Court Lane, Anderson Road and Somerset Road, resurfaced and repaired.

The demolition of the former Clover Hotel site on Chester Road has nearly finished with building work for the new care home due to start in the new year.

Robert, Gareth and Bob have reported the broken bollard on Jerrys Lane, by the junction with Sheddington Road for repair

More -

Some of the drains in Goosemoor Lane and Top Croft Road have been cleared, but some reason not all of them

Recent Street-Lamp News
Lamp 2 Bretby Grove was out (off Bonsall Rd) - fixed

Lamp 4 Osborne Road is out - fixed

Lamps 5 and 7 Littlecote Drive are out - from the Council - "Lamp columns at the above location are not on land which is Highway Maintained at Public Expense (HMPE) and does not form part of the Birmingham Highways Maintenance and Management Service. I have therefore referred your enquiry to the Highways Team at Birmingham City Council to establish ownership and responsibility and they will respond to you"

Lamps 4, 10 and 19 on Somerton Drive all had some drama or other with them - fixed except that Number 19 still has a bushy tree obscuring it

Lamp 3 Amber Court blinks - reported

Lamp 1A Jerrys Lane is still out

Unnumbered lamps on St George Avenue still out

Didn't take long, one of the solar park-lights has had oil poured over it. Still works though.

Lamp P6 on the Top Croft estate (by what is coined the North Maisonette Block) is still out, reported again.

Lamp PAA1 (or something) at the side of the South Block on Top Croft - is missing it's head!

At the bottom of Court Lane between Short Heath Road and Marsh Lane is an alley with a lamp obscured by shrubbery etc. Reported.

The specific Council webpage for reporting broken lamps etc is - or ring 0121 303 6000 or email -

White van on Goosemoor Lane by the alley leading to Gravelly Lane
White van registration FD 53 YHX - seems like an abandoned vehicle - heavy damage to the front left wheel - reported for investigation

Missing Cat Zeus

(I'll try to get a bigger picture)

Reference Number: 9006
Date missing: 28-11-2015
Missing from: Erdington , B23 5HA

Cat name: Zeus
Colour: White
Sex: male
Age: kitten
Size: small
Neutered: No
Microchipped: Yes
Collar detail: Yes

Owner's name: Chelsea
Owner's contact number: 07811 032 926
Owner's email:

More -

From Erdington Conservatives - Bob, Robert and Gareth report back on the work to improve the tower blocks as it nears completion

Earlier this year work began on Cranleigh and Repton Houses on the Topcroft estate to improve the energy efficiency of the tower blocks for local residents. The scheme is providing external wall insulation, Ecopod communal heating systems and new windows for both towers. The whole scheme is predicted to deliver a saving of 3302.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Bob said "we had been pushing the Council to improve the energy efficiency of these tower blocks and provide better insulation and modern windows for a long time. We are delighted that the Council finally listened and launched the works earlier in the year". Robert added "you can see when inspecting the site now, even before the work is completely finished what a big the blocks". Gareth commented "we will now be continuing to push the Council to roll out a similar scheme on the Jarvis Road Tower Blocks so residents there can also benefit from these improvements". If residents find any problems with the works when they are complete they can contact Bob, Robert and Gareth on the numbers below and they will be happy to try and help. The works on the Topcroft follow on from improvements our Local Conservative Councillors secured on the Tower Blocks on Abbey Fields and the rebuilding of parts of the Abbey Fields and Pitts Farm areas in recent years. Bob said "we are determined that all homes in Erdington will be of a good quality for local residents to live in and will continue our campaign to secure difference it will make for local residents in improvements as long as is needed".

Bob inspecting the work on Cranleigh and Repton houses

More -

From Erdington Conservatives - petition for an Erdington Conservation Zone

The Conservation zone would be focused on the historic (mainly) Victorian heart of Erdington that built up either side of the railway station and if possible will be extended to included the arts and craft homes built interwar as Erdington expanded. The area will cover at least around Gravelly Lane and the roads off, down Station Road and then around the Edwards, Orchard, Arthur Road area including the roads off, running down the High Street to the area around Church Road/Trafalgar Road.

Popular local Councillor Bob Beauchamp said "Erdington has lost too many historic and beautiful buildings over the years. It is vital that we make sure what is left is protected and preserved. A conservation zone would help this happen".

To support Robert, Bob and Gareth's campaign for an Erdington Conservation please fill in the petition :-

Unofficial cones placed along the curbs restricting parking along Witton Lodge Road - Thursday and Fridays -

A grit container has appeared in Kirkwood Avenue near the Goosemoor Lane junction

TV Shows To Look Out For This Week

  Channel Time Synopsis
Inside Africa CNN 5.30pm Profile
CNN Marketplace - Africa CNN 1.45am Profile
CNN Marketplace - Middle East CNN 5.45pm Profile
Your News News 24 11.30pm Viewer's news stories
Road Wars Pick TV 10pm Cameras follow police
World's Untold Stories CNN 5.30pm Off-beat tales
Road Wars Pick TV 10pm Cameras follow police
Gangs of Britain with Gary & Martin Kemp CI 5pm Birmingham
Time of Our Lives - Aston Villa Sky Sports 5 5pm Discussion - the 1982 European Cup final
Crimes That Shook Britain: Britain's Worst Crimes CI 8pm  The Stephanie Slater Story
Citizen Khan BBC 1 8.30pm Sitcom set in Sparkhill
Newswatch BBC News 24 8.45pm Examination of BBC News coverage
Road Wars Pick TV 10pm Cameras follow police
Daily, Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun etc      
World News Today BBC 4 7pm International news
Learning Zone BBC 2 0.00am
Community Channel - -
4 Learning Channel 4 0.00am
Central News ITV 1 6pm
Midlands Today BBC 1 6.30pm
BBC Local TV - -

(See the Games Page for more community broadcasters' details under the Radio/TV section).

Harry Kirkham inquest: Erdington road tragedy involving police car was ‘unavoidable’ jury concludes -

Online videos - Erdington District Committee meetings
30 June 2015 -

27 October 2015 -

(The agendas are on the right of the screen)

Contact Sarah Stride - 0121 303 0709 or 0121 464 4243

Faulty Traffic Signs - Latest Ones Reported For Repair
Uprooted keep-left sign was on the bend of Goosemoor Lane - fixed

On Lamp 22 a Give Way sign was twisted round so no longer facing oncoming traffic - fixed

On Goosemoor Lane near the junction with Hawthorn Close the lamp on a Give Way sign had gone out
- fixed

From Erdington Conservatives - the former Court Lane Allotments site - update;

"The Council has announced clearance of the former allotment site will begin in the next week or so (this will not affect the currently open Court Lane Allotments site). This will take till Christmas at which point the work on the new houses will begin. The Council are building 116 homes of which 58 will be for sale. Of the 58 Council houses being built, we have secured agreement that 12 of them will be bungalows to help the growing elderly population locally in Erdington. There will be no flats as part of this development. While we raised many concerns with the plans, as residents asked us to, we have also worked with the Council to ensure that if the plans did get approved they would at least be the best possible deal for Erdington. Therefore in addition to the bungalows we have secured agreement that the houses will be built in a similar style to the original Victorian/early 20th Century style that is prevalent round Erdington. Therefore the properties will be well proportioned for families, with bay windows and stone frames round the doors and windows. The roofs will be pitched and have chimneys as well. This means residents should at least get a very high quality development. As part of the plans there will also be a new public open space for residents to enjoy. We are currently working to have the street names and site branding reflective of Erdington's local history. Attached overleaf is the design layout. When we have more information we will update residents again."

Yours Sincerely

Cllr Gareth Moore
CIIr Bob Beauchamp
Cllr Robert Alden

£8million homes plan in Erdington given the go ahead - land at rear of Jarvis Road -

Predicting "Flying Ant Day" in Erdington
With my usual obsession of proving that certain previously unpredictable things CAN in fact be predicted (think Jack Straw and his Veils arguments and all that) - Things Police Don't Understand Re Moslem Trouble

Re that time of year when loads of flying ants suddenly appear - I thought such things COULD routinely be predicted by scientists each Summer (in fact though they can only give a six-week range or so) - and furthermore I reckon it is on August 17th in Erdington each year.

(I actually try to AVOID the litter critters and so started doing some nominal research each year about when they appear in the area so that I can try not to be around on that day - and I think it is annually on August 17th in the afternoon. If it rains on that day though they postpone it for a day or so).

If it turns that somehow the ones in Erdington are more predictable than elsewhere for some reason, we might be able to tempt a load of scientists and students into the area on that day each year etc - it certainly won't do the local high street and hotels any harm etc

Certainly I can narrow it down further than the present July 31st - September 7th annual forecast range which scientists seem to give

I'll raise it again nearer the time next year - see if my prediction is right

Fire - Witton Lodge Road
Three people were rescued from a fire in Perry Common after a car was engulfed in flames in the early hours of Wednesday October 14. Emergency services received a 999 call at around 1.35am after a private motor vehicle was found ablaze on Witton Lodge Road. A spokesperson for West Midlands Fire Service said that the fire was thought to have been accidental.

Read more:

Female Chihuahua Cross dog (Age: Young Adult)

Missing from Turfpits Lane, Short Heath, Birmingham B23 on Thursday 8th October 2015

Wearing a fleas brown collar

More -


2 road accidents on Goosemoor Lane in the last few days;

Erdington crash biker thrown 100ft by impact - a biker injured in a crash in Erdington was thrown almost 100ft by the impact. The man, believed to be in his 20's, was left with head and leg injuries following a collision with a car at the junction of Sycamore Road and Goosemoor Lane.

It happened just after 3pm on Friday (2/10/2015).

Police officers gave the motorcyclist emergency first aid until paramedics arrived. He was airlifted to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital with a head injury, stomach pain, a fractured upper leg and knee and a suspected fractured pelvis. The car driver of the car, a man in his 60's, was shaken but unhurt.

More -

(Part of a stone garden wall on Sycamore Road at that junction was knocked down by that one)

An accident on Gravelly Lane was partially blocking the road at the Goosemoor Lane junction

That was on Monday 5/10/2015 at around 8.30am.

Source -

The Goosemoor Lane pavement has been marked with white paint at several points indicating pending repairs

Erdington Websites Recently Added To The Links Page
Centre Point Print, 73 Gravelly Lane,
Kimbellino’s Coffee Shop (cafe), 302 Short Heath Road (junction with Streetly Road), Erdington
Darrel Vince Photography, 36 Jerrys Lane, Erdington, B23 5NX,
Inspirational Gallery, 394 Boldmere Road,
Pizza Bay, 181 Gravelly Lane,
Cinderellas Beauty Salon, 24 - 26 Kingfisher Road (Witton Lodge Circle), B23 5DH,
Hall's Garden Centre/Garden Room, 211 Chester Road (opposite the Court Lane junction),
Square Deal Car Spares, 182 Gravelly Lane,
Shape Property, 71 Gravelly Lane,
Erdington Market, Barnabas Road,
Allie Cakes, Perry Common,
The Booksmith (book shop), 3 Marston Road (by Chester Road Station),
CG Computing, Florence Road,
Royal Oak Public House, Marsh Lane,
Net Perry Common Pentecostal Church, Erdington,
Club Umoja (members-only club for African Caribbeans), Slade Road, Stockland Green, B23 7RJ,
North Birmingham Social,
Friends Of Witton Lakes (FOWL),
Stockland Green Ward,
Stockland Green Community Leisure Centre,
Stockland Green History Group,

Action 4 Bullying (works with young people aged 11 - 19 who are affected by bullying),
Bromford private members club,
St Chad's Church Centre,
Erdington Market, Barnabas Road,
Pens of Erdington (creative writing),
Friends of Spring Lane Playing Fields,

66/66a and 15a/c bus routes have changed. From Erdington Conservatives;

"We have been made aware that National Express (a private bus company), which runs the 66/66a bus routes, has announced changes to them to take affect from the 29th August 2015. This will see the 66a no longer operate. The 66a route ran from Sutton Goldfield, Lower Parade to Six Ways Erdington via Boldmere, Park Hotel and Goosemoor Lane. This service ran every 30 minutes. The service is being replaced by a new number 15 route which will go in a circular route of Erdington, Six Ways, Eachelhurst Rd, Penns Lane, Good Hope, Sutton Coldfield, Parade, Boldmere, Park Hotel, Goosemoor Lane and back to Erdington, Six Ways. The return of the bus route going to Good Hope hospital is welcome as we had been taking residents requests to National Express since it was removed two years ago, however National Express have decided the route will only be hourly now as well."

They have started a petition -

Labour are complaining about the 15 bus now too;

"Reducing the frequency of the new number 15 route will have a significant impact on non-car owners and the elderly. Your local Labour team have launched a petition calling for National Express to run the service every half hour instead of hourly."

More -

The new timetable -

Nominate for the Stockland Green Community Awards 2015 -

(There is no deadline given on that page)

WHEELIE BIN CHAOS. From Erdington Conservatives;

"Gareth, Robert and Bob have described the recent wheelie bin roll out as a 'nightmare' following many residents across Erdington having two months of missed collections and failed assisted collections. Since wheelie bins have been introduced locally Robert, Gareth and Bob have dealt with hundreds of requests for help with missed collections and assisted collections. Bob said "Robert, Gareth and I are in daily contact with the depot to try and get these unacceptable problems resolved for local residents. We continue to bring this up with the senior officers and cabinet members, demanding action for residents". Robert has been helping residents across Court Farm, eg on Court Farm Road, to get their refuse collected following the failing roll out of wheelie bins."

Orchard Road, Erdington B24 9JD (
mob) 07557 287 435

Chester Road crash (by Grange Road). No-one hurt.